Agnese's Magic Side Work Experience Chapter 1
Chapter 1
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Rune cards, forensic cleaning

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Spain, Barcelona

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  • This chapter was released with limited editions of the first Blu-Ray/DVD volume for Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T.[1]
Barcelona, Spain - Railgun Ch122.5

Agnese, Lucia and Angelene at the restaurant, as seen in the promotional manga chapter

  • A scene from this chapter (namely the nuns eating at the restaurant for the first time) was depicted in the special Toaru Kagaku no Railgun chapter promoting the side story.[2]
  • The names of the unseen employees of Nihili Padpois's restaurant, mentioned in the church's written records, include Benito (ベニート Benīto?), Juan (フアン Fuan?), Cecilia (セシリア Seshiria?) and Pablo (パブロ Paburo?).[3]
  • The names used in the mock battle scenario performed by Stiyl Magnus and Isabella Theism, supposedly victims buried by the cabal member to make a graveyard for taking burial shrouds from, are Saligia Lucajay (サリジア=ルカジェイ?), Tellia Harleos (テリア=ハルレオス?), Rinka Sawaue (リンカ=サワウエ?) and Jane Balgowa (ジェイン=ボルゴワ?).[4]


Cultural ReferencesEdit

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Haitian Voodoo, Roman Catholicism, Spain, Golden-style, Lunar Hexagram[3]

  • The name and goals of the magic cabal Armada is derived from the Spanish Armada, a fleet of 130 ships which was part of an unsuccessful attempt to invade England in 1588.[4]
  • Ti Bon Ange (Haitian Creole, from French petit bon ange ‎("little good angel"‎)) is a dualistic aspect of the soul in Voodoo traditions, responsible for an individual's identity and personal characteristics, while the Gros Bon Ange ("big good angel") is responsible for biological functions.[4]
  • A globster is an unidentified organic mass that washes up on the shoreline of an ocean or another body of water, distinguished from a normal beached carcass by being hard to identify, at least to initial untrained observers.[5]
  • Agnese mentions several examples of gold gathering curses and causing jealously and resentment:[6]
    • Andvaranaut is a magic ring in Norse Mythology. It was originally owned by the dwarf Andvari, who cursed the ring after it was stolen by Loki along with his treasure. Loki gave the treasure to the dwarf king Hreidmar as reparation for having inadvertently killed his son, Ótr. Having kept the ring despite being warned of the curse, Hreidmar was soon murdered by his son Fafnir, who desired the treasure for himself. Fafnir assumed the form of a dragon to guard the treasure, later being killed by Sigurd who gave the ring to Brynhildr, with the two falling victim to the curse.
    • There are several examples of golden apples in Greek Mythology, such as the apples of the Hesperides which Heracles was tasked with obtaining as his eleventh Labour and the apples given by Aphrodite to Melanion to distract Atalante in the race for her hand. One of the most infamous is the Apple of Discord which Eris threw amongst those at the banquet celebrating the marriage of Peleus and Thetis in retaliation for not being invited, resulting in a dispute between Hera, Athena and Aphrodite which eventually led to the Trojan War.
    • The mention of Tutankamun's sarcophagus is likely a reference to the supposed curse of the pharaohs that would befall those who disturb the pharaohs' resting places, since as those who excavated Tutankhamun's tomb.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • What jobs are waiting for Agnese, Lucia and Angelene now that they've passed their test?[7]


  • Agnese Sanctis (to the priest): "What the hell is wrong with you, you petty villain?"[...]"You’re like a living curse yourself, you asshole. Mr. Padpois was devastated by the loss of his wife and decided to cross the sea to Barcelona to grasp at any hope he could find. He could have gone anywhere in the world, but he chose your city. I would expect you to be proud of that, not fear him and try to get rid of him. Remind me again what your job is. Not only did you use divine miracles for your own selfish ends, but you decided to pick and choose who is worthy of salvation. No one that despicable is fit to defend the house of god!!"[6]


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