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Students gathered for the Daihaseisai's opening ceremony, a small portion of the roughly 1.8 million participants.

After several delays, Railgun T's adaptation of the Daihasei Festival Arc has reached its conclusion. As such, it is only appropriate that the Featured Article this time around is for the festival itself, the Daihaseisai (the overhaul for which has experienced similar delays).

Occurring between from September 19th to September 26th, the Daihaseisai is Academy City's annual large-scale sports festival, involving students from every school in the city. It is built around a city-wide, inter-school sporting competition, which has students take part in a wide variety of athletic events, with the use of esper abilities not only allowed but actively encouraged.

Aside from the sports, the festival also has numerous stalls, non-athletic events and attractions to be enjoyed. During the seven days of the festival, Academy City is open to outside visitors, and packed with tourists and student families. It is also broadcast worldwide, with potential ratings comparable to events such as the World Cup due to the unique draw of its esper showdowns. As such, the Daihaseisai is an important promotional tool for Academy City.

The Daihaseisai is a notable milestone in the stories of both Toaru Majutsu no Index and Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, with both having story arcs set during the festival, both of which have now been animated.

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