Toaru Majutsu no Index Manga Volume 14 is the 14th manga volume for the Toaru Majutsu no Index Manga that was released on October 22nd 2014.[1] It deals with the final part of the Daihasei Festival Arc.

After Himegami Aisa becomes injured by Oriana Thomson in a case of mistaken identity, Touma swears to take down Oriana, and the group doubles their efforts in trying to find her. With the help of Orsola Aquinas, they are able to pinpoint the true location of where Oriana's last stop in the city, and there does battle with her. The group hopes to stop the activation of the Croce di Pietro after beating Oriana, but not all is what it seems and nothing is that it easy.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

The Croce di Pietro is finally activated!! Is it too late to save Academy City!!?

The battles surrounding the Croce di Pietro intensifies! Oriana continues to try and create the absolute reference point for a better world, while Kamijou Touma attempts to protect the dreams of the people important to him. This is where the beliefs of two people collide, the time limit is approaching!

Highly popular! The long awaited 14th volume depicting science × magic school action has been finally released!!

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魔法禁書目錄 集數 14
A Certain Magical Index Manga v14 Chinese cover
Release Date ‪中文(台灣)‬ June 17, 2015[2]
ISBN-13 ‪中文(台灣)‬ ISBN 978-986-366-574-8

為了打造一個更美好的世界, 魔法師歐莉安娜.湯森企圖製造一個絕對的基準點; 上条當麻則是為了守護重要的人的夢想而挺身作戰。 在兩人的信念激烈衝突之中, 時間限制一分一秒地逼近。 最後拯救學園都市的人會是誰呢!?


A Certain Magical Index Manga Tomes 14
A Certain Magical Index Manga v14 French cover
Release Date Français April 23, 2015[3]
ISBN-13 Français ISBN 978-2-35592-806-2
Number of Pages 210 pages


A Certain Magical Index Manga Volumi 14
A Certain Magical Index Manga v14 Italian cover
Release Date Italiano May 20, 2015[4]
Number of Pages 208 pages
Nella città-studio, Toma Kamijo è un liceale come tanti, ma con la sua mano destra è in grado di annullare qualunque potere anomalo. La sua vita prende una piega assurda il giorno in cui trova (stesa sul suo balcone!) la suora bambina Index, custode “mnemonica” di ben 103.000 grimori, di proprietà della Chiesa Puritana d’Inghilterra!

Di fronte alla tragedia accaduta a Himegami, Toma perde il controllo di sé ed è pronto a scagliarsi alla cieca contro i responsabili, senza rendersi conto che rischia soltanto di fare una brutta fine! Fortunatamente qualcuno riuscirà a ricondurlo alla ragione e a convincerlo che c’è un sistema migliore e più efficace per ottenere giustizia...


A Certain Magical Index Manga Volume 14
A Certain Magical Index Manga v14 Cover
Release Date English July 24, 2018[5]
ISBN-13 English ISBN 978-1-9753-5334-6
Number of Pages 208 pages
St. Peter's Cross is the greatest weapon of the Roman Orthodox Church, and Oriana plans to take control of Academy City by using its power. Can Touma, Stiyl, and Tsuchimikado figure out the secret behind its activation and thwart Oriana's scheme in time?


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