Chapter 7
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Meanwhile, the Queen Regnant of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Elizard, is in Buckingham Palace, when she receives a recorded call from Cynthia Exment of the Royal Astronomical Research Organization. While listening on to her, Elizard analyzes the subtle sounds of what she hears over the phone in order to get information regarding Cynthia. As she does so, Cynthia boasts on how her organization has already won and that with one more move they can beat her. She says that they will overturn the history and tradition of the country for they are just mere toxins. Cynthia continues by saying that history will begin to move by dawn, and will bring the stage up to a new level, telling her that it is something that the Queen should've done. After the message ends a Royal Maid arrive in the room to inform her that the Knights of England too will be analyzing it and she should not worry about it. The Queen asks the maid if the name Cynthia Exment of the Royal Astronomical Research Organization reminds her of anything. She respond is the negative, and says that it is under the jurisdiction of the Anglican Church. The maid then tells the Queen to go to bed as it is already two in the morning, this reminds the Queen of the Pound Economy countries and asks if they know how much damage has been done, to which the maid says that the damage has been devastating.

Elizard then grabs a telephone to call the British Museum. She says that since the museum has historical and valuable devices found from the world over, it can be used to rebuild and repair the lost magical foundations of the Pound Economy countries. The maid sighs and says that be that as it may, the job is still quite large and that after allocating the specialists, they can't avoid splitting off some personnel to pursue the enemy behind all that is happening.

Back with the Amakusa, they have also started to move normally now, with Itsuwa being able to stand and Tsushima being completely healed of her horrific injuries as if it was never there. Despite this they were not happy for more and more things have been happening without their knowing. The Amakusas were now headed to London in the vehicles that Anglican Church had sent, but now they weren't bound or monitored, likely a sign of gratitude by Freadia Strikers. However, they feel that the true reason maybe because they are shorthanded due to what happened to Pound Economy countries, which could also weaken the Church. The discussion turns to talks that the enemy might assassinate the queen, though it is believed that Cynthia Exment at least foresaw that the Queen Regnant and British Museum to make a quick recovery after being the one to have planned the destruction of the pound economy countries. Regardless, the Anglican Church is very busy and needs as much help as they can, and have determined that they would be tasked on searching for Cynthia Exment.

Back in London, the Amakusa begin their investigation. Itsuwa and Tsushima are tasked to investigate the phone booth where Cynthia made the call to make a double-check, as the Church may not fully trust them enough to have them find new information. As they begin Itsuwa asks Tsushima if she has noticed all the cameras surrounding them. This can only mean that Cynthia deliberately used the phone booth in their location to show off her presence. As they ponder the reason for her doing so, Itsuwa's phone rings. It is Saiji, and he reports on how they have gone through the library's documents and gathered a few pieces of information, though says that the Anglican's may have already done the same and complains on why they couldn't just share information to them. Saiji then tells them information on Cynthia, a genius immigrant girl who runs the Royal Astronomical Research Organization on her own. On the Royal Astronomical Research Organization, Saiji says that it is a research facility of the magic side that the British Royal family entrusted with investigating the laws of stars and space. The fact that the organization Cynthia headed despite the likely battles it faced as it was the front lines between magic and science due to its purpose to investigate space, a highly contested area in both sides, showed that the organization has a high combat ability. Saiji then says that the organization is currently observing the movements of the starts around the world, and analyzing and compiling local legends related to stars and space, information that is later reorganized into something that can help the Church. Saiji adds that the very reason that the Pound Economy was created was so England could establish observatories around the world. Itsuwa then asks if Cynthia's group destroyed all of the observatories around the world that acted as their headquarters and all of the spiritual items that symbolize their military strength and treasures. Saiji affirms this, but not only did they destroy their headquarters, they also attempt to move any of their valuable spiritual items. This means that even if the Cynthia's organization wins they have no home to return to. However, there was a contradiction to their actions, as if Cynthia wanted to damage England, they could've done so directly instead of attacking the Pound Economy and destroying their headquarters.

Then Saiji says that he has another piece of information, though this time it is unconfirmed. He says that Buckingham Palace has been receiving suspicious calls from embassies supposedly those of the Roman and Russian churches. This means that the other churches have noticed the attack on the Pound Economy, and are trying to ask for confirmation making it a troublesome political situation. With England in danger of being attacked by other nations due to the destruction of the spiritual items of the Pound Economy countries, time is of the essence. Tsushima says that they need to hurry, and that what they must do hasn't change: capture Cynthia Exment.

Now, only the question of what the Queen Regnant will do remains. Itsuwa points out that they'll likely use the ley lines and other magical connections between the British Museum and the Pound Economy countries as it would be easier than repairing and restoring spiritual items and temples one by one as the residual information for these things remain in spite of the destruction caused by the St. George spell. This can also be applied the other way around, where a ley lines and magical connections can be used by England to destroy from a distance. It is because of this likelihood is the reason why the Pound Economy countries and Cynthia are enraged. As Itsuwa and Tsushima continue their discussion, Saiji once again calls them, but instead of giving them more information he gives them a report: Cynthia has been defeated by the Anglicans.

Itsuwa and Tsushima follows the same path the Anglican Church had and finds them surrounding Cynthia up against a wall, though the two girls feel like there is something wrong with what's happening. Despite being hurt, Cynthia is defined until the end, mocking the Anglicans as they questioned the ease of her being captured. With her wooden staff, she says that her plan is simple, and that is the destruction of the Pound Economy was sure to lead to her current situation. She says that it is only because their higher-ups are being so slow that they even had a chance to beat her up, but says that the higher-ups have made up for that delay. Hearing this, Itsuwa shouts to take away the staff, though the Anglicans don't listen. Ituswa then hurriedly takes out the tip of her spear and throws it at Cynthia.

Back with the Queen, with only a few elite bodyguards, Elizard begins traveling from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey as so she can use her royal bloodline to use the ley line and other magical connections for her current purpose of fixing the destroyed spiritual items and temples of the Pound Economy countries. She then asks a Royal Maid next to her how the British Museum is doing, to which she says that they have finished their preparations as such she can begin any time. The British Museum has finished analyzing important spiritual times related to the Pound Economy, while a spell was being constructed to extract residual information from the ruined spiritual items and temples to display them as diagrams. Both of which would then be transmitted from England to Pound Economy countries through the ley lines. Elizard then asks of what the Pound Economy leaders are saying, to which they all are unanimously requesting her support. Elizard then says to hurry as she is concerned with the Roman and Russian churches having more suspicions and that the residual information are degrading over time.

Then back with Cynthia, Itsuwa's spear tip is repelled by something like an invisible wall. Here, Cynthia reveals that she need only her simple spiritual item that she had in her hand, her wooden staff. Here, she explains that she used it to intercept and read the data the Queen is sending through the ley lines, which enables her to use the spells of all the spiritual items of the British Museum. As her staff glows, Cynthia boasts upon her newfound power, making use of why the British Museum was called Arsenal. The Anglicans surrounding her tried to attack, but they all met a variety of horrible ends thanks to her power, the staff changing form for each attack. Seeing this, Itsuwa tries to gather as much information on the staff as possible.
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The real mastermind reveals her aim.

With the final Anglican defeated, Cynthia declares that she will destroy the British Museum along with the spiritual items so that the Pound Economy would not be able to recover. This surprises Itsuwa as she thought Cynthia was planning to assassinate the Queen, though Cynthia's actions shows that doing so would be too much of a bother for her. This further causes confusion for Itsuwa because of Cynthia's contradictory actions.

Suddenly, Cynthia's staff became a sword, and with Itsuwa powerless with only the spear handle left as a weapon, she is knocked out by Cynthia after Tsushima intercepts much of her attack. Itsuwa later finds Tsushima on top of her and figuring out what had happened to allow them to survive. Itsuwa then calls Saiji telling him of her and the fate of the Anglican magicians, asking for a rescue team. Saiji then reports on how they have surpassed the Anglican Church in their investigation on Cynthia. He says that the Royal Astronomical Research Organization, seeing the advances of Academy City in their own field and coupled with their belief that magic and science are both just as good as long as they can advance humanity's space research, they had given up as continuing research on the magic side would reveal nothing new. Saiji then assumes that because of this they may be abandoning the magic side to continue research on the science side, and destroyed the spiritual items and temples of the Pound Economy countries as they represent stagnation and restriction of the magic side. Saiji points out that is why Cynthia didn't attack London or the Queen directly. As the Roman and Russian churches, after knowing what had happened to the magical foundations of the Pound Economy countries, would then start to exert their political influence and further weaken England, and eventually create conflict with it if the Queen is unable to recover the countries. Cynthia had expected to put the Queen a difficult situation in which she would have no other choice but to surrender and sell itself to Academy City to avoid it. This allows Cynthia, a citizen of England to automatically join Academy City and continue their organization's research. Saiji says that Westminster Abbey is in chaos as well, and says that if Cynthia destroys the museum now it will open the path for her to change sides and destroy England's culture of magic, and the balance between magic and science would cause a sporadic change that could conflict. Itsuwa agrees, she then lays down Tsushima on the road and then stands up. She picks up her spear tip and assembled her spear once more. Here she is determined to stop Cynthia and her selfish actions that could shake the entirety of the magic and science sides.


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  • When Saiji enumarates the advances Academy City had on space research to Itsuwa, he references Endymion and likely the Hula Hoop particle accelerator.[1][2][3]

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