This article provides a translated version of a quick question-and-answer section with the original writer of the Toaru Majutsu no Index light novel series, Kamachi Kazuma, located in a small section in pages 125 and 128 of Toaru Majutsu no Index no Subete where Haimura's interview is located.

Q&A ProperEdit

  1. How would you describe Toaru Majutsu no Index in your own words? The story of a protagonist charging in and beating down magicians or espers who carry complex problems.
  2. Do you have a favorite character, an easy to write character, or a hard to write character? My favorites are Tsuchimikado and Stiyl. I like how they have different ways of manipulating Kamijou. The easiest to write is Misaka Mikoto. She can fit into any scene, be it serious or comedic, without feeling out of place. The hardest to write are the “behind the scenes” characters like Aleister.
  3. Toaru Majutsu no Index E22 21m 50s

    Kamachi's favorite scene in animated form: the final moments of Episode 22 of Toaru Majutsu no Index's first season.

    What is your favorite scene in the series? The scene in the middle of Volume 6 where Kamijou appears before Kazakiri when she is losing to Sherry.
  4. What part of the series were you most excited about writing? The scene in the Third Resources Recycling Plant in Volume 13. Everything in that scene was the complete opposite of the rest of the series, so I was pretty excited the entire time I was writing it.
  5. What part of the series did you have the hardest time writing? Keeping track of who had been switched out with who, how other people saw people, how Kamijou saw people, the differences between how Kamijou and everyone else saw things, etc. from Volume 4.
  6. Which is easier to write, the science side or the magic side? The science side. However, this is because I had to create a foundation for the magic side from the beginning and the science side is written to be the opposite of the magic side. You could say the science side just charges down the road I already created for the magic side.
  7. Tell us what you like about and what sets apart the two manga adaptations. The Gangan one uses the medium of manga to show what the characters were doing using casual gestures and their mental state. The Dengeki Daioh one shows Mikoto as a protagonist rather than a heroine. The novels are the story of the powerless Kamijou while this manga is the story of the powerful Mikoto, so it provides a different form of catharsis using the same world. The best thing about it is how it allows you to enjoy the world in an entirely different way.
  8. What characters from Index would you want as a lover, as a wife, as a friend, and to avoid altogether? Index for the lover, Orsola for the wife, Misaka Mikoto as the friend, and Oriana to avoid altogether.
  9. Tell us something you would like to do in the future (in your job or in your personal life). Protagonists tend to be teenagers these days, so I would like to write a story with an older protagonist if I have the chance
  10. What will happen in Index in the future? The world has been solidly built up, so now it is time for a large “movement” to occur in that world.
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