Though the monthly Featured articles does its best in providing what is considered the top articles of the Toaru Majutsu no Index Wiki, due to the monthly basis for article features, it does not wholly show the variety of articles that are present in Toaru Majutsu no Index Wiki that might pique the interest of the common man.

The Did you know? section allows for short and sweet sentences to be featured on the main page that would catch the viewer's attention with the unique information it shows and hopefully enticing them to view more. The articles that the sentence links to need not be complete nor well written unlike the featured article, though it would great if it was, as the main point of the feature here is to entice the viewer to read more and hopefully edit the article.

One can submit new trivia for consideration, and those that are accepted will be added into the template after a month has passed. If one likes to submit a trivia one must follow the rules and guidelines below:

  • The sentence must be short. It must not exceed 200 characters. This however, thus not include image links or special characters such as the brackets and pipes used for linking, as well as the apostrophes used for bolding and italicization.
  • The sentence must be well written.
  • Must be unique. One can view the archives below to see if the particular trivia has already been submitted.


Did You Know...

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