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The page holds the full translation of pages 72 and 73 of Toaru Majutsu no Index no Subete, where the Map of Academy City and its related information is shown. The map and information from this page, is also shown in the Academy City article, though it is displayed differently for ease of reading as well as more relevant information.

Map of Academy City

Academy City is where Kamijou Touma lives, a fully independent educational institution found in Western Tokyo. It is surrounded by high walls, and accounts for one-third of the Tokyo area. The 2.3 million (80% of which are students) of the total population reside in the 23 school districts in the city. Each district's features and facilities are mentioned below.

School District 1School District 2School District 3School District 43rd Resource Renewal CenterSchool District 5School District 6Kamijou Touma's Student DormA Certain High SchoolHeaven Canceller's HospitalMisawa Cram SchoolTokiwadai Middle SchoolSchool GardenThe Windowless BuildingTokiwadai Girls' DormitorySchool District 7School District 8School District 9Site for Special Case EspersSchool District 10School District 11School District 12School District 13School District 14School District 15School District 16SwitchyardSchool District 17Kirigaoka Girls' AcademyNagatenjouki AcademySchool District 18School District 19School District 20School District 21School District 2223rd District Terminal StationExperimental AirportSchool District 23HakumeizaAcademy city map.jpg
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Legend: Location (Volume number of first appearance)
A Kamijou Touma's Student Dorm (1) B A Certain Highschool (1) C Heaven Canceller's Hospital (1)
D Misawa Cram School (2) E The Windowless Building (2) F Tokiwadai Middle School (and Garden of Learning) (2)
G Tokiwadai Girls' Dormitory (3) H Switchyard (3) I Kirigaoka Girls' Academy (6)
J Hakumeiza/Twilight Theater (7) K Nagatenjouki Academy (9) L 23rd District Terminal Station (10)
M Experimental Airport (10) N 3rd Resource Renewal Center (13) O Site for Special Case Espers (13)
District Number Functions/Specializations/Noted Locations
1 Where most of the city's administration is located
2 Training areas for Judgment and Anti-Skill, military-related facilities
3 Accommodations for authorized outsiders (which also includes hotels, private pools, etc.)
4 Food-related facilities, including experimental crop growing
5 Mostly filled with universities and junior colleges
6 Recreational facilities, which also includes an amusement park
7 Middle and high schools, school dormitories, boarding houses, hospitals, the "Windowless Building" where Aleister Crowley is located
8 Mainly for the various teaching staff of the city
9 Industrial arts and fine arts schools
10 Reformatories, nuclear energy research facilities, the city's only cemetery
11 Goods transfer
12 Theology system schools
13 Kindergartens and primary schools
14 Accomodations and various other facilities for overseas students
15 A large district consisting of the city's major shopping district and mass communications facilities
16 Focuses on commerce
17 Railway cargo storage and organization, where Touma fought Accelerator to end the "Experiment"
18 Kirigaoka Girls' Academy and Nagatenjouki Academy
19 Uncertain; has been in a decline recently
20 Schools focused on raising athletic students along with their esper abilities
21 Dams for water storage; observatory in the mountains.
22 The smallest district in terms of surface area; this district is mainly for developing technology for an underground town in the face of land shortages in major cities
23 Airline companies and aeronautics and space development