Chapter 5
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Vase and the other members of the the Dusk Waiting to Awaken are in Stonehenge preparing to use to create the Blank Paper spell. With them are tents of various focus groups interested in the old relic but have nothing to do with magic or the Church. However, there are Anglicans there, and with their plan in motion, they kill the Anglican members one by one, though knowing that they'll be there soon.

Still reeling from the embarrassing escape of the Amakusa from her hands in the Sword Sanctuary, Freadia is determined to catch them, believing them to be the culprit of the incidents that have happened. She knows of how they have went to Strait of Dover but opts to intercept them only in Stonehenge. She asks the one who manages the place to give her a special armor to increase her power. He hesitates for it shall weaken her body considerably after using, but Freadia is insistent. Thinking that she will just kill him just to get the armor anyway, he reluctantly gives it to her and head to Stonehenge.

The Amakusa arrive at Stonehenge, and a few scout out the premises before engaging the magic cabal. However, they are quickly detected. Seeing this, the Amakusa quickly mobilize, moving symbolically through the encampments to make the people believe they are animals. They find the members of the magic cabal and engaged in battle against them. They use magic based on the Eldritch tales found in the Cthulhu Mythos, and Itsuwa easily defeats a few of them. However, they come upon Vase and his Shining Trapezohedron, and with a single clutch of it in his hand, darkens it from all light, allowing him to summon dark clouds and lightning to try to engulf them, the form that great Nyarlathotep took in one of the tales. Thinking quickly, Itsuwa charms her spear with the legend of St. Andrew as so she can throw it towards Vase. The spear absorbs the lightning that hits it, and easily hits his hand carrying the stone. He fumbles and the trapezohedron flies through to the air from his hands, ending the engulfing clouds. However, to everyone's horror, Vase opted to do the unthinkable, He opens his mouth and swallows the jewel. In total darkness, Stonehenge is engulfed in darkness.

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Destruction descends as Freadia wears the prototype armor.

Freadia however arrives and easily knocks out everyone including Vase, ending the engulfing darkness. Itsuwa finds her bearings and notices the armored woman before her, Freadia Strikers with no expression came at Itsuwa and has already hit by one of her attacks, weakening her. Itsuwa on the other hand still under the effects of the previous battle instead takes up Tsushima's sword instead. She forms a circle and figures out the weaknesses of the armor and how to stop her. Saiji regains consciousness just barely to call out to Freadia to distract her. Itsuwa charges, wanting to target the joints of the armor to cut it open and destroy it without killing Freadia. However, as she stepped forward the curse that Freadia had put upon her as already spread and she falls without being able to attack. Freadia still with no expression, attacks the weakened Itsuwa with those same curses again and again. And thus the incident in Stonehenge is resolved.

The Amakusa and the Dusk Waiting to Awaken are later chucked into a single truck to be driven to the Tower of London to await torture. Itsuwa comes to and finds that they are guarded by Anglican magicians, Freadia is there as well, removing the armor. Seeing that, Itsuwa sees the toll tha Freadia had to pay for wearing it. Itsuwa and Freadia do a little banter with one another with the former confident that even if they get tortured the Anglican Church will eventually find that they were innocent. Their conversation ends with their truck when in half by a mysterious man with a sword, with the contents being the Amakusa and the Dusk Waiting to Awaken, strewn all over the English countryside. Freadia is still adamant that the Amakusa has come to rescue her and his comrades, and Itsuwa also believes it to be either the Dusk Waiting to Awaken or the Anglican Church attacking it to hide the embarrassment of the recent incidents with them. She however, quickly change her mind. Hiding behind a bush, Itsuwa finds that the culprit is a new player in this conspiracy, and is seemingly trying to find a target, searching the place for a certain someone. The person gathers the people into a single spot, and Freadia concludes that they are to be executed. Itsuwa then concludes that the most likely target would be Freadia, and seeing the execution of her comrades, Anglicans, a about to take place, pleads with Freadia to aid her in stopping him.


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