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A Certain Everyday 2 (とある日常にちじょう.2 Toaru Nichijou 2?) is the second chapter of Toaru Nichijou no Index-san, first released on September 27th 2013 in Gangan Online.


In the morning, Index greets Maika, who notes she is lively as usual, or rather trying to escape as usual, being pursued by the cleaning robots.

After being saved, Index tells Maika she's going out to buy Touma a replacement pudding. Maika deduces that Touma worked hard to buy it but Index was impatient and helped herself to it, to which Index praises her supposition.

While walking in Academy City, Kanzaki spots Index. Watching from behind a corner, Kanzaki wonders what she's doing walking around like this when she's a target for many magicians. She then thinks about how adorable she is as always, while Kuroko and Uiharu whisper to each other behind her.

Wondering where Index is going, Kanzaki thinks that this might be a chance to get along with Index again. She tries to approach her but Index starts talking to Maika before she can call her. Maika then feels a chill as Kanzaki glares at her.

Maika asks Index where she intends to buy the pudding from and how she plans to pay for it without any money. In response, Index holds up Sphynx, leading Maika to wonder if she's planning an exchange. The cat then salutes as if it is OK with the idea.

Seeing Index's problem, Kanzaki plans to offer her purse. However as she goes to do so, Maika offers to pay for the pudding, planning to have Touma pay her back later, causing Kanzaki to curl up behind the corner, upset.

On arriving at their destination, Index asks Maika how to open the automatic door. Seeing an opportunity, Kanzaki secretly cuts down the door with her Nanasen, leaving Maika in shock.

Seeing a satisfied Index walk away with the pudding, Kanzaki prepares to get going, pleased at having done her part. As she's thinking of Stiyl, he startles her by appearing behind her and asking what she's doing.

When Kanzaki asks him what he's doing, Stiyl says he's on an important job as always. He then clarifies it as taking care of Index as always, the same as what Kanzaki was doing. He then decides to buy the same pudding as her, which Kanzaki considers a good idea.

When Touma returns home, Index gives him the replacement pudding. His happiness however is short-lived as Index reveals that Maika will be charging him for it.


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