Chapter 2
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And thus the Freadia gathers his ilk to hunt down the betrayers, the Amakusa. She meets up with Flack Anchors and his subordinates, and makes no attempt to research him. However, she does question their objectives as a tests, and though he shows that he believes that the target of the "Amakusa" is the city library where grimoires are hidden, Freadia notices that he has a reply that is unbecoming of a specialist.

Meanwhile, the Amakusa themselves are on the move, hiding from the Anglican Church, they concluded to clear their name as fast as they can as Church and their enemies will not. And so, they go towards the library, which they believe is the likeliest target by the pretenders with their free passes to infiltrate. They steal a truck and rush towards there, foiling Torquay Shadowmint's, of Necessarius, attempts to destroy as they drive pass a hospital.

Back with Freadia, she and Flack, believing that the fakes are there arrive at the library, but already she notices that the traps have not been disturbed. She takes a look at the repair and finds no one there, but then she is struck down by Flack. There, the betrayal is shown, and that Flack and his subordinates were the pretenders and the person Freadia spoke to in her cursed crystal radio was pretender as well. She is felled by them with their magic rifles.

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Saiji mocking Flack from above the bookcase.

The Amakusa arrive and see Freadia bloody but alive on the floor, and they are then engaged in combat, injuring several of them with Flack's rifles. They are forced to retreat to contemplate and mull over their tactics. But when their time was almost up, Itsuwa charges towards. Seemingly outnumbered and overpowered by Flack's group they use their rifles to attack, but Itsuwa uninjured, for she struck her spear on to the floor to make a sound. There, it is revealed that their weapons use the sound the target hears to injure them, and quickly Itsuwa charges. The subordinates try to defend Flack, but it is too late, for Saiji and the others have sneaked away and crashed a book case on their heads.

Now then, they discover that the grimoire the group was after was the Necronomicon, a fictional one, but then defictionalized by a magician. There, they also discover that Flack was bleeding, and now they see that he had read the book and that it was a true grimoire, and that he has sent forth it to parts unknown using the sound of his magic rifle. Meanwhile, near Westminster Abbey a trucked is parked. Inside, several people fall down after hearing of the contents of the Necronomicon, and there efforts were not vain, for it was then collected and made a whole again into grimoire, and now a mysterious person now holds in his hands.


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