Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On: Misaka Mikoto's Dangerous Tea Party (とある魔術の電脳戦機 (バーチャロン) 御坂美琴のでんじゃらすてぃーぱーてぃ Toaru Majutsu no Den'nō Senki (Bācharon) Misaka Mikoto no Denjiyarasu Ti Patei?) is a short story for the Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On videogame, published on February 10th 2018 in the Dengeki Bunko Magazine N°60.[1]

The story takes place prior to the start of the game's own story and features Misaka Mikoto and Shokuhou Misaki.


The day before the "Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On" game begins. A story was drawn from Misaka Mikoto and Shokuhou Misaki, the Level 5 of Tokiwadai pair's perspective. What kind of thing is "a fight between a woman and a woman" in which two people are colliding with each other?[1]




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Cultural referencesEdit

  • Junko references the Sakuradamon Incident, which can refer to two separate incidents occurring in 1860 and 1932, when Satori reports that Mikoto and Misaki have been hitting each other with stuff in the Rude Café.


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