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This is a partial translation of Dengeki PlayStation's interview of Kamachi Kazuma, author of Toaru Majutsu no Index. The current text has interview trail to the next page of the magazine.

Interview Proper

——Will you include the Ureapaddy and Sozty or other Indian forces in future novels?

Kamachi: There might be some Indian forces, but I think I will leave the future of those two up to your imaginations.

——I was surprised to see Stiyl’s apprentices. Tell us how those three witches came to be.

Kamachi: In the conflict between magic and science, the science side had an organization in the Black Crow Unit while the magic side had individuals in Kanzaki and Stiyl. That did not match up, so I gave the magic side something like an organization too. Originally, they were supposed to be like dolls whose faces could not be seen, but Haimura-san’s designs were just too cute. (laugh) It seemed wrong to have them defeated too easily, so they were made into Stiyl’s apprentices.

——They referred to Stiyl as “teacher”, so do they respect Stiyl?

Kamachi: No, they have actually taught themselves magic. However, they were stuck at some point and plotted to add rune magic in to solve that problem. They refer to Stiyl as “teacher”, but not out of respect. They’re making fun of him. (laugh)

——They have grown incredibly popular since the movie came out, so will they be appearing in any future works?

Kamachi: Hmm, I don’t know. Maybe they’ll show up when the story moves back to England.

——How did Shutaura end up as the commander of the Black Crow Unit? And what sort of organization is the Black Crow Unit?

Kamachi: The strongest connections in Shutaura’s life can be seen after Ladylee took her in. The Black Crow Unit was created because Ladylee wanted an organization to act for her. The official reason for the unit’s existence is simply what they need to exist and act in Academy City, but they do not actually resolve problems in the city on a daily basis. However, the members of the unit joined after being charmed by Shutaura as she protected the city, so they stayed with her when she left Ladylee.

——Ladylee bought the Orbit Portal Company after the Orion accident, so why was Ladylee directly involved in that accident?

Kamachi: Ladylee had thought up all sorts of magic to fulfill her desire for her own death, but they all ended in failure. As she continued, she began to think that being on the earth was the problem. She thought that “something” might happen in space where she is not bound by leylines or directions, so she caused the Orion incident. But a “miracle” occurred and her plan failed. However, she guessed that something unexpected could occur if she used that “miracle”, so she set her eyes on those two.

——What is Ladylee’s ability as a magician?

Kamachi: She became immortal after eating ambrosia she was given for saving the life of a soldier during a crusade expedition. However, in the “Toaru” world, one’s life force is transformed into magic power. Becoming immortal twisted this cycle within her body so that her life force is circulating through her body such that she cannot use magic. For that reason, she needs someone to use magic in her place. Also, it is not shown in the movie, but she has an excellent ability at analyzing magic, so she has created tons of weapons for killing herself but threw them all away once they failed to let her commit suicide. Looking in from the outside, these incredible weapons...(continued on next page)

Further information

A Japanese blog later posted further summarized information of note to the blogger from the interview from the Dengeki PlayStation volume 541. A few more information that has appeared in the interview above also appears below.


If she removes the flowers, she isn't able to breathe. If she adds more flowers, her hacking skills increase. (laughs)

——Ureapaddy & Sozty

No plans for them to appear again. Indian cabals might or might not appear again.

——Stiyl's 3 Apprentices

They're using Stiyl for rune knowledge and are mocking him when calling him master. They might appear again once the stage returns to England.


Her unit was created specifically for Ladylee and it did not already exist. It has no connection to GROUP, ITEM, or the like.


She gained immortality after eating ambrosia given for saving a soldier during a crusade expedition. This messed with the cycle of her body and prevents her from using magic. She needs someone to cast magic for her and went to space because of its lack of ley lines and directions. She is deep under Academy City, but could crawl back up since she is immortal.


She became one with Shutaura and therefore gained a form neither Aleister nor Laura can understand. She might be singing somewhere in AC while looking like Shutaura. Her breasts might have grown a bit.


If possible, Kamachi wants to send him to space.

——Imagine Breaker and Miracles

Arisa was not negated because a miracle occurred. Her not being negated was a miracle in and of itself.


Saint strength is not judged by pure strength but by their level of contribution to society. The 10th Saint has been continually flying through the sky for years.


After "that scene," she fell into the ocean.

——Next opportunity

Kamachi says he wants to write a story taking place outside Academy City if he has another opportunity.

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