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Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On (とある魔術の電脳戦機バーチャロン Toaru Majutsu no Den'nō Senki (Bācharon)?) is a crossover light novel by Kamachi Kazuma, featuring a crossover between the Toaru series and the arcade game series Dennou Senki Virtual On, commemorating the latter's 20th anniversary, released on May 10th 2016.[1] Illustrations and mecha designs was provided by Virtual-On's mecha designer, Katoki Hajime.[1]

A video game adaptation of the crossover was announced at the 2017 Dengeki Bunko Spring Festival, to be released for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in 2018.[2][3][4][5]

Publisher's Summary[]

To commemorate its 20th year anniversary, that legendary arcade game makes a miracle collaboration with "Index"!

In Academy City, there is a popular next-generation contest.

In reality, this is a hand-to-hand battle between gigantic Virtuaroids that appear on the streets. It's formally called as "Computerized War Machine Virtual-On". Since it can be argued that Level 5s and Level 0s are equal given the technique, it has spread with explosive force among the students of Academy City.

One day, Index with her white Bal Bados, fights Touma's stock Temjin.

"I'm Ririn. Furashina Ririn. I'm not Ririna... Munya..."

A seemingly insomniac girl arrives at Academy City.

And, Kamijou has an encounter. The usual Virtual-On meets an unavoidable unprecedented accident. That is, the Computerized War Machines fuse with Academy City, a sign of a grand battle about to happen! Misaka Mikoto and her Raiden, Shokuhou Misaki and her Angelan, as well as many others will make appearances!

Chapter List[]


Name Type Details
Portable Devices (ポータブルデバイス Pōtaburudebaisu?) Mobile Device A handheld device used to play Virtual-On. In addition to the game, the device also supports one’s everyday life. Kamijou originally played Virtual-On to refill his electronic credits on the portable device.[6]
V-Converter (Vコンバーター V-Konbātā?) Virtuaroids do not actually exist there; they fight as materialized data. The V-Converter acts as the core of that system. The V-Disc inside is something like the blueprints for the Virtuaroid, so the V-Disc is read to materialize the Virtuaroid.[6]
V-Crystal (Vクリスタル質 V-Kurisutaru-shitsu?) A substance that accumulated in great quantities at the lunar ruins known as the Moon Gate in another world. Crushing it and applying it evenly to a giant disc creates a V-Disc, so it is the core ingredient of the V-Converter.[6]
Cradle Station (クレードル筐体 Kurēdoru Kyōtai?) Next Generation Game Virtual-On is generally played on a portable device, but a lot of users play by enclosing themselves in egg-shaped cradle stations installed at the centers located around Academy City. They provide a higher resolution image and slightly less latency (although the portable device is still used as the controller even inside the cradle). The difference is similar to enjoying the same video on a handheld player versus a home theater system.[6]
Lilina (リリナ Ririna?) A support AI for Virtual-On on Portable Devices.[6]
Material Analyze (マテリアルアナライズ Materiaruanaraizu?) A service that allows a target material’s traits and properties to be incorporated into a Virtuaroid just by holding the device in front of an object. This works with both mechanical and biological objects, so the structures of existing weapons or of insects and other animals can be incorporated. This extremely high level of customization is one aspect of Virtual-On.[6]
Blue Stalker (ブルーストーカー Burūsutōkā?) Character The crossover's primary antagonist who pilots a blue Cypher,[6] and engineered the events surrounding Virtual-On in Academy City in a plot to access the Tangram.
Reverse Convert (リバースコンバート Ribāsukonbāto?) A rumored feature(?) of Virtual-On in Academy City. As a Next Generation Game, Virtual-On allows users to adjust their Virtuaroid’s parameters using the Material Analyze feature, but the Reverse Convert can supposedly go the other way and transfer the customized Virtuaroid’s data to the player. However, there are many mysteries concerning how the Material Analyze applies altered effects to the Virtuaroid and some rumors claim these effects can reach the actual human body piloting the Virtuaroid…[6]
The Phoenix (不死鳥 Fushichō?) An underground online search engine in Academy City which allows a user to search for information not normally available but will destroy their personality with malice if they stay on it for too long.[6][7]
The Tangram (タングラム Tanguramu?) A space-time control mechanism which allows one to manipulate space, time and parallel realities.[6]
L’Ln Plajiner (リリン・プラジナー?) Character The creator of the Tangram.[6]
Code Phoenix (コードフェニックス Kōdofenikkusu?) [6]
Furashina Ririn (富良科凜鈴(ふらしなりりん) Furashina Ririn?) Character
Marika (真理華(まりか)?) Character Level 4 Esper with the ability Outer Travel (励起飛行(アウタートラベル)?)
Takato (鷹斗(たかと)?) Character
Nakamura Mary (中村メリー Nakamura Merī?) Character The live DJ who manages the inter-district preliminary battles and links the videos.[8]


Name User(s) Notes
MBV-707-G Temjin Kamijou Touma A multipurpose Virtuaroid with a balance between offense, defense and mobility. It is easy to use for beginners, but can fight on equal or greater footing with any other unit when used with proper skill. The Temjin uses swords and bombs to deal with its opponents attacks while aiming to cause damage with its launcher at mid-range. Its greatest feature is the Sleipnir, a multi-use launcher which transforms to match its current purpose.[9]
HBV-502-HB Raiden Misaka Mikoto The first Virtuaroid to be implemented, the Raiden has top-class offense and defense. Its weapons are all powerful, with the shoulder unit lasers being particularly destructive. It can maintain advantage over faster units if the pilot predicts the opponent's path and fire its lasers there.[9]
RVR-14 Fei-Yen Kn Shirai Kuroko[10] The Fei-Yen has a low defense, covered with high speed and mobility. After receiving a certain amount of damage, the Fei-Yen turns gold and enters a hyper mode with increased offense and defense. In order to maintain an advantage in a shooting or close-range battle, the Fei-Yen makes use of swift speed and endless attacks to run circles around its foe.[9]
RVR-87 Specineff Accelerator Possessing an appearance resembling the grim reaper, Specineff can seal away opponent's weapons. It also has penetrating attacks which can damage even through obstacles. It has high offensive power but also extremely low defenses, requiring precise dodging techniques.[9]
XBV-819-tr4 Bal-Bados Index Librorum Prohibitorum The Bal-Bados requires skill to use due to its complex attack method - it can separate and place its launcher to attack an opponent in their blind spot, as well as pummeling them with seeking mines and negating ring beams.[9]
SGV-417-L Angelan Shokuhou Misaki
Hive Eaters members
The Angelan makes use of irregular attacks such as summoning an ice dragon and light bullets which can freeze foes. It can also continue moving without a gap after a dash attack. Though it has high quality armor which deflects attacks, the unit itself isn't very sturdy, necessitating a combat style focusing on dodge as small mistakes can lead to major damage.[9]
RVR-42 Cypher Blue Stalker The Cypher trades defense for high midair mobility and high offensive ability. It can attack twice during midair dashes, not letting opponents approach easily. It is capable of charging into a fighter plane and can cause major damage if it lands charge attacks in this form.[9]
SAV-326-D/9 Grys-Vok Marika
Uiharu Kazari[10]
A full-body armory Virtuaroid, the Grys-Vok has missiles with excellent seeking ability, which can be fired in great quantity and quick succession and can be reloaded quickly. Its power is greater the further it is from its opponent and if it can maintain a decent distance, it can maintain a one-sided battle.[9]
RVR-39 Apharmd B Takato
Saten Ruiko[10]
Killer Trench member[11]
Specialized for hand-to-hand combat, the Apharmd has beam tonfas equipped to both arms used for direct attacks. It has excellent dashing ability and a wide effective range for close-range attacks. It also has napalm and other weapons to keep an opponent close.[9]
RVR-68 Dordray Comet Strikers member[11] An assault Virtuaroid with high offense and defense, the Dordray is equipped with a drill on its left arm and a separating claw on its right arm. The drill can penetrate obstacles and attack opponent hiding behind them and the claw can be used to hold foes in place for more reliable damage.[9]



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