Toaru Majutsu no Index Manga Volume 21 is the 21st manga volume for the Toaru Majutsu no Index Manga that was released on September 21, 2018. It deals with the first part of Document of Constantine Arc.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Kamijou Touma heads to France to destroy the spiritual item, the C-Document!!

Demonstrations against Academy City are spreading across the world. Kamijou Touma knows that the cause is the spiritual item known as the C-Document, and goes to France with Tsuchimikado! However, there, Terra of the Left of God's Right Seat awaits!!

Key CharactersEdit


Differences from the magazine releaseEdit

A few changes were made in the tankōbon release of the volume's chapters.

In Chapter 123, the protests against Academy City now only take 2 pages in the tankōbon and don't spill over to the page where the Interceptor Show is shown. The Interceptor Show page itself is changed, with mechas and mobile weapons shown off instead of jets.

In Chapter 125, Tsuchimikado Motoharu's explanation of the C-Document is expanded across an entire page. The splash page of Motoharu and Touma overlooking Avignon from the jet is changed, with the sequence of panels of Touma complaining about jumping getting its own page.

In Chapter 126, when Itsuwa and Touma go into the museum, all the pages of the panels where Motoharu instructs Touma through the phone about the pipeline they have to destroy are given a black background indicating a flashback.

In Chapter 128, when Touma tries to push Itsuwa aside after missing Terra of the Left, the blade that Terra is using is removed. Finally, after Terra explains Execution of Light, a few panels are dedicated to Touma and Itsuwa pondering how his spell works instead of simply staring at him in silence as in the magazine version.


Localized ReleasesEdit


A Certain Magical Index Manga Tomes 21
A Certain Magical Index Manga v21 French cover
Release Date Français April 18, 2019[2]
ISBN-13 Français ISBN 979-10-327-0409-7
Number of Pages 194 pages


魔法禁書目錄 集數 21
A Certain Magical Index Manga v21 Chinese cover
Release Date ‪中文(台灣)‬ July 24, 2019[3]

這樣的反抗行動,無疑是對以學園都市為首的「科學勢力」的反彈。 在世界一片混亂中,上条得知此事件的元凶是名為「C文書」的靈裝, 他跟土御門元春一起前往「C文書」所在的法國觀光都市亞維農。 在亞維農當地,「神之右席」的左方之地,突然出現在他們面前!


A Certain Magical Index Manga Volume 21
Release Date English April 21, 2020
ISBN-13 English ISBN 978-1-9753-3198-6
Number of Pages 176 pages


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