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The Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion (劇場版 とある魔術の禁書目録 エンデュミオンの奇蹟 Gekijōban Toaru Majutsu no Indekkusu: Endyumion no Kiseki?) is a theatrical film based on the popular Toaru Majutsu no Index franchise released on February 23, 2013.[1] It is centered around a terrible threat against the once peaceful Academy City that could lead to its destruction.

Academy City's space elevator Endymion. One day as its completion nears, Kamijou and Index meet a Level 0 girl named Meigo Arisa. Index and Arisa have a mysterious connection in their ravenous appetites. While the three are enjoying their time after school, Stiyl (who has brought in some other magicians) suddenly attacks. His target is Arisa. Why is a member of the science side like her being targeted by the magic side? With the attack form the magic side underway, Academy City deploys a unit meant to maintain order led by its female leader Shutaura. As the situation developing around Kamijou, Index, and Arisa grows more and more confused, Stiyl says, "That girl could likely cause a war between the magic side and the science side."

When science and magic cross paths, the story begins with Endymion as its stage!

Announcement and Promotion[]

Originally announced on October 2, 2011 during the Dengeki Bunko Autumn Festival, curiously on the same day as the announcement of the release of the 3rd light novel volume of Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index. Accompanying this announcement is the revamp of the official Toaru Majutsu no Index project site for the anime, as well as an announcement that further news would be released on the release of the Dengeki Bunko Magazine on October 11.[2] However, leaks of the magazine later reveal only small information regarding the movie, which states that the once peaceful Academy City is under the threat of destruction.


The promotional image used as a banner in the Toaru-Project website.

It was later announced on June 7, 2012 that the movie has been delayed to be released on February 2013, along with a confirmed cast list and staff for the movie's production. Furthermore, the plot summary, as well as new characters have been released with designs from Haimura Kiyotaka.[3] Tickets for the movie was released on July 14, with first buyers receiving Toaru Majutsu no Index merchandise.[4]

A nearly two minute long preview was later shown in the Summer Comiket on August 2012, which featured scenes of the new characters, and new mechs, as well as Stiyl Magnus fighting alongside witches, Kuroko still in her wheelchair (indicating this is after Tree Diagram Remnant Arc), as well as the appearance of Accelerator.[5]


Dengeki Daioh magazine has revealed that PSP game Toaru Majutsu to Kagaku no Ensemble is the lead in to the story of the movie, though details are unknown as to how. Later, it was revealed that the video game's story occurs before the Daihasei Festival Arc, and seeing that Kuroko still has her wheelchair, this implies that the story occurs between September 15 and 19.[6] In an interview with Hiroyuki Yoshino (Movie Screenwriter) and Nakayama Nobuhiro (Anime Producer) revealed that the movie was originally planned as a festival that was set in some kind of parallel world, before being incorporated into the canon. It was later revealed that Kamachi had written a new 220 page light novel illustrated by Haimura from Dengeki Bunko,[7] and that 103,000 copies would be distributed to the first attendees in theaters playing the Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie, called Toaru Majutsu no Index: Road to Endymion.[8] Moreover, a manga version of the movie was released on March 2013 issue of Monthly Shōnen Gangan on February 12, the same magazine that runs the Toaru Majutsu no Index Manga, and was illustrated by Asakura Ryousuke.[9] On February 20, 2013, brochures for the money was released, containing a sidestory written by Kamachi known as Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion Story Underlay.[10]


On February 6, 2013, the image song for the movie, Shining Star-☆-LOVE Letter, is released. Then on February 20, 2013, Misawa Sachika's Polaris mini album is released, containing the song telepath ~Hikari no Tou~, the song Meigo Arisa sings on Endymion. Moreover, Kawada Mami's FIXED STAR single is released, containing the ending theme for the movie.[11]


Box-office performance[]

The movie opened with 30 screens nationwide, and 69,117 viewers.[12] Within the first two days of its premiere, the movie garnered a box-office revenue of about 100,760,000 yen, making it the third-highest selling movie during the weekend.[13]

Starting from March 2 to March 8, special screenings of the movie included the PV of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S as well as being included in 30 theaters, including the OP of the new season by fripSide, sister's noise.[14]

After a week, the movie accumulated over 200 million yen,[15] and has remained 7th place at the box-offce. Beginning on March 9, on the third week of the movie's screening, the movie was screened in an additional 7 theaters. In addition to this, the digital master frames from the movie were distributed to those who saw the movie in its third week.[16] After 16 days, the box-office profit of the movie has exceeded 300 million yen.[17] After 28 days and at least 80 theaters, the film has gained at least 400 million yen. The film has now topped 490 million yen in the box office on Saturday. Extra screenings have been added to 11 Korona Cinema theaters beginning on Saturday. To celebrate the milestone, Korona will distribute exclusive B2-size posters to filmgoers while supplies last.[18]

Home media[]

Endymion movie-BDandDVD bundle

The box set for the Blu-ray and DVD release.

The Blu-ray and DVD format of Miracle of Endymion was released on August 28, 2013. The special editions have a bonus disc with a making-of video and bonus anime, Toaru Majutsu no Index-tan: Miracle of Endymion Movie Edition. with Haimura Kiyotaka drawing the art for the special editions' boxes, a 64-page booklet, a miniature replica of the dialogue recording script, and a reproduction film. Both the regular and special editions will have audio commentaries.[19] The bonus disc will also have footage from the auditions and a roundtable discussion with the cast.[20]

The movie replaced the scheduled airing 18th episode of the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S on August 9 with a special premiere of the first 22 minutes of the movie. The episode instead will air on August 16. It also has a digest video on television and online simulcast providers, likely to promote the Blu-ray and DVD release of the movie.[21]

The Blu-ray release for the special edition of the movie debuted at the top of the Blu-ray charts,[22] and after five days, sold 35, 938 copies.[23] Meanwhile, the DVD release of the special edition sold after five days, 8,383 copies, while the regular edition sold 1,902 copies.[24] After four weeks, the Blu-ray release for the release edition has sold a total of 39,975 copies, which totals to 50,260 copies.[25]


Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion Original Soundtrack

The special edition of the Blu-ray and DVD releases will have the soundtrack bundled with it. The soundtrack contains 29 tracks of music, both original as well as songs already existing from previous Index and Railgun original soundtracks. The soundtrack contains OVER, the duet between Shuatura and Meigo Arisa found in the movie,[26] with the Arisa solo version found in the polaris album.


Debi, the author of the Trigger Happy End blog, commented on how the movie has deeply moved him emotionally. The movie had at least 103,000 attendants, along with him, he was able to obtain the Toaru Majutsu no Index: Road to Endymion light novel. By 8:00 in the morning, the pamphlet that contained the Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion Story Underlay was sold out, but was later available again for sale, allowing him to obtain his copy.[27]

In the Western hemisphere, the movie received a warm reception, with Myanimelist an average of 7.8 on their ratings. However, the movie is often compared to the Macross Frontier: Itsuwari no Utahime film for its usage of several conventions, namely singing in space.

Impact on the Toaru Majutsu no Index animated universe[]

The movie retcons several scenes from the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime to somehow fit the obvious elevator in the timeline. Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S would later insert the elevator into scenes where they were supposed to appear as shown in the movie.

The movie is the first Toaru Majutsu no Index-related content to be mastered in a higher vertical resolution other than the standard 576p the studio has done for all animated content of the franchise. This allowed for a much more crisper and vivid animation. Moreover, though the animated universe is not alien to the use of CG graphics, the movie is the first one to use it en masse in crowd scenes, instead of people who are drawn as a crowd but do not move, as seen in the Daihasei Festival Arc in Toaru Majutsu no Index II. All these changes would later be incorporated in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S and in future Toaru Project anime adaptations.

10th Anniversary[]

On February 23rd 2023, to celebrate the film's tenth anniversary, the full-length movie was uploaded to the Toaru Project's official YouTube channel, to be displayed until 11:59PM (Japan Standard Time) on February 26th.[28] During February 2023, Toaru Majutsu no Index: Imaginary Fest carried out a 10th anniversary re-run of a special event based on the movie, Toaru Kiseki no Endymion, with additional character releases.


In the vast expanse of space, where uncounted number of distance lied between the Earth and the black void, a single spaceplane struggles for control. A broken bird flies through the vacuum and fire burns on its left wing. The passengers are scared of course, even more so of a child with a little blue bracelet. The pilots tries their best but slowly despair will overtake them. Or will they?

Three years ago, the Miracle of 88 occurred, where all 88 passengers of the Spaceplane Orion reportedly survived during the emergency crash landing of the Spaceplane. During the ordeal, a mysterious being appears before the passengers, singing a tune. The event is referred to as a miracle, but as a result the Spaceplane was no longer seen by the public as a safe way to get to space. In the current year, the space elevator Endymion is nearing it's completion, and a shadowy figure visits the memorial of Miracle of 88 in School District 23. Thus this tale now begins.

Touma and Index enjoy their day out together. Touma pleads to Index on compromising for burgers when they eat out, but Index insists on something more, forcing Touma to acquiesce to her. Index, looking around her surroundings, sees images of the great tower nearing its completion, and asks Touma about a space elevator. Touma stops in his tracks, and points out the long thing sticking out in the horizon. And comments on Index's "perfect memory" as how she could forget the many times they have seen it during the past few weeks. Index then asks what a space elevator is, to which Touma explains is that it is an elevator that allows one to go to outer space without the need for rockets or space shuttles. Index is amazed and compares it to the Tower of Babel of old. Suddenly, the overhear playing and see that a girl is busking on the streets. Here, the both of them were enchanted by her music.

Meanwhile, in some family restaurant, Uiharu talks to Mikoto on the history of the construction of the Endymion, of which Uiharu has only admiration for it. Saten Ruiko, who is with them, is listening to music, which attracts Misaka Mikoto's attention, and indicates that they have met before. Their peaceful conversation is rudely interrupted by the appearance of Shirai Kuroko and her antics.

After the performance only Touma and Index remain of her audience. Enchanted by her singing, Touma assumes that she is a Telepath, while Index was surprised that she did not use any magic on it. Arisa tells Touma that being a Level 0 bothered her once, but now she is thankful for it, as because she had nothing else, that she could do whatever she could to be able to sing. She later says that she wants to sing in a large place with a lot of people. She dreams to be a songstress.

Arisa later gets a message that she has passed the audition, her song has been chosen to be the campaign song for Endymion. To celebrate this Index asks Touma to treat them dinner, but not before Touma gets a chance to hit some baseballs in a batting cage. And so the day ends with Touma carrying what Arisa's equipment, saying that as a Level 0 as well, he will support her dreams. Index supports as well, and in that moment Touma comments that Index too should work hard for her dreams. Assuming Touma offered her insult, a little argument breaks between the two, but they have been stayed as Arisa once again cries out with her voice. And in this fallen evening, all ears nearby turned towards her, even those who lied in the darkness.

The song she cried did not have any words. She tells that she is still writing them, thanking Touma and Index for the day, and says she will let them know when she's going to have her debut concert. But the days of peace are at an end, for the waters in the darkness stir. Witches appear and the elements of water, earth, and air, are cowed by them. Touma pushes the girls back into safety as the witches combine their powers to defeat him. But it was for naught, for Touma held out his right hand. Unscratched, Touma demands to know they are and why they are here. Then Marie was taken into the waters, and it was shown that Index had used Spell Intercept. Touma frees himself from the earth shackles of Mallybath, and in an explosion, she is gone away. But then, fires burn, and Stiyl Magnus appears, demanding to know why they attacked. He is their teacher, and they are his apprentices. The witches gather towards the priest that was clad in black as they lick their wounds. Touma shouts towards him, confused with the events that have unfolded. But Stiyl doesn't listen, and calls out his magic name, and engages Touma in battle. Stiyl orders the witches to secure the target, to which Touma realizes would be Arisa. The beast known as Innocentius is summoned, and Touma charges forward with his right hand. Back with Arisa and Index, the former sees the battle take place, and sees a pillar that has piqued her interest. The fire made it fall, and Touma is caught. But Arisa cries again once more, and this time it is not a song but a cry for them to stop. With that, a miracle appears, Innocentius is dispersed and the pillar is torn in two, surprising everyone. This makes her swoon as another fight takes place between Stiyl's forces and Shutaura Sequenzia's forces, the Black Crow Unit.

A black shining vehicle shoots out darts towards an unsuspecting Stiyl, who dodges them just in time. A girl pilots it, Shutaura Sequenzia, and with the arrival of the other machines, they have come for Stiyl and his ilk. They threw disks towards them, and Stiyl knows of its dangers, shouting for his students to dodge. Then, the darts him the disks, and great balls of fire engulfs the area. They survived, but the girl inside the machine makes an announcement to them, that they are the Civil Affairs Resolution Mediation Unit, and they shall not intervene. All four of the black clad magicians do not yield, and attack them. But they are not a match against them, and as a dart goes towards Stiyl's neck, it is cut down.

Kanzaki Kaori appears in the distance, telling them to withdraw. She comes down towards them, and Shutaura does battle with her. Kanzaki uses the steel wires, but they do not affect the machine. And thus she withdraws and tells Stiyl to come along with his students. Touma however calls towards him, asking why they attacked Arisa. And as they leave, Stiyl states that she could bring a war between the magic and science side. Touma tries to ask for more information, but they have already gone.

The black machine however has not. It crashes down before him, and from it, a girl with long black hair and body suit appears. Touma demands to know who they are, to which the girl says that they are in a special mission to maintain order within Academy City. Touma does understand, as he knows not what it has anything to do with Arisa, and asks if she is an enemy or an ally. Shutaura however, simply warns Touma to stay away from her, for he will surely die if he gets any more involved.

Then, Arisa has a dream amongst the passengers of the Orion space plane singing a tune holding a unique blue bracelet in one hand. She awakes from the shock of the dream where she is greeted by Index and Touma. Touma tries to open the conversation with who was attacking her earlier, ending with Index trying to explain magic to her, but is prevented by Touma. Arisa then speaks of powers that are not of science and tells them that is of it as well. She tells that her power appears when she sings, and laments that it is perhaps her power that draws people towards her and not her song after all. But Touma and Index dissuades her, much to Arisa's thanks. And yet, she asks why the people from before attacked her, and deems that if her singing brings pain upon others, she should stop despite the call of her heart. Touma persuades her however not to give up on it in spite of the people who attacked her, telling her that he will help her find a safe way to sing. Touma then allows Arisa to stay so long as she needs protection.

Meanwhile, Shutaura returns shortly to her living quarters, and tells Ladylee of the unusual powers of the enemies she had come upon. Ladylee says there are many powers of such nature such as her Earth Palette, though Shutaura corrects her by saying that her power is rare but not unusual. She then asks who Arisa is after going to the trouble of saving Arisa for her, though she replies that she can fight even without knowing. Shutaura then asks if there is something wrong with their connection as she keeps hearing a noise, realizing what she means, Ladylee orders. With that, the conversation ends with Ladylee telling her to continue protecting Arisa.

In a certain high school, Touma deals with the inane talk of his friends, and the prodding of his classmates of his night life. Komoe comes soon to teach Touma a lesson, specifically, supplementary lessons for him. In the night, Arisa and Index take a bath together. Arisa prods Index on what her relationship is with Touma is, though Index doesn't give her a satisfactory response. However, Index does says that when she is in trouble Touma comes along to saver her, and despite what he is, he is an amazing person. Hearing this, Arisa says that their relationship is pretty unique, and that she envies it somewhat. Suddenly, Arisa rises up and leaves the bath completely naked, not even bothering to make herself look decent, for inspiration has come upon her mind. Index tries to look upon the lyrics, but Arisa tries to stop her for they are not finished yet, though she does tell her that they could sing it together. As they struggle, Touma arrives however at the worst time and predictably suffers from Index because of it. After dinner, Arisa speaks of her contract and photoshoot tomorrow, to which due to extenuating circumstances, Touma will not be able to attend and asks Arisa if she can find a reliable person.

The next day Arisa meets up with Mikoto and her friends as they escort her to her audition, apparently Mikoto being the "reliable" person Arisa thought about. Arisa pays no mind to the vast number of people Mikoto brought along. While going to the shoot, Uiharu speaks of the Orbit Portal Company as the reason for the Orion crash, as well as for the space elevator, telling of how it became bankrupt but then went back up after being bought. Gossip abound regarding her queer president, the 10 year old girl that looks like a doll. While coming upon props however, a doll stands up, revealing herself to be Ladylee Tangleroad, the president of Orbit Portal Company. She talks to Arisa of her singing, noting that she hasn't heard of such singing since Jenny Lind, quickly leaving after giving her regards. The director for photoshoot comes upon them later, and seeing the gaggle of girls, has a knowing look on her eyes. At the photoshoot, Arisa is a natural for the camera, while the other girls stand on the side, too embarrassed to move about. Touma also arrives at the mall to check up at Arisa, and discovers Mikoto being with them as well. He however sees a familiar figure, Shutaura cloaked in black and in the crowd. Distressed by this, Touma follows her underground.

Shutaura then goes down below, and finds a man in a mask and cape there. She comes to ask him wherefore he is there, but receives no reply. The fighting continues, and she is forced to user her explosive machinery. And there was silence, yet it was a mere moment. The man comes out unscathed from out of the smoke and strikes down Shutaura. Just then, a metal pole comes forth and strikes the masked man. It is Touma with a metal pole defending the person he suspected. With his found polearm, Touma occupies the man. Shutaura is confused by his appearance, but there is not a time to mull it over for her subordinate, Crow 7, comes calling. He tells her that several bombs have been planted. Hearing of this surprises both Touma and Shutaura, the latter tells the man on her connection to evacuate everyone. With Touma distracted, the masked man disarms him, and Touma is forced to block an attack from the man. But with a sound of breaking glass, the man's hand is shattered by the mere touch of Touma's right hand. He is of supernatural origin. Touma tries to question him, but the man tries to get away. With the masked man distracted, Shutaura gets the opportunity to use her explosives on him, and he is consumed by a ball of fire though remains unscathed. Still questioning, Touma punches the man in the face, and his masked his broken to reveal his cold gaze. The man staggers, but takes out a trigger. Shouts come from Shuatura, but it is too later, for their sight is torn apart by an explosion.

An explosion rocks the stage above, ending the photoshoot. Suddenly, another explosion comes causing the stage above to collapse. Kuroko assumes her Judgment duties and quickly teleports Uiharu Kazari and Saten Ruiko out of harm's way while Mikoto protects Arisa and everyone else, which seems impossible at the moment. But a 'miracle' happens again leaving everyone unscathed by the fallen debris. And there Kuroko declares their close call as a miracle. Indeed, everyone celebrates the event. And yet, a strange sense of foreboding surrounds Arisa as they cry out their cheers.

Shutaura is later roused from her unconsciousness, and finds Touma lying upon her chest. She tries to reproach him but discovers that he has been knocked out and bleeding, out of trying to protect her. Shutaura then supports Touma as they walked out of that underground place. As Shutaura hears reports from her subordinate that Arisa is safe and that there were no casualties as Touma wakes up. Touma asks about the explosion and what happened to Arisa and the others, but Shutaura says that everyone is fine. Touma smiles and contentedly says that it is a miracle. Shuatura gnashes her teeth at the word and pushes Touma to the wall, telling him that miracles are just coincidences given value by people. Touma smirks, but asks if she has listened to any of Arisa's songs, as even she may start believing in miracles. However, Shutaura tells Touma that she cannot comprehend music due to a certain accident, despite having her other audio faculties intact. This surprises Touma, and apologizes. Shuatura then introduces herself to him, and then asks why he is apologizing as she is satisfied with who she is. She tells Touma that because of her disability, she will not be lead astray by songs or the word miracle. There, the sun shines bright in the afteroon air, as the two finally escape that underground place.

Later that evening, Arisa looks up on reports of the recent explosion she was in, and all she could hear is the word "miracle" being thrown around by the people. Arisa is visibly shaken, but then Touma comes along and finds her, asking if she is all right. In a small park, Arisa refers to the people speaking of miracles, saying that if it were a miracle the explosion wouldn't have occurred in the first place. Arisa then says that she used to think that she was luck, but says that she is no longer sure. She says that she was part of a major accident and that she has no memories before three years ago. Arisa confides to Touma that her name was given to her by the people in the institution she was in and she has nothing that is really of her own. However, she states that when she sings her heart grows warm, and that something grows within her. She concludes that she feels that she can regain something she lost as long as she has her songs. Touma smiles, saying that he understands her feeling of not having a past, but tells that her that she at least have something to believe in, saying that he is sure that she'll be fine and that she can regain whatever she has lost.

And thus, Arisa continues to sing, and she eventually makes a live performance that are viewed by her friends, as the appointed day to the opening of Endymion draws closer. Meanwhile, Shutaura is with Ladylee in her office during one of Arisa's concerts. Ladylee talks of miracles, to which Shutaura says she doesn't believe in them. Ladylee says that she is boring. She tells her that Orbit Portal's greatest selling point is miracles as it survived due to the Miracle 88. Shutaura shouts that Miracle 88 isn't miracle, but Ladylee corrects her, saying that all the passengers survived so it should be one. Tired of their small debate, Ladylee says that she hired her for her combat ability, and that she won't ask for her beliefs as well. Angered, Shutaura hastily excuses herself. Suddenly, from behind Ladylee, a blank-eyed woman and the man from before, the man in the mask appear—her automatons. Unperturbed, Ladylee laughs, saying that all the preparations have been completed, and now her hopes and dreams will finally come true.

Later, Arisa and Index celebrate her upcoming performance at the Endymion at a local family diner, where Arisa hands Index the lyrics to the song she promised she would sing with her. Unknown to them Marie, one of the magicians serving under Stiyl, is disguised as one of the waitresses. Marie, along with her two partners kidnap Arisa and disable Index making a get away in a car with Stiyl.

Meanwhile, Touma converses with Motoharu regarding Arisa, but Kanzaki later appears and states that Arisa is a Saint or someone whose power is similar to one. She then says that she is temporarily ranked as the ninth Saint, and if her power awakens, she will displace Kanzaki. This surprises Touma, but Motoharu says that nothing is set in stone. Kanzaki asks Motoharu's opinion to which Motoharu says that he is not sure as he isn't exactly sure what a Saint is, unless Kanzaki allows him to examine her thoroughly inside and out, much to her irritation. Motoharu says that regardless of what she is, Academy City will want to find an anatomical explanation to her natural ability and utilize it, specifically Ladylee Tangleroad. Touma receives a call from Index, and there discovers that Arisa has been abducted again.

Shutaura learns of Arisa's abduction from Crow Four by Stiyl and the others again. She then prepares for battle. In her mobile weapon she and his unit catches up to Stiyl in a car in a highway. Stiyl notices them and they prepare for battle. With their cloaks deactivated, the Black Crow's machines make their move. Stiyl orders Marie not to let them pass as he climbs up to the roof of the car to contend against them. Shutaura appears and throws her discs upon the car. They are beset by explosions, and the car's movements become disturbed. One of them latches on to them with speared wires, but Stiyl forces it off. Marie herself, rams one of them and manages to shake it off. In the tunnel, Jane calls out to Stiyl and takes up his rune cards for him. There, Stiyl summons Innocentius and fells the other Black Crow machines other than Shutaura's for great is her skill and long did she contend against it. The battle comes out of the tunnel and there the fires of Innocentius could not hold. The fighting in the tunnel catches the attention of Touma, who with Komoe's car, tries to intercept them.

Shutaura strikes the car and it swerves to side, though all the witches and Arisa survive but unconscious. The machine comes up to Stiyl, but Touma just arrives in time to tell to stop. Touma tells Stiyl not to jump to conclusions for no one is sure if Arisa is a Saint as of yet. Stiyl is annoyed, knowing Kanzaki has told Touma of her what she knows. Then, Stiyl tells Touma he has been given new orders, and asks Touma what he thinks that great tower, Endymion, is. Touma naturally replies that it is a space elevator, but Stiyl references several wondrous structures: the Tower of Babel. Stiyl states that architectural structures of unreasonable scale gain magical significance simply by standing, and states that there is someone who tried to use one as a super large-scale magic device by putting a Saint inside it, Arisa. Shutaura meanwhile, listens on to their strange conversation, but is then contacted by Ladylee, stating that Anti-Skill is on the move and that she must leave. With that order, the machine moves and rips apart the metal of the fallen car to take away Arisa. There, she sees something, a blue necklace inside a bag. Laydlee contacts her again, surprised that Shutaura figured it out, but then says that she should bring Arisa to her. Shutaura takes Arisa and Stiyl tries to attack, though she screams to stay back. Touma tries to plead with her, calling her by her name, but she does not heed his words, telling him that her business has nothing to do with him. With that, Shuatura catapults several discs Seeing the danger, Stiyl tries to go towards the fallen three witches who are still unconscious. Stiyl shouts to Touma to run away, but it is too late, and the skys are lit in flames by Shutauras explosions, the force of which throws Touma to the ground.

Misaka Mikoto meanwhile is searching the Internet regarding Ladylee, but is then contacted by Saten Ruiko, telling her that Arisa has been abducted. Mikoto then leaves to go to them, not knowing that a little picture on her computer shows Ladylee with a couple of gentlemen from 1870.

Shutaura has Arisa lay down in a large room in a base by Ladylee. There, trying to confirm her suspicions, she discovers that the broken piece of bracelet that Arisa has fitted with hers. Ladylee arrives and mentions on how the both of them were fated to cross paths. She repeats the story of the Miracle of 88, but tells that there was one person who died, and that is Shutaura's father. Ladylee continues by saving that by the time anyone noticed it was already too late, the world rejoiced over the miracle, and the truth behind Shutaura's father was kept hidden. She looks over Arisa, and states in that incident, a girl appeared out of nowhere in the spaceplane and performed a miracle, and refers to Arisa as that girl. Hearing this, Shutaura asks why she still claims it to be a miracle, to which Ladylee says that it is because no one should have survived the accident. Sensing what she is implying, Ladylee interrupts her thoughts, and says that she thought that it would work in outer space, but in the end everyone but Shutaura's father survived. However, Ladylee says that she has at least gotten an interesting by-product of the Miracle of 88. Slowly, Shutaura dawns on her that Ladylee was the one who killed her father, and in anger takes up her blade and stabs a smiling Ladylee. There, Ladylee falls as blood gushes out of her wound. However, she doesn't fall long, and after her automatons arrive, she laughs and sits up, showing to Shutaura that she is still alive. Shutaura is shocked, and is later apprehended by the automatons, one of which she recognizes from the mall that was rigged with bombs. Ladylee asks Shutaura if she is done, and comments on how that her stabbing marks the 18th time she has been stabbed. Shutaura calls her monster, and Ladylee agrees, but says Shutaura is one as well. She says to Shutaura that she will let her live, and that she will enjoy the moment that she will show her a real miracle. Shutaura proclaims that she will stop her no matter what, but Ladylee is not concerned. She orders the automatons to take her away. Now alone with Arisa, she wakes her up and gives her an offer she can't refuse.

The next day, Endymion opens and many people have come to it, the great tower. Back with Touma, he is resting in the hospital with Index and Mikoto by his side, reporting on how Arisa could not be found. Heaven Canceller comes over and remarks on Touma's amazing injury, a burn, asking if he is trying to break a hospitalization record. Suddenly, Motoharu and Stiyl arrives asking for his audience.

Meanwhile, the Black Crows begin their operation, taking over the Endymion's security and sealing the place down. Back with Touma, Stiyl tells him of Ladylee's history, and her plans, to which Motoharu says would cause the destruction of the northern hemisphere of the earth. As later is the hour in which the plans of Ladylee have come, he either needs to destroy Ladylee or destroy its core, Arisa, as Ladylee's spell could destroy the world. Touma as expected does not abide by what Stiyl must do. Touma then stands up with his fresh bandages and begins dressing himself. Index arrives, and worries for him, for his injuries have yet to fully heal. But Touma says that he cannot just stay here and let the magic and science side factions handle things for surely Arisa will die. Stiyl could only grimace at Touma's intentions. However, Motoharu knowing of Touma's inevitable intervention, stops him and says that he had got him some help. Their conversation however is overheard by three Misaka clones, who then relay the information the Last Order. She on the other hand, talks of this matter loudly before Accelerator, irritating him. Mikoto returns with juice after leaving Touma's room only to find it bereft of occupants, including its patient.

Shutaura is chucked into a dark room in Endymion. Here, she contemplates on the miracle Ladylee told regarding the Miracle of 88. Suddenly, Crow 7 arrives and springs Shutaura free apologizing for their lateness. Their, he reports to Shutaura on Ladylee's whereabouts and status and on how Anti-Skill has already arrived. Shutaura later boards the underground emergency high-speed elevator of the Endymion, intending to do it alone and telling him not to have anyone else come up.

Up in the orbital station, people gather towards for the concert that Arisa will now hold. Arisa is in an observation room, and calls out to Touma for a miracle. Ladylee then arrives to confronting Arisa about her decision. Arisa acquiesces to her demands, as Ladylee has threatened the lives of the audience, but states that she will sing for their sake, not for her.

Back on the ground, Motoharu presents to Touma the Ballistic Slider, the spacecraft that will take Touma and Index to the top of the Endymion. With the Anti-Skill, they are forced to contend with a large mobile weapon guarding a bridge into Endymion, as the underground train entrances and press entrances have been sealed off. Arisa goes on with the performance to an enthusiastic crowd while heroes gather to stop Ladylee's plan. Touma and Index in their spaceplane sees the great magic circle has Ladylee has set-up, astonishing Index due to its great size. They are then later forced to find a way to deal with the anti-debris defense system that Endymion has who has now targeted them. Motoharu then calls them, telling them not to worry, for they have a weapon. There, Kanzaki appears in a hatch and in the outside of space covered in a blue aura. Irritated on her treatment, Kanzaki swears that Motoharu will pay. In space, Kanzaki easily dispatches the anti-debris defense system missiles, and later falls down back to earth into the ocean after her task is done.

Anti-Skill charges towards the machine but are mowed down by its incredible power. Motoharu sees Touma off in the Ballistic Slider, and Stiyl begins his operation with his witches, infiltrating Endymion. Ladylee also is up in the observation deck, watching her spell unfold before her very eyes. After Arisa's first song ends, Shutaura finally arrives at the orbital station.

Anti-Skill continues to battle the behemoth. Aiho asks one of his men about reinforcements, but is told that they won't be here for a while. Suddenly, something streaks past them. It is the wheel-chaired Kuroko carrying Misaka Mikoto. She is annoyed that Touma has left her without a word again, and quickly makes short work of the mobile weapon in front of her using her Railgun. Mikoto tells Kuroko to stay put as she is still injured, telling her to defend the bridge. Mikoto then leaves and enters the Endymion along with the Anti-Skill, and Kuroko is forced to acquiesce as her injuries act up again. Stiyl and his witches have already infiltrated the Endymion, but unknown to them, one of Ladylee's Automaton are already waiting for them there.

Ladylee notices the attack of Anti-Skill, Stiyl Magnus and his disciples down in the base of the elevator, but pays no heed to it, confident that her plans will be met. However, Shutaura has come to finish her what she promised, to stop Ladylee at all cost. Ladylee tells Shutaura that she is for stupid coming, but is immediately shot by Shutaura several times. There, the fateful moment where her life changed forever flashes before her eyes. Still alive despite multiple gunshot wounds, Ladylee says that she has lived for a millennium and that although her experiment with Orion failed she got an unexpected by-product, Arisa, whom will finally set her free from life using her miraculous powers. She sits up and says that they should all die together, and there the next part of her spell activates. Shutaura tries to shoot at her but is met by the male automaton. For the rest of their fight, Ladylee is too weakened to do anything, and is then sucked out into the vacuum of space after Shutaura destroys part of the ring of the orbital station, making the Endymion in danger of collapse.

Touma and Index are in a corridor leading from the space dock, when they notice the tremors. Touma then embraces a worried Index close to him as they continue forwards. Back on the ground, the people also notice the trembling. Uiharu with Saten, explain to Mikoto, who is constant contact with them, that an explosion has occurred in the Endymion, and if it isn't dealth with, will cause Endymion to collapse.

Meigo Arisa wakes up after the blast knocks her unconscious. She discovers that everyone is slowly beginning to panic. Seeing this, Arisa stands and keeps on singing to force the audience to focus on her and keep them calm, and thus, they are able to evacuate the Endymion. Ladylee manages to escape the vacuum of space and return to the orbital station, she crawls to her Core Room and activates the next part of her plan as Arisa continues to sing. As Ladylee's spell turns to its next step, Touma and Index are inside the orbital station. Here, Touma receives word from Motoharu that the Endymion is collapsing, and that there is no way to stop it. Motoharu tries to say that they will do what they can on the ground, but the signal is then lost. Resigned to their fates, Touma puts down his cellphone as they focus on what's important. He tells Index to split up, with him going to find Arisa, and her stopping the spell activation. Hearing this, Index says that they must save Arisa as she promised that they will sing her new song together. Touma understands, and with a nod, they go their separate ways.

Back in the ground, Mikoto receives word from Uiharu that there seems to be no way of stopping the collapse of Endymion. Mikoto tells her to calm down as there must be another way. Using all of her skills, she finds that are explosive bolts in Endymion, an emergency termination system. She tells that if they can destroy it, then there might be away to prevent Endymion from collapsing. Kuroko arrives hearing the news of Mikoto volunteering to destroy one of the explosive bolts. Kuroko offers to help Mikoto, but her injury prevents her from doing so. Hearing of this, Aiho says that she and her Anti-Skill take of the second pillar. As for the third one, Saten "volunteers" with her bat, but is interrupted by Motoharu who breaks into their communication lines. Here, he offers his services in destroying one of them, and is gladly accepted by them. He later calls Stiyl and pushes the work to him. Hearing this, Stiyl acquiesces to his plan instead of going on either killing Arisa or destroying the Endymion.

Shutaura meanwhile, is pained by the song Arisa is singing, and swears to stop it even if it kills her. She comes upon the relay station and destroys the stage with her Earth Palette. Arisa falls but Touma arrives in time to catch her. Meanwhile, the great magic circle of Ladylee glows ever the stronger, and Ladylee continues to observe it, deeming that only a little more time is needed before she can finally die. However, she is visited by Index who states that she has never seen a spell as deranged as hers before and asks if she is planning to destroy the world. Index says that the magic circle has gone completely haywire, but Ladylee doesn't listen. Seeing her, Ladylee recognizes that she is before the Index Librorum Prohibitorum. She says to her that she should know how she feels as she as they are both cursed by magic. She says that she can finally escape the hell she has suffered through, but Index tells her that it won't work, even if she succeeds she will not die, which irritates Ladylee.

Back underground, Mikoto plows through Endymion's defenses. Anti-Skill however is delayed by the numerous mobile weapons that have come to intercept them. For Stiyl and his witches, they have their own matters tending to with their own mobile weapons they have to stand against.

Back with Touma, the pain of his injuries have forced him to his his knees. Arisa though worried, sees Shutaura slowly walking towards them, pulling out a gun to shoot. Seeing this, Arisa immediately steps in to protect Touma, irritating Shutaura. Touma asks for Shutaura to stop, but she says that Arisa's existence is what started Ladylee's plan and the sacrifices needed for it. She says that because of Arisa's songs and "miracles" everyone has been led astray. That is why she will kill her. As the two stare down each other, Arisa gives a genuine smile for her, irritating Shutaura to the point of striking her down with her hand.

Back with the three groups, Mikoto continues towards her path, guided by Uiharu. However, as she turns a corner, she comes to find many mobile weapons coming to intercept her. With Stiyl's group, he is injured, and Mallybath, one of the witches, ask of his condition, to which he says not to worry about it. Suddenly, Ladylee's female automaton appear before them in the explosive bolt room, and Mallybath is more than eager to have Stiyl rest while they fight it themselves. However, he pushes them aside, saying he will not back down from his own fight. Anti-Skill on the other hand is stuck against the strong opposition of the countless mobile weapons. Here, Aiho apologizes for failing. Suddenly, those who are using the communication lines here one of the clones (though not to their knowledge) tell Aiho not to worry, saying that they need only to blow them up at the count of three, and then ends her sentence with "Misaka," stirring confusion on Kuroko's face. There, Misaka 10032 carries a large prototype Railgun and aids Mikoto in destroying the mobile weapons that would've overwhelmed her. Finally, a certain white haired boy, Accelerator, the strongest Level 5, enters one of the rooms of the explosive bolts. Accelerator is annoyed by this bothersome situation, to which Last Order says that they have come because the world is in danger, though Accelerator replies that he does not care for such a thing. However, he notes that it should at least be good exercise.

And there, in a count of three: Mikoto with her Railgun, Stiyl with his Innocentius, and Accelerator with the power over all vectors, destroy all three explosive bolts.

In the core room, even Ladylee could feel Endymion being terminated. Ladylee becomes worried, allowing for a chance for Index to analyze and stop the spell. Shutaura and Touma notice it as well. Touma then says that there is nothing they cannot do. Shutaura despairs, and points her gun instead at Arisa. She tells Touma on how her father was the only one who died in the Miracle of 88 despite she and everybody else surviving. For that reason Shutaura can never accept a miracle, and states that she will carry on the will of her father who relied on his skills instead of a miracle. Hearing this, Touma says that her father tried his best to save her and everyone on board, even when there is little chance, as long as one pushes their limits, something is bound to happen. Touma says that Daedalus gave his all until the very end believing that he could do it, and tells her that it is the reason why she and everyone else survived. Shutaura is shocked and takes a long hard look at the unconscious Arisa, as Touma says that a miracle truly did happen because her father made it so. He concludes that if Shutaura denies that, she would be killing her father a second time. Shutaura is stunned by Touma's words. Shutaura curses, and says that no one can stop the Endymion from falling now, and there, begins to laugh like a lunatic, mocking him for believing in miracles, telling him if his miracles can stop the Endymion from falling and save everyone on Earth, save Arisa, save himself, and save everyone who believes in miracles and disrupt the natural order. Then, Shutaura points her gun at Touma. Unbeknownst to her, Touma took out his cellphone, and aware of her weakness, plays one of Arisa's songs. The pain of the incomprehensible sound that invades Shutaura's ears gives Touma enough time to close the distance and strike away her gun. Touma tells her that someone who denies miracles like her doesn't create order either. Angered, Shutaura binds Touma with her wires, and throws rare earth pellets at him, exploding, though in low yield. However, that is not enough to take Touma down. Touma says that risking everything on the smallest chance in order to make the slightest difference and never doubting they can achieve something, that is what it means to move forward. He tells her that is what her father sought, and that is what a miracle means. Touma moves forward as Shutaura's guard is down. Here, he declares that he will destroy that illusion of hers, and gives a single strike upon her face. And thus Shutaura falls, though all of them is far from danger. Touma collapses as he says music is pretty good to hear.

As Touma writhes on the floor while the world is still in danger, he hears a singing from an unlikely source: it is Shutaura singing Arisa's very own song. Arisa comes to as well as if she is beckoned by her voice. With tears in her eyes, the brokenhearted maiden once again recalls that fateful day. There a young Shutaura prays to some higher power to take away all the things she cherishes just so they can have a miracle. And here, Shutaura admits to herself what she had wrought. She had begged for a miracle in exchange for the things she cherished and she was answered. And then at the time, Arisa was born as a result. Arisa goes towards Shutaura, as the both of them continue to sing. And thus, the two of them weave a song at that high place above all of earth, and for a moment a song of miracles was born from it and all of the skies was cast alight as if the brilliance of golden dawn colored the firmament of the earth. Ladylee, crawls towards Index who is also singing along with the song of miracles. She breaks down and sobs, begging her to stop as her dreams of dying unravel before her eyes. And all those who look upon the sky were amazed, and they saw too the great tower tremble before them, but there was no fear no longer did it threaten upon the world. And thus pass the Miracle of Endymion.

The Orion bracelet was left alone in the height of that tower, was made whole once again. Touma sees who picks it up, it is Shutaura who is naked but is unashamed, though Arisa is no where to be found, it seems Touma has a guess where she has gone to. Seeing her, Touma assures to her that the entire world has heard her song. There, Shutaura smiles while being bathed in the light and as Touma once again falls into unconsciousness.

In the world after the Miracle, in St. George's Cathedral, Laura Stuart has a little conference with Aleister, the General Superintendent of Academy City, asking him of the true nature of Meigo Arisa and Shutaura Sequenzia. Here, Aleister relates to her his hypothesis on how Shutaura's wish during the Orion incident distorting her perception and coincided with everyone's else's wishes, thereby creating a strong enough distortion to create a power to interfere with the laws of causality. That power split a girl into two and changed the fates of many. To which Laura adds as her own hypothesis that the distortion caused by their rejoining caused yet another miracle. In the end, he notes on how Ladylee Tangleroad made an interesting experiment, but notes on how it must be misfortune that keeps her alive, as he watches on a screen of a blanke-eyed Ladylee with many wires sticking on her.

Touma and Index are once again out in the town visiting places that they have visited with Arisa. Index tries to ask if Arisa wasn't real, to which Touma denies, saying that Arisa didn't disappear when he touched her with his right hand, as such she wasn't an illusion. Touma refers to Arisa as someone who loves music, someone who love making people happy with her music, someone who is just a normal girl. Index agrees, but then she and Touma stop looking towards the horizon where Endymion once stood high and mighty. There, Index asks if heard something, to which Touma says he did and the look upon that clear blue sky once again.

Major Events[]

  • Endymion can no longer be seen in Academy City.
  • The celebrity known as Meigo Arisa disappears as she merges back with Shutaura Sequenzia.
  • Ladylee Tangleroad the immortal, is taken by Academy City for study.


By order of appearance:

New Characters[]


New Abilities[]

  • Water Magic - Marie Spearhead
  • Earth Magic - Mallybath Blackball
  • Wind Magic - Jane Elves
  • Miracles - Meigo Arisa
  • Earth Palette - Shutaura Sequenzia, Level 4
  • Automaton (Male) - Ladylee Tangleroad
  • Unnamed World Destroying Spell - Ladylee Tangleroad


New Locations[]


Musumeka series - Misaka 10032

Misaka 10032 wearing mecha musume designed by Akitaka Mika

  • Endymion is retconned into the Toaru Majutsu no Index universe.
  • Uiharu references the difficulty of building the Space Elevator in Academy City and not in the equator, is a reference to the common specification of building a space elevator on the equator to take advantage of the Earth's centrifugal force as the equator bulges due to the Earth's rotation.
  • Despite only meeting Touma briefly, Arisa calls him but his given name along with a -kun honorific. Likewise, Touma calls her by her given name.
  • This marks the first appearance of Witches in the anime continuity.
  • Although only for a short time, this is the second time in the anime continuity, for the forces of magic and science to do battle. The first being with Sherry Cromwell and Anti-Skill.
  • When the Sisters arrive in the Endymion to help Misaka Mikoto destroy the mobile weapons, one of the Sisters was shown wearing a mecha musume designed by Akitaka Mika from his Modern Day Mecha Musume series, which was released in 2010, three years before the release of the movie.
  • Touma does not sit on the seat beside the window in this film.
  • Despite seeing Saten Ruiko in the stage, Touma will have no recollection of her in their eventual meeting in the Daihaseisai in Railgun Manga Chapter 58 (adapted to Railgun T Episode 9).
  • Taking only into account the events that have occurred in the anime adaptations, this would be the second time Touma picks up a weapon, and the first time Touma actually uses one in combat.
  • Touma saying that Shutaura as an "immovable class-rep type" maybe a reference to Fukiyose Seiri, who has a remarkably similar design to her, a fact that is even commented upon by the character design artists Haimura Kiyotaka.
  • This would mark the third separate time Kanzaki Kaori somehow ends up in space.


  • Episode 24 of the first series and episode 1 of the second are referenced to make it seem that the elevator was there all along.
  • Toaru Majutsu to Kagaku no Ensemble is referenced by Mikoto, where she met Arisa in the Science Side Surface Story of the game.
  • Touma makes a passing mention to his own memory loss back in the beginning of the first season when Arisa confides to her that she has no memory from three years ago.
  • Kongou Mitsuko references her team-up with Mikoto from Railgun Manga Chapter 44 (adapted to Railgun T Episode 2) for the three-legged race in the Daihaseisai.
  • Saten Ruiko picking up her bat to take down the last explosive bolt, is a reference to the final episode of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun where she helps resolve the climax of the episode by using her bat.

Cultural References[]

  • Endymion is the name of the space elevator, and is named after a Greek mythology character.
  • Index references the Tower of Babel, which Stiyl later echoes regarding large architectural structures, equating it with the Ziggurat of Ur.
  • The obelisk that commemorates the Miracle 88 has a quote from Blaise Pascal. The full quote is: "Time heals griefs and quarrels, for we change and are no longer the same persons. Neither the offender nor the offended are any more themselves."
  • Kuroko and Motoharu refer to Ladylee's outfit, and Ladylee's person as well, as Goth loli.
  • Ladylee compares Arisa to Jenny Lind, a 19th century opera singer. Her queer reference foreshadows her longevity.
  • The car used by Stiyl and his disciples resemble a 1957 Chevrolet, presumably a red Bel Air 4-Door Hardtop.
  • Stiyl references that Ladylee once was a Greek sibyl.
  • Index references Goetia when talking about Ladylee's large magic circle.
  • The Crusades is shown, as well as ambrosia.

Animation Trivia[]

  • The film uses for the first time computer generated models for people moving in the background, as well as nearly all of Arisa's performances that require complex movements.
  • Scenes from episode 24 of the first season, episode 1 of the second season, and the 1st opening of the second season are reused in a flashback sequence and featuring the Endymion space elevator slapped in the background.
  • Shutaura's first appearance has her body, with the camera facing from behind her, rendered entirely in CG.
  • After Touma stands up after catching Arisa from falling after Shutaura blows up the stage, his right hand disappears.
  • Realistic-looking fire appears after Shutaura uses Earth Palette on Touma.
  • Despite the explosion that rocked the orbital station, later scenes show no external damage to it.

Additional Voices[]

  • The voice actor of unnamed co-pilot of Spaceplane Orion is Yamamoto Itaru.
  • The voice actress of unnamed female director is Keichou Yuka.
  • The voice actor of Crow 4 is Murata Taishi.
  • The voice actresses of unnamed announcer are Takamori Tatsumi and Oonishi Saori.
  • The voice actor of unnamed Anti-Skill is Murakami Yuuya.
  • The voice actors of unnamed boy are Ishikawa Kaito and Matsuoka Yoshitsugu.

Unanswered Questions[]

  • What happened to Shutaura after merging with Arisa?
  • How did Touma, Index, Shutaura, and Ladylee escape the Endymion?
  • Where's the Endymion?
  • Where is Ladylee being kept?
  • What did Touma and Index hear after looking towards the horizon?


  • Accelerator: "Earth? Like i give a shit about that."
  • Arisa: "If I had some kind of power, I would have ended up relying on it. I doubt I would even be singing. I'm no good at school either. But singing is the one thing I can do and so I will do whatever I can to sing. Someday, instead of singing on the streets... I want my song to reach lots of people in a large venue. I guess you could say that is my dream."―said to Touma and Index.
  • Touma: "Opportunity and success come only to those who do not fear to stand in the batter's box! Who want to hit the ball more than anything, and swing with all their might!"―said to Arisa.
  • Touma: "Well, I may truly have misfortune... but you were chosen due to you effort, Arisa. I say you can be proud of that fact."―said to Arisa.
  • Touma: "I-I'm a Level 0 too... So I want to encourage anyone who works to make their dream come true regardless of level."―said to Arisa.
  • Shutaura: "We are the Civil Affairs Resolution Mediation Unit authorized by Academy City's Board of Directors. We will now begin a special intervention."
  • Shutaura: "Let me warn you. Stay away from that girl. If you get anymore involved, you will die."―said to Touma.
  • Arisa: "I just wanted... to make everyone happy with my songs. I felt singing would make me happy too. But... if that will end hurting someone...then..."―said to Touma.
  • Touma: "So you're going to give up?! You're going to give up and destroy your dreams because of these people?! Tell me what you really want to do!!"―said to Arisa.
  • Arisa: "I want to sing! Because... That's all I have..."―said to Touma.
  • Touma: "Then... sing! If you want to do something and you have the ability to do it... You have to do it. So let's work together to find a safe way for you to sing!"―said to Arisa.
  • Index: "Touma makes the food and I eat it! And he always come to save me when I'm in trouble! He may not look it, but Touma's really amazing!"―said to Arisa.
  • Shutaura: "Don't speak that word in front of me!! The coincidental results just so happen to lean in that direction. This is nothing more than coincidental quantum deviations and people's desire for some invisible hand. People are lazy and stupid. What we truly need is order."―said to Touma regarding miracles
  • Shutaura: "Why are you apologizing? I am satisfied with who I am. Thanks to this, I will not be led astray by songs or the word miracle."―said to Touma.
  • Arisa: "A miracle... It sounds so weird. If there really was a miracle, wouldn't there never have been an explosion in the first place?... I used to think I was lucky, but now I'm not so sure. It seems I was in a major accident once... I have no memories before three years ago. My name was given to me by the people at the insitute I have nothing that is really my own. But when I sing, my heart grows warm... and something grows within me. I feel like I can regain something I lost... as long as I have my songs."―said to Touma.
  • Touma: "I kind of understand that unease of not having a past... But... you at least have something to believe in. So I'm sure it'll be fine. I think you can regain whatever it is."―said to Arisa.
  • Motoharu: "I'm not even sure what exactly a Saint is, anyway. Unless of course you let me examine you thoroughly, inside and out..."―said to Kanzaki.
  • Jane: "Teacher, you shouldn't smoke in the car. Don't you know it stunts you growth?"―said to Stiyl.
  • Arisa: "I'll sing, but not because it's my dream, or because it helps yours. I'm singing for the people who genuinely enjoy my songs. I'll sing for them. I don't know what you're planning, but I will sing a miracle song that even you won't predict."―said to Ladylee.
  • Ladylee: "Life and death. Finite and infinite. In this space where everything intersects, the physical laws on the ground don't apply. Everyone's excitement and blood are an offering for the god's banquet. Your breath will break the Endymion's eternal curse!"
  • Ladylee: "The Index Librorum Prohibitorum, I've heard of you, the walking library, forced to bear the knowledge of 103,000 grimoires. You should know how I feel. How I feel being cursed by magic! I can finally escape this hell I've suffered through."―said to Index.




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The Miracle of Endymion
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