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The Toaru Majutsu no Index Radio Drama was an audio drama originally aired on Dengeki Taishō in June 9, 2007 (Saturday) late night.[1]

The Radio drama focuses on the Magic Side with Kamijou Touma and Index meeting another magician that has infiltrated Academy City.

The Radio Drama was later bundled as the Toaru Majutsu no Index Drama CD, as a mail-in order in the 48th volume of Dengeki hp among other things that was scheduled at the end September 2007,[2] with the Science Side story occurring at the same time, focusing on Misaka Mikoto and another Tokiwadai Middle School student.[3] Drama CD was released on December 10, 2007 and re-released on September 26, 2010.


Apart from Dengeki Taishō, it was also broadcast on Bunka Broadcasting, Radio Osaka and Tokai Radio every weekend at late night. Chapter 1-4 are from the original radio drama while chapters 5-7 were appended for the release of the Drama CD.[1]

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Magic Side

Chapter 1

Touma escapes a bunched of armed delinquents and takes a rest in a family restaurant together with Index and surprisingly Misaka Mikoto. Here, demands to know why Touma would run away from powerless thugs with weapons and instead willingly take on a Level 5 like her, assuming that Touma believes that her power is well below that of metal pipes (weapons that were used by delinquents chasing Touma).

Before Mikoto could enact her rage, a waitress ask who ordered a club sandwich, a green and yellow salad and pancakes. Index obviously answered to her question. Touma asks when she ordered the food, but could not get an answer as she immediately consumes the food, and then discover the incredible cost the food Index ordered. Touma laments on how that since Index has eaten the food already, they can no longer return it. Mikoto comments however, that one cannot usually return food in restaurants. Meanwhile, the waitress discovers the racket they are making and moves away, saying that they should take their time.

Later, Mikoto becomes curious and begins to ask as to why Index is wearing a nun's habit, Index tries to explain that it is of the Anglican Church, but before she could finish Touma interrupts her and says that Index's "school" has a different system, adding that their academy has some history. Index says that Touma is wrong and tries to explain on how her robes is magical, however, Touma tries to cover Index's mouth in order to hide the truth. Mikoto hears the word magic but cannot grasp what Index is talking about. Touma however, says that it is nothing and says that something that is magic can definitely not exist. However, Index finally escapes from Touma's clutches after biting his hand and declares that magic exists.

Hearing this, Touma bemoans quietly to himself on how the secret is now out. Index pounds the table they were at and demands to know why people from Academy City believe in esper powers but deny magic. Mikoto however, just can't seem to understand what Index is talking about further enraging her. Mikoto tries to say that esper powers and magic powers are completely different, as esper powers obey physical laws and develop brain by following a special curriculum. Index however, says that even magic has its own laws. However, Mikoto still remain unbelieving of magic, angering Index again to the point that she declares her hate for Academy City because of it. Mikoto states on how she can expect her to understand her if she has incompetent explanation. Index also says that she could not understand science either. Touma interjects however, and states that he has explained it countless times to her, and asks if that perfect memorization of her is for just show.

Mikoto tries to calm Index down, and talks her down as if she was a little kid. Index however, is not amused by Mikoto's babying of her and is so frustrated that she orders another round, much to Touma's horror as he begs Index to consider his wallet. The waitress obliges and begins to list down the food that Index ordered, as Touma screams in his misfortune.

Finally getting outside of the restaurant, Mikoto comments on how Touma is seemed depressed again. Touma replies that it is because of the fact a large amount of his money just disappeared in a blink of an eye. Hearing this, Mikoto asks Touma why he is the one who has to pay all the time. Index tries to answer with the fact that she is living with him but is stopped by Touma who lies by saying that he has borrowed from her. Mikoto tries to ask how much he borrowed from Index, but is interrupted by a call from Kuroko.

From the call with Kuroko, Mikoto discovers that there is a surprise inspection at the dormitory. After ending the call, Mikoto excuses herself to Touma due to urgent business. However, Index tries to stop her as she isn't finished talking to her yet, Mikoto though does not listen and says that she'll have to leave it for later.

With Mikoto leaving, Index asks what they're going to do now, Touma suggest that they should go home as well. While walking home Touma bumps into a person. The person is a girl who asks where Touma is looking, to which he replies by apologizing. The girl however, does not heed him and asks Touma what would happen if this Terunoa-san (her name) was carrying eggs. Touma is unable to reply to that, however, Terunoa continues to push the topic, to which Touma says that if on that event he would probably apologize with all he's got. Touma then laments on his misfortune again. Index then asks if Touma knows her, to which he says this is the first time he has seeing her. Terunoa states however, that that is to be expected as she is a former magician who secretly slipped into Academy City. Touma is unbelieving of this but Terunoa says that she is indeed a magician, although a former one and introduces herself to them as Terunoa.

Touma confirms that Terunoa is a magician that has snuck into Academy City secretly and without permission, and with that Touma believes another misfortunate event is going to happen again.

Chapter 2

After the recap portion, Touma gets a call from Tsuchimikado Motoharu who indicates that there is trouble as a magician has gotten inside Academy City without permission. He continues by saying that the magician is trying to activate a large-scale earthquake spell in Academy City. Meanwhile, Index asks what's going on. Motoharu asks Touma for help in finding the magician who is trying to activate the earthquake spell and stop them. Touma tries to awkwardly explain to Motoharu that the magician he is looking for is right next to him.

Confused, Motoharu asks Touma to repeat himself, to which Touma says that a weird that a weird magician has appeared before him. Terunoa tries to correct Touma by saying that she is not weird nor a magician but a former one. Hearing all this, Motoharu tells Touma to wait for him as he hurriedly ends their call.

With the call over, Touma ponders on what to do with Terunoa calling her a terrorist magician. Terunoa however, tries to defend herself and says that he has the wrong person. Touma however is still unbelieving of her, and calls her a suspicious person. She asks Touma what part of her is suspicious to which he replies her clothes, way of speaking and many others are suspicious to him, and points on the "X" thing on her neck. She calls him rude for it however, and says that the thing on her neck is actually a cross, more specifically the cross of St. Andrew as Index points out to Touma.

Index says that St. Andrew's Cross is a symbol of a certain saint and points out on how it is a kind of emblem allotted to every Saint. Terunoa adds that it also functions as a protective charm. After confirming that the cross is normal in a magician's point-of-view, Touma deems Terunoa as not suspicious after all. Terunoa states that in the first place she cannot use magic, confusing Touma since he thought she was a magician, however, she tries to point it out to him again that she is a former magician. She shows them the prothesis on her throat and tells them that her throat was smashed, and that she can only talk normally due to scientific treatment, though that and only that as chanting spells is way over her abilities.

Terunoa later points out the city's lax security measures, and states that since she got in, other people might as well. Touma tries to confirm if she has nothing to do with the earthquake spell, to which she says that that is a given as she cannot chant any incantation in any natural way.

Touma then asks what incantation chanting is, to which Index replies that it is one of many aspects that represents magical behavior. She cites examples such as reciting a contract's contents or a mythological scene. Terunoa adds that it can be compared to something of a performance. Terunoa continues by saying that if one performs a mythological scene, one obtains a similar power. She cites on how originally performers would prepare a stage at a temple or an altar. Index continues Terunoa's explanation and states that unnecessary elements were gradually removed and abbreviated, resulting into a word-only spell. After their explanation, Touma once again tries to confirm if Terunoa is unable to use an earthquake spell. Terunoa confirms this again and points it out that that what she said earlier, she adds that her throat is damaged, as such it is impossible.

Touma concludes that there must be another magician lurking around and is annoyed by the fact, however, Index begins mumbling to herself, and after being asked by Touma she says that there is something on her mind.

Suddenly, the thunderous sound of lightning is heard from afar, even if there is not a single cloud in the sky. However, all that fuzz over a little lightning out of the blue is replaced by the chaos that is wrought by an earthquake. Terunoa mentions that she can feel the flow of mana, while Touma asks if this was the earthquake spell Motoharu talked about earlier. Index then states that she has knowledge regarding the spell, and continues that it is a spell that is imitating Apostle John's Book of Revelation, basically a large-scale spell capable of destroying a whole city. Touma asks what it means, to which Index replies that the targeted city will be destroyed to the last stone. Index continues by saying that first, lightnings will imprint a seal into the city, and the it will fall completely due to an earthquake.

Terunoa asks if they can prevent it somehow, to which Index replies that they need only find the caster and stop them, however, Index states that the spell will be over in about 10 minutes. Worried, Touma also asks what they'll do now. Index states that they have no choice that they'll have to stop the magician during that remaining time. Touma states that it is impossible to find a magician in such a large city, however, Index counters and says that they have no choice in the matter. If they don't it would be the end of Academy City.

Chapter 3

After the recap portion, the earth continues to shake and Touma reiterates that they need to find the magician, and asks Index and Terunoa to help him. Terunoa says she doesn't mind helping but asks if he has any plans, and asks if he has any predictions of the magicians current whereabouts. As expected, Touma has no plans regarding the magician, Terunoa however, suggests that they should lure the magician out instead, although she doesn't know what the magician will react to, because of this though, Touma panics.

Index then interjects, saying that it is possible, to which she continues by saying that finding a magician is simple, and says to Touma that the enemy's position was already pointed. Touma is confused, to which Index clarifies that the "cellphone" said that it was an earthquake spell and states that in a magical point-of-view an earthquake is indeed occurring, however, Index states that the earthquake spell is just a temporary name, and compares it to the vagueness of saying "sweet fruit". Index says that from there, there is no way someone would learn the whole procedure of the spell just from hearing that.

Touma then confronts Terunoa on the reason why she knows that there is a chant needed for the earthquake spell to activate, despite the fact that she said she can't chant spells. Index says that chants are indeed a popular way to activate magic, but it is not like one cannot cast magic spells without them, and cites her Walking Church as one of the examples. Terunoa asks them if they are suspecting her, and states that she doesn't know anything else but the name earthquake spell, and adds that she just thought a chant was needed since it's magic. Terunoa continues by saying that there are two reasons why I can't be the culprit, as she has a damaged throat and can only speak through the use of her prosthesis. Before she could continue to explain however, Index cuts her off and says that she has already said that one can use magic without chanting. Terunoa asks her to explain, to which Index cites down artifacts such as the sistrum, and the Calabrian tambourine. Index says that one can compensate for your voice with the use of instruments.

Hearing this, Terunoa cites the second reason why she cannot use magic she is standing in front of them, right in the middle where the earthquake is occurring. She adds that was wrong she doubts that anyone would do something that reckless. Touma starts to believe Terunoa, however, Index states that he shouldn't be deceived easily. Index says that Terunoa needs only to put up a separate defense spell for herself. Annoyed, Terunoa asks Index what makes her say that, to which Index points out the Saltire (St. Andrew's Cross) she wears. Index explains that when St. Andrew was in jail, he sent his prayers and destroyed a city with lightning and earthquake. Touma points out on how similar that is to the earthquake spell currently going on. Index says that St. Andrew's Cross bring Divine Punishment to blasphemers and salvation to faithful believers, and states that it is easier to unify it with the Book of Revelation which has the same effects.

Terunoa tries to explain but Index cuts her off again, by saying that she should leave her objections for after everything's over. Terunoa replies that Index is rude and says that she has no need to follow her theory, however, cuts her off again, saying that she is the Index Librorum Prohibitorum of the Anglican Church, holder of the 103,000 volumes of grimoires inside her head. She asks a rhetorical question if she thinks she could deceive her that easily.

Terunoa just clicks her tongue and runs away. Index says to Touma to not let her escape as since she can't chant spells she is bound to carry an instrument with her, and tells Touma to destroy it. Terunoa shouts from afar and taunts them, telling them that she is not an instrument player. Index however does not listen and pleads to Touma not to listen to her and just quickly destroy the instrument she carries. Terunoa however says that her claim is true and says that she considered using an instrument, however, she instead happened to find a nice source of sound. Touma demands to know what it is if it is neither chanting nor instrument she is using. She asks Touma if he knows anything about environmental music.

Terunoa explains that environmental music was originally harmonical sounds made by people and nature, however, due to the passage of time an intentional intervention began. Terunoa compares it to Japanese culture's wind chimes or the clacking bamboo tube. Touma has a slight idea of what she is saying, to which Terunoa confirms, that she uses magic to intervene with the surrounding sounds. She says that after intervening, she manipulates the tones of the surrounding area and transform it all to chants, and shows a demonstration.

Suddenly, sand rises up and she commands it as a Sand Lance, charging towards Touma.

Chapter 4

After the recap, a mist of sand covers Touma as Terunoa has apparently got him, remarking on how her attacks are unexpectedly effective even she doesn't use chants. She remarks that one target is down, and that the protective barrier remains safe. She states that Academy City is next and that she'll crush everyone in the city who denies magic.

Suddenly, Touma arises from the mist, and rhetorically asks who the first target was, much to the delight of Index and shock to Terunoa. Terunoa states that it should have been impossible for Touma to avoid that attack. Touma confirms to an unbelieving Terunoa that he indeed did not move a single spot, and states that there is a power called the Imagine Breaker that dwells in his right hand, a power that can negate any esper or magic powers.

Touma begins to wonder he should punch if he wanted to stop the earthquake spell, which is of course made from magic after all. Terunoa is enraged by this and cites it as one the reasons why she can never accept the Science Side, and says to Touma not to deny everything they've built up with their (Magic Side) efforts with their nonsensical powers. Hearing this Touma says that is too bad, as he a mere Level 0 was able to deny her power. A distraught Terunoa asks if he wants to disgrace her that much, to which Touma replies that covering up for her is now a lot more disgraceful. Touma questions Terunoa on how the denying magic and denying their (Magic Side) efforts is related to each other. Touma says even if he erases her magic, it's not like your whole existence will disappear.

Terunoa angrily states that she is a magician, and asks what is left of a magician if the magician cannot use magic. Hearing this, Touma states that he will carve into her mind, and break that illusion of hers. Touma tells Terunoa to discover the things that won't disappear from her heart with her own eyes.

Touma charges towards Terunoa, here, she hesitates for a mere moment in using her Sand Lance, however, because of this the winner was already decided.

Later, Touma comments that the earthquake seemed to have calmed down and there isn't any collapsed building as well. Index states that Terunoa seemed to have heard about the Imagine Breaker, although her information was vague, like who holds it, how it works or anything that explains the ability in detail. Touma concludes that Terunoa thought that it would be easier to crush the holder of that power alongside the whole city. Index states that since all Terunoa had was magic, she was probably scared of the power it had to deny all magic. Index states that this feeling is not only about Terunoa, as Index states that she may have had magic she wanted to protect, a gentle kind of magic that would suit her. Touma states that even if her throat was damaged, her will to reach her could still be seen. However, states that it is stupid and not a big deal, as Terunoa's magic is more amazing that his right hand. Index tries to interject, but Touma continues to speak. He says that she tried her best and acquired magic, but he was just born with his power, and says anyone could tell who is the more amazing one.

Touma says that Terunoa was an idiot, and states that she should have believed more in her power.

He then laments on how he is covered entirely in sand thanks to Terunoa's Sand Lance. Index giggles and says that it is all the way up to his hair, and with Touma saying that there is even sand in his pockets.

Suddenly, Touma remembers something regarding pockets. Here, he realizes that since sand got into his pocket where he put his cellphone in, all the sound has gotten into it. Index unable to understand the concept of electronics state that he could just wash it with water. However, she is rebuked by Touma saying that one can't just wash cellphones in water, in the end he laments his misfortune in his usual way as it echoes: "Such misfortune."

Science Side

Chapter 5

Mikoto comes out of the restaurant remarking on how Touma is depressed again, to which he responds that is because of the fact that a large amount of his money just got blown away (by Index). Hearing this, Mikoto asks Touma why he is the one who has to pay all the time. Index tries to answer with the fact that she is living with him but is stopped by Touma who lies by saying that he has borrowed from her. Mikoto tries to ask how much he borrowed from Index, but is interrupted by a call from Kuroko.

From the call Kuroko says that she has an unconfirmed information regarding that atmosphere going around the dorm. Mikoto infers that there must be a surprise inspection that is going to happen in the dormitory. Kuroko says that if it's for her items, she could hide them for her, but she doesn't know her hiding space. Hearing all this, Mikoto tells Kuroko to wait for her return to the dorm. Kuroko tells her to make haste as she doesn't know when the inspection begins, at which point they end their call.

Touma asks if something happened, to which Mikoto replies that she has urgent business to attend to and excuses herself to Touma and Index. As she runs away, Index yells that she is not done talking to her yet, though Mikoto tells her to leave it be until later, much to Index's chagrin.

Arriving in her dorm, Mikoto barges into her and Kuroko's room. Kuroko is delighted that Mikoto arrived and states that she has been waiting for her arrival. Mikoto ignores her and asks Kuroko when the surprise inspection will begin, and begins panicking. However, Kuroko points out to her that the information was apparently fake, and states that there is no inspection today. Mikoto however, did not take this kindly and begins to grapple Kuroko, telling her if she knows how fast she thought she was running towards the dorm without caring how she looked. Kuroko tries to argue her cause that she was not the source of the information, and in short, Kuroko timidly says that her effort was useless. Mikoto discharges electricity unto Kuroko, who tries to fight it through sheer force of will, but is in vain.

With that all over, Mikoto feels refreshed with Kuroko bemoaning on how she was almost fried by Mikoto. Later, Kuroko asks Mikoto if she has any plans for the rest of the day, though Mikoto remarks that Kuroko has ruined it all. However, Mikoto states that it is too early to be lazying around in their room, to which Kuroko suggests that they should go out as compensation for the earlier incident, to which Mikoto agrees.

After going out, Kuroko asks where Mikoto has been up until now. Mikoto tries to embarrassingly hide the fact that she was with Touma and lies to Kuroko on how she was just wandering around the city. Kuroko is unbelieving of this, and states that Mikoto was overflowing with so muc anger that Kuroko thought that she had interrupted something important. Mikoto tries to deny it to Kuroko, and says that it was nothing important at all. However, Kuroko is still unbelieving of this as she feels that her "Onee-sama sensor" is going out of control. Mikoto interrupts Kuroko's pointless meandering and tells her to get going, to which she agrees.

Suddenly, footsteps come charging towards them from an obviously tired Tokiwadai Middle School student, who says that she was searching for Mikoto everywhere. She introduces herself as Usukinu Yasumi, a first year Tokiwadai Middle School student. Mikoto asks her business while Kuroko remarks to herself on how her "Onee-sama sensor" is reacting in a different way than before. The girl says that she came before her to talk about something serious. Mikoto asks what it is, to which the girl has a little difficulty of talking about it. Irritated by her procrastinating, Mikoto demands her to say it already, at which point the girl shouts and says that she came to beat her.

Mikoto has no proper reaction towards this, however, she clarifies that she wants to beat her and she better prepare herself. Mikoto states that she doesn't get her, and compares her to Kuroko who also makes a ruckus but Yasumi is even noisier. Meanwhile, Kuroko becomes enraged on how her "position" has been invaded, and that she'll have to counterattack and clings to Mikoto. Yasumi however tells them to not leave her behind, and nervously tells them on how much courage it took her to gather in order for her stand before Mikoto. Mikoto ponders to herself that it might be normal for a person to be nervous in front of their opponent.

Yasumi demands Mikoto to listen to her properly, and comments on how she Mikoto just started flirting with Kuroko after just letting her guard down. To which Mikoto vehemently denies, the only she wants to deny. While Kuroko comments that was the only thing she wanted for Mikoto not to deny. Back with Yasumi, she now properly challenges Mikoto to a fight. Mikoto could only give a shallow response, to which Yasumi calls her out on, however, she restates that she will challenge and will not give up. Mikoto meanwhile ponders to herself that maybe Yasumi just wants to beat her and become famous. She remarks that there are only 7 Level 5s in Academy City, and that in Tokiwadai Middle School, only two people are referred to as such. All the while Kuroko boils in anger, to which becomes clear to Mikoto after her internal monologue. Yasumi remarks that Kuroko is weird to which Mikoto chastises her for it. Kuroko finally shouts, and tells them that was her line, however, Mikoto tells her that if she regained her senses she shouldn't. Finally, Yasumi interrupts them and demands Mikoto for a fight. Kuroko responds that her position is still in real danger. Yasumi now shouts "fight me" and exchanges it with Kuroko shouting "position".

Mikoto however finally shouts and has had enough of them, here, she tells Yasumi if she wants to fight her that badly, she show her what she's got to her. Mikoto intimidates her by saying that she'll shower her with electricity and make an Afro on her head. However, Mikoto thinks to herself that she would never truly fight seriously and aim spot-on, and will just trick her with a little warning shot.

Mikoto attacks Yasumi with her warning shot, however, she was shocked to find out that her lightning attack was reflected by her. Nervously, Yasumi rhetorically asks if she thought she could defeat her like that, to which Mikoto points out that her are shaking. Mikoto ponders again on how Yasumi was able to knock off her attacks, and concludes happily that a rival has finally appeared before her, much to the surprise of Kuroko. Yasumi becomes scared of this, but says good luck to herself and is determined to face Mikoto, and give her all she's got.

Mikoto attacks her again with the same result, much to relief of the very nervous Yasumi. Suddenly, an angry voice calls out, demanding for answer to all the ruckus they are making. It is the Tokiwadai Dorm Supervisor who tells them that violent behavior within dormitory grounds is strictly prohibited. The dorm mistress states she loves rebellious like them and because of them will take care of them with all of her heart. Finally, she remarks on how they just made an enemy out of her.

Scared, Mikoto asks Kuroko if she can teleport them out of this mess, to which Kuroko responds that her legs are shaking, making her unable to teleport properly, and as such there only obvious is to dive off the window. Meanwhile, Yasumi is left alone and demands Mikoto to continue to fight her, she ignores the dorm mistress and begins her pursuit of Mikoto anew. In the end the dorm mistress declares all three of them her enemies.

Chapter 6

Yasumi is running and begging for Mikoto to wait for her, and tells her that she doesn't wait for her she'll seriously cry. Meanwhile, Mikoto remarks to Kuroko that Yasumi is still following them, and Kuroko laments on how her teleportation would be useful right now for use in escaping her, and blames the dorm mistress for it. Still persistent, Mikoto asks what exactly her goal is, to which Kuroko suggests that is should be just about defeating her a Level 5. However, Mikoto says that is doesn't seem like Yasumi is all up for defeating her, and is just forcing herself through her own fear. Kuroko asks what else could her reason be, to which Mikoto hypothesizes that it maybe for her own reasons, as if it is something she must do even if she does not want to.

In any case, Mikoto states that she'll try to play as her opponent, and tells Kuroko what to do. Kuroko understand and states that she'll help out if it's just that. Kuroko laughs maniacally believing that Yasumi who opposed them would be erased, much to Mikoto's dismay. Regardless, Mikoto says to Kuroko to stop running with her and go investigate Yasumi's background.

Meanwhile, Yasumi is still running towards Mikoto, pleading for her to wait. Back with Yasumi, she continues her pursuit, though is running out of breath, Mikoto however, states that she is able outrun her but running away isn't her style and formulates a plan. Yasumi loses Mikoto's trail, oblivious to the fact that she is hiding under a table in an open cafe. Yasumi continues to try and look her, calling out for her name, even somewhat pleading for her to come out.

Suddenly, Mikoto gets a call from Kuroko, here, she tells Mikoto about on how she hasn't figured out the reason behind her actions but tells her on how she accessed the database and found out about her ability. According to Kuroko, her ability is called Side Arm, a kind of telekinesis, with her as a Level 3 which surprises Mikoto as she couldn't believed that an ability that repelled her electric attack was that of a mere Level 3. Kuroko explains however, that Yasumi's ability is telekinesis, and that her power to deflect electricity is a side effect, and her main ability which is actually just telekinesis is nothing to be afraid of. Mikoto remarks on how telekinesis has the power to move objects without touching them, Kuroko adds on how in Yasumi's case her ability's field has power to deflect electricity. Hearing this, Mikoto compares her power to that of a strong insulation power.

Wanting to know more, Mikoto asks Kuroko if Yasumi can freely interfere with the movement of electrons, however, Kuroko says that it isn't clear, as the database says that the analysis regarding her power is not complete yet. With this Mikoto says thanks to Kuroko, and before ending her call asks her to find the reason why she wants to fight her. Yasumi however, continues to call out for Mikoto, not knowing where she is, though close enough for Mikoto to hear, as she laments on how she can't go anywhere as she is long as she is near.

Still yelling for her, Yasumi begins to cough, apparently straining her throat. She laments on how the yelling is making her throat all weird. Yasumi decides to take a break, and asks for a drink from the open cafe, the same cafe and on the same table that Mikoto is in. While trying to order something, Yasumi feels something weird, commenting on how there is something at her feet. Busted, Mikoto just says hello to Yasumi, much to her complete and utter surprise. Yasumi steps back and gets her composure back, remarking on how Mikoto waited for her to be exhausted and then prepare a surprise attack when she came closer, as expected of the Ace of Tokiwadai.

Angered now and tired of running away, Mikoto declares that she will now send Yasumi flying. Hearing this, Yasumi laugh and relishes that Mikoto has finally made up her mind. Yasumi says to Mikoto to give her everything she's got to which she agrees, Yasumi continues by saying that if she wins Mikoto will hear Yasumi to which Mikoto half-heartedly ignores. However, sparks begin flying out of Mikoto stating that today has been nothing but trouble. Saying that her plans after schools got ruined and the dorm mistress has her eyes on her now, Mikoto says that even if Yasumi has her own reasons however, she says that it is only fitting for her to return this share of trouble. Yasumi nervously tries to ask what kind of situation, to which Mikoto ignores her and attacks with her with her electric powers to make her hair become ruffled.

Predictably, Yasumi's deflects her electric attacks again, which she points out. However, seeing this happen again, Mikoto has no choice but to use her Railgun. However, Yasumi says that won't work either, as Mikoto realizes as well. Here, Yasumi says that she has expanded her Side Arm around her and states that all the electricity she produces will be stopped. Meanwhile, Mikoto ponders on how the source of power for both Railgun and her Iron Sand Sword is her electricity, and states that Yasumi has made their use impossible has she blocked the source. Yasumi gloats but tells Mikoto that she is unable to intercept bioelectricity, as such she has no influence on the brain or the nervous system.

Hearing this, Mikoto concludes that her attack rendered both their abilities useless, however, Yasumi tries to correct her and states that her Side Arm is originally a telekinesis ability, and demonstrates this to Mikoto, remarking that with her level lifting up and throwing a chair is the best that she could do. Now with an advantage against Mikoto, Yasumi asks what she would do now, seeing as she can't use her ability, and asks her how she could overturn her situation, or to surrender in shame. However, Yasumi realizes that Mikoto has become eerily quiet and nervously asks her the reason.

Suddenly, a thunderbolt erupts, surprising Yasumi as she is sure that her Side Arm has blocked all the electricity, suddenly an earthquake occurs, which Yasumi mistakes as Mikoto's fighting spirit. Mikoto remarks to herself that she wasn't the one who did the lightning that just occurred, and kept quite only because she was anxious, however, now with Yasumi distracted, Mikoto seizes her chance. In the meantime. Yasumi tries to strengthen her Side Arm, but realizes that the earthquakes won't stop even if she uses her ability.

With Yasumi distracted, Mikoto thinks up a plan of running away from Side Arm's effective field, and try and shoot lightning at her. Suddenly, a bystander remarks on how a nearby billboard is about to break off. Slowly the billboard starts to fall apart and crowds begin to panic. However, Yasumi can only stand and as watch as the billboard begins to fall on top of her. Mikoto tells Yasumi to move away. Mikoto thinks to herself that she needs to use the Railgun to blow the billboard away, but suddenly realizes that she can't use it because of Side Arm.

However, Mikoto is not deterred, and begins to emit electricity, saying that a petty barrier will not stop the Railgun. All of a sudden, the Side Arm dispels but at the same time, a soft booming sound can be heard. The billboard's support has snapped and begins to fall.

Chapter 7

Later, Mikoto is relieved that she has managed to burst through the billboard and that luckily there were no casualties and the earthquake has calmed down as well. Mikoto looks upon Yasumi and mentions to her that she is alright if she still wants to fight her savior, but tells her that her Side Arm cannot hold the power of Misaka Mikoto, Yasumi couldn't make a response. Mikoto continues by saying that for once she went all out, and asks her if she wants more, and tells her if she still have a trump card in her sleeve she show it off. However, Mikoto notes that she may not be able to beat her.

After a brief moment of silence, Kuroko calls Mikoto regarding Yasumi. Mikoto tells her not to worry as it is all over, however, Kuroko screeches a bit and asks Mikoto if she knows Yasumi's reason for fighting, to which Mikoto has no idea. Suddenly, Kuroko suddenly shouting nonsensically saying that there is no way that her Onee-sama would make such a mistake. Having no idea what Kuroko is on about, Mikoto asks her, however, Yasumi suddenly revives and begins giggling insanely which surprises Mikoto. Yasumi begins talking nonsensically as well, saying that she has finally accomplished making Mikoto the Ace of Tokiwadai as her own.

Kuroko interjects from the phone saying that there is a rumor being spread in one part of Tokiwadai. She says that Mikoto apparently desires to be protected by those stronger than her, as such whoever is able to make use of Mikoto's full power by any means possible will have their love granted. Hearing this, Mikoto is in utter disbelief, turning over to an ecstatic Yasumi, she states that Mikoto had to shoot her Railgun to free herself from her Side Arm, and says that the result has been clearly decided.

Mikoto is completely shocked by this and sees Yasumi has someone who is same kind as Kuroko. Meanwhile, Kuroko also shouts, lamenting about her position. Mikoto however, has had enough of all the insanity, and begins electrocuting Yasumi similar to Kuroko, who enjoys it similar to Kuroko, much to Mikoto's chagrin.

In the end Mikoto shouts on how nothing she does changes Yasumi, whilst Kuroko is still shouting about her position.

Major Events

  • Touma and Index meets Terunoa.
  • A city-destroying earthquake occurs in Academy City due to Terunoa but is stopped by Kamijou Touma.
  • Mikoto and Kuroko meets Usukinu Yasumi who challenges the former in order for her to gain her love.


By order of appearance

New Characters


New Abilities

  • John's Earthquake of the Book of Revelation in conjunction with St. Andrew's Cross - Terunoa
  • Sand Lance - Terunoa
  • Defensive Barrier - Terunoa
  • Side Arm - Usukinu Yasumi, level 3


New Locations

No notable locations were introduced during this audio drama.


  • The radio drama was released before the advent of an anime adaptation of Toaru Majutsu no Index as well as before the release of the 12th Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel. The respective voice actors of the characters would later return to reprise their roles for the anime adaptation.
  • Terunoa's current whereabouts after the drama is unknown, though it is presumed she was apprehended by authorities.
  • It is unknown whether or not Motoharu actually reached Touma, as he did not ask where Touma's location is.


  • Yasumi referring to Mikoto going all out on an opponent maybe a reference to Mikoto's fights with Touma in the series, wherein due to his power allowed Mikoto go all out on him.

Cultural References

  • The X-shaped cross Terunoa is wearing is called a Saltire and is attributed to that of Saint Andrew, a disciple of Jesus Christ who was was said to have been crucified on one, deeming himself to be unworthy of dying the same way as the Son of God.
  • The John that the magician's referred to regarding the earthquake maybe John of Patmos, the apparent author of the final book of the New Testament, the Book of Revelation, although other Johns from the Bible have been attributed to have written it.
  • Index references the sistrum, an ancient Egyptian percussion instrument, as one of the instruments used as a substitute in chanting spells.

Unanswered Questions

  • How was Terunoa able to infiltrate Academy City?
  • How did Terunoa smash her throat?
  • What happened to Terunoa after Touma defeats her?
  • How was Terunoa able to know about the Imagine Breaker?
  • What happened to Motoharu?


  • Mikoto: "Okay, okay. Kids should sit firmly after their meal. We'll go after a sip of tear or something, so wait 'till then." - said to Index.
  • Index: "I am the Index Librorum Prohibitorum of the Anglican Church. 103,000 volumes of grimoires dwell in my head. Do you think you can deceive me that easily?" - said to Terunoa.
  • Touma: "There's a power called Imagine Breaker dwelling in my right hand. It's a power able to erase anything, whether it be esper or magic powers." - said to Terunoa.
  • Terunoa: "This is why... this is why I'll never accept the Science Side! Don't deny everything we've built up with our efforts with these nonsensical powers!" - said to Touma upon discovering the Imagine Breaker.
  • Touma: "Are you an idiot? Who cares about magic? Even I erase your magic, it's not like your whole existence will disappear!" - said to Terunoa.
  • Terunoa: "I'm a magician. What's there left for a magician who can't use magic?" - said to Touma.
  • Touma: "In that case, I'll carve it into your mind. I'll break that illusion of yours. Discover the things that won't disappear from your heart with your own eyes, Terunoa!"
  • Touma: "She tried her best and got a hold of magic, I was just born with this power. Anyone could tell who's the more amazing one." - regarding Terunoa.
  • Kuroko: "What is this? Somehow, my Onee-sama sensor is going out of control." - Kuroko's internal monologue reacting to Mikoto acting strangely regarding the question what she did all day.
  • Kuroko: "My Onee-sama sensor is reacting in a different way than before." - Kuroko regarding Yasumi upon meeting her.
  • Dorm Supervisor: "I love might rebellious kids like this, because of that, I'll take care for you with all my heart! You just made an enemy out of me." - said to Mikoto, Kuroko, and Yasumi upon discovering their little competition.
  • Mikoto: "No... Don't screw with me! Don't even think about... Stopping Tokiwadai's Railgun... with a petty barrier like this!" - Mikoto right before saving Yasumi.
  • Yasumi: "No, no, there's no need for that anymore. For I have already accomplished making the Ace of Tokiwadai as my own!"


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