Featured articles are articles that are considered in the Toaru Majutsu no Index wiki, to be a well written article that, according to its editors and contributors, requires or demands enough particular attention that it should be featured on the main page of the wiki. The purpose of a featured article is to show a well written article, or to show an interesting article to the readers, or to garner attention for a neglected article.

They are used as examples and guidelines on how articles are written in this wiki. Although, there is still no exact basis on how articles can become featured, other than the Manual of Style, a featured article has most of these things (based off Wikipedia's Featured article critera):

  • Well written
  • Comprehensive
  • Well-researched
  • Neutral
  • Not subject to massive changes or edit wars
  • It is properly structured
  • It is uses consistent citations, references and footnotes
  • A suitable amount of images, with appropriate captions and thumbnail sizes.
  • It is suitable in length and properly summarized.

Once an article is nominated for being a featured article, it will be voted by editors and contributors if they see the article fit for being a featured article. Afterwards, a golden pentagram, a magic array, will be placed on the top-right corner of an article's page to indicate that the article is featured.

The opening paragraph and a picture would be written (and would similarly, be put into an archive) for the article in the This month's featured article, as can be seen below, which is regularly edited each month for the sake of a new featured article.

For nominations go to the Featured article candidates page. This page displays a list of articles that are currently featured.

This month's featured article

Each month the wiki chooses an article to be featured on the main page of the wiki, at which point, they are required to make an opening line for the article. Most often, the opener is copied directly off the article itself, but it is not required, as such, an editor can make an entirely new opener for the article. The most important part is that it properly introduces the article.

Below is this month's Featured article:

Featured Article for the Month
Coffin Prototype

A Prototype Coffin deployed by DA, as it appears in the anime

With the conclusion of the Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator anime (and our own 10th anniversary) approaching, this month's new Featured Article involves a key subject in the story; the Coffins.

Deployed by the antagonists of the Necromancer Arc, these large mechanical weapons are capable of utilizing esper abilities, originating from a corpse stored within the machine (hence their name) and boosted beyond their level in life, in some cases even increasing them to Level 5-class strength.

The machines are the creation of neuroscientist Hishigata Mikihiko who had been conducting research into the origin of esper abilities within the human body and came up with the idea of mechanically reinforcing the body to increase an ability's output. After obtaining Esther Rosenthal's knowledge of Rosenthal-style Necromancy and techniques of animating corpses by inserting artificial souls into them, Hishigata was able to get his method to work with dead brains, leading to the development of the Coffins.

Having provided technology, funds and bodies for their construction, the rogue Anti-Skill group DA hoped that these weapons would allow them to enforce their "justice" and purge all "evil" within Academy City, but Hishigata intended to use them and the Coffins to further his own research towards a certain goal, with three powerful units; Qiong Qi, Taotie and Hundun, using the notorious Evil Spirits of the Numbers and Level 5-class abilities, at his disposal.

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