Chapter 3
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The Amakusa is in the process of healing their injured. There they wonder what they could've transmitted through their sounds, and Itsuwa suggest they analyze the inconsistencies They deem that the group that attacked the Anglican Church may have done this previously, With this in mind, they need to find out of magicians with records regarding the Cthulu mythos and the Necronomicon. Seeing this, they need to sneak into an Anglican Church facility to get to some records. Knowing that Necessarius will eventually arrive in the library and take away the bodies of their enemies, Itsuwa has a plan. Basing the model off the Corpse Wax back in the underground, Itsuwa makes a dummy body that looks like Flack Anchors, and enters it. She takes the crystal of the radio that Freadia uses and switches it with their own to allow her to communicate with the other Amakusa.

With that, Freadia comes to and discovers that she has been treated. She begins to doubt Amakusa's role but still suspects them. She orders the personnel to take the bodies of Flack and his comrades to the Sword Sanctuary facility in order to find out their goals, despite the facility being inadequate for the task. As a person there tries to open up Flack, Itsuwa bursts out of it and knocks him unconscious. After she ties him, she goes to its "morgues," a large room where they keep records. With time of the essence, Itsuwa searches for anything related to the Cthulhu Mythos and the Necronomicon. Here, she discovers incidents that are vaguely related to the tales of the Mythos, but one incident strikes out the most. An incident in the Atlantic where the American crew all went insane, a bizarre ritual to call upon the underwater dead city of R'lyeh where the Great Old One Chulhu sleeps. It was merely an attempt to gain inspiration for their magical research, and the main culprit of this was a man named Arlands Darkstreet of the magica cabal Dusk Waiting to Awaken.

Meanwhile, Freadia discovers that her crystal is a fake, and discovers the tied up body of her comrade. Rallying him and the personnel there, she goes to the room of records. Itsuwa is aware of this as well for she felt pain in her temples, an indication that the crystal radio they used for their communication has been discovered. As the personnel tries to bust into the room, Itsuwa sets up a trick with a Mandala, an illusion spell upon a desk to confuse Freadia. And from there, Itsuwa injures herself in order to force them to heal her in order for her to get her crystal back. When the Necessarius personnel enters they find Itsuwa's unconscious body. Freadia falls for the illusoin magic, believing it to be her crystal which she cannot get back, and since it is cursed, she is forced to take care of Itsuwa until she wakes up in order to get the information she needs to get her crystal back.

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In embarrassment, Itsuwa is unexpectedly stripped of her shirt.

When Itsuwa comes to, she finds herself strapped on a bed with Freadia on top. Itsuwa easily tells her where the real crystal (in Itsuwa's pants pocket) is and how she was fooled thorugh the Mandala spell. Freadia reminds her that she is no longer of use, but Itsuwa convinces her of the logical inconsistencies of their apparent guilt, and tells her of Arlands Darkstreet. Hearing this, Freadia acquiesces to believe her, but she is forces Itsuwa to wear a collar in order for her to not be able to escape.

As they sneak away to leave and enter commandeer a vehicle, Freadia shows her distrust of Itsuwa once more, and plans to kill her outside as killing her in the Sword Sanctuary when she was defenseless would cause too much problems. However, the Amakusa girl has reveals a trick up her sleeve and escapes into a sewer, with the other Amakusa waiting for her. Freadia tries to make pursuit and kill Itsuwa with the cursed collar but is once again fooled by the Amakusa. She looks down on the strange markings down the manhole and sees that it is similar to the Mandala spell from before. There she believes that the Amakusa might've analyzed her crystal while she was unconscious and that if she uses the crystal radio the spell might backfire on her.

In the sewers, the collar on Itsuwa's neck is destroyed, and there they begin to hunt down Arlands Darkstreet and the Dusk Waiting to Awaken.


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