Toaru Radio no Index Movie Edition CD 1 Cover

Cover of Toaru Radio no Index: Movie Edition CD 01

Toaru Radio no Index (とあるラジオの禁書目録 Toaru Rajio no Indekkusu?) is a radio show which promotes the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime. It is hosted by Index Librorum Prohibitorum's seiyuu, Yuka Iguchi, and Misaka Mikoto's seiyuu, Rina Satou.

It first aired between September 19th 2008 and May 1st 2009, distributed on Geneon Entertainment's official site. A second series, accompanying Toaru Majutsu no Index II and titled Toaru Radio no Index II (とあるラジオの禁書目録 Toaru Rajio no Indekkusu II?) aired between September 24th 2010 and May 6th 2011 on the HiBiKi Radio Station. A third series, titled Toaru Radio no Index: Movie Edition (劇場版 とあるラジオの禁書目録 Gekijō-ban Toaru Rajio no Indekkusu?) was released between October 31st 2012 and March 27th 2013, also on the HiBiKi Radio Station. The series was later released on CD.[1][2]


The radio show's content includes discussions between the hosts and guests from the cast of Toaru Majutsu no Index, information about the latest Index-related media, mail readings, certain songs related to the anime and special challenge sections (referred to as 'corners').


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  • The show is sometimes referred to by the nickname/abbreviation Toaraji (とあラジ), which it shares with Toaru Radio no Railgun.

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