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After the events of the Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc, the Amakusa Christians are eager to join the Anglican Church, and be under their protection from the Roman Catholic Church.

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Freadia savors her meal while working.

After being briefed of the rules and goals of the Necessarius Special Admission Test by Freadia Strikers, they begin their test in Necessarius' Underground Labyrinth, the prize for their passing of the test would not only be their inclusion into the Church's ranks but as well having the privilege of a free pass that allows them to access Necessarius facilities that are otherwise are locked by magic barriers.

However, after Itsuwa and Tsushima came upon a Cursed Corpse Wax trap in the underground labyrinth, Tatemiya Saiji informs them that their communication with Freadia has been intercepted by a fake, while the real Freadia's communication has been intercepted by fake Amakusa Christians. Immediately, they become aware of the fake Freadia and the fake Amakusa Christians, to obtain the free passes to Necessarius' facilities, which hold powerful spiritual items and grimoires.

They get out of the labyrinth but know that their troubles have just begun as now the Church will suspect and target them, knowing that only they can hunt down the fakes and clear their names. Meanwhile, Freadia discovers the communication spiritual item has been tampered with remotely, and believing that the Amakusa are the cause, reports to her higher-ups that they are her suspects. She is then ordered to take them down.


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