Chapter 6
最高の一瞬 — BIFROST.
The Best Moment — BIFROST.
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This time, Kanzaki's mission is to suppress a magician named Orlentz Trice, who's currently researching on immortality. His current theories have already been proved to have flaws, but he's still doing experiments based on those theories. Thus they want him to be stopped.

This time, Kanzaki is going alone. Orlentz's base is not easily accessible, therefore she took a special transport which would take her to the base. There, she met Birdway and Mark Space. It appears that they are all here for the same reason - to take down Orlentz. Kanzaki thought about the possibility of Orlentz and Birdway's organization teaming up together, but she dismissed that idea because she was told beforehand that Birdway's organization have already attacked some of Orlentz's facilities.

They discussed about Orlentz's experiments. Kanzaki was originally not told how Orlentz plans to achieve immortality, but Birdway explained that he plans to make use of the protection on original grimoires, and put it on humans. This, of course is dangerous for Orlentz too, but it appears that he doesn't care. It also appears that he's not doing this for any particular reason. He's just crazy.

They are actually not on Earth, but in space, in zero gravity condition. Orlentz got his current base with the help of the Science side, which is another reason why the Church wants him down. The transport that they are currently in is actually a container for transporting material and equipment to the base.

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Leivinia getting on the nerves of Kanzaki.

During their trip, Kanzaki and Birdway kept on wanting to fight each other because even though they share the same objective right now, the Church and Birdway's "organization" have always been enemies of each other. Also, Birdway kept on referring to Kanzaki as an old lady and one who only knows how to shake her boobs. Kanzaki also implicitly makes fun of her for being a kid. However, each time they want to fight, Mark stops them by threatening to open the door of the container that leads outside. During the flight, Birdway also did other stuff like eating snacks and scattering them everywhere, drinking juice, playing handheld videogames with Mark, and grabbing Mark's legs then spin him around and throw him against a wall.

When they finally arrived, Orlentz was waiting outside with a guard plate enforced with the protection used in grimoires that he plans to use as protection against Kanzaki and Birdway. However, as soon as they arrived, Kanzaki and Birdway started fighting each other. The force blew up the container from the inside and knocked down Orlentz. While injured, Orlentz asked "Didn't you guys come here to defeat me?", then Kanzaki and Birdway both replied the same thing, telling him to shut up and will with him later, as Kanzaki and Birdway reached the limit of their tolerance towards each other.


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