Toaru Majutsu no Index? Toaru Sangatsu no Zouyo Koukan & Toaru Sangatsu no Ni Rei Ichikan (とある魔術の禁書目録?とある三月の贈与交換&とある三月の二〇一巻?), abbreviated here as Toaru Sangatsu no Zouyo Koukan & Toaru Sangatsu no Ni Rei Ichikan (とある三月の贈与交換&とある三月の二〇一巻?) due to formatting reasons is a collection of two parody short stories based in the Toaru Majutsu no Index universe written by Kamachi Kazuma.

One of the more obscure short stories written in the universe by Kamachi, it was released on the Dengeki BUNKOYOMI edition of the Dengeki Bunko Official Bootleg Book in March 2006, with Otani Osamu as the parody illustrator.[1]

Toaru Sangatsu no Zouyo KoukanEdit

Toaru Sangatsu no Zouyo Koukan (とある三月の贈与交換?), translated as A Certain March Gift Exchange, is a short story revolving around Touma's ordeals on White Day.


Kamijou Touma is living his everyday life when all the girls around him suddenly ask him to return the favor from Valentine's Day, but he has no memory of receiving anything. It turns out he assumed he would never get any chocolate on Valentine's so he drowned his depression in alcohol. He got so drunk he lost all memory of February 14, but he had drunkenly gone all around the world and caused tens of thousands of girls to fall in love with him in the process. Touma laments his misfortune as these unremembered actions cause him to be chased around.



  • This story is part of the parody continuity as started by the Toaru Yogen no Index parody story, when Index references the Malachy's Prophecies as it appeared in the other story.
  • Index references the Miniature Pilgrimage as well as Tadataka Ino from volume 7.

Toaru Sangatsu no Ni Rei IchikanEdit

Toaru Sangatsu no Ni Rei Ichi Kan (とある三月の二〇一巻?), translated as A Certain March 201st Novel, is a short story revolving around Touma's ordeals during graduation day.


During March, Touma and the others approach graduation as third years. They think back on the long days they spent together. Touma returns to the classroom after the ceremony and suddenly realizes he has no idea what he will do after graduation. The next thing he knows, he is being invited to Necessarius, being invited to become a teacher and join Anti-Skill, and begged to do various other things by other people.



Released just after the 11th volume, the characters begin to refer to things that would likely occur to Touma as they speculate on his future after graduating high school. It is likely a list of foreshadowings that the fanbase has speculated that Kamachi has planned to introduced into the story. Below is the list and the likely concepts that have been introduced after the story was published:

Introduced conceptsEdit

Not yet introducedEdit


  • "That" 40m long thing that the Scottish royal family has kept hidden for over half a century which flies and breathes fire.

'Future' Volume JokesEdit

In the story, Stiyl refers back to 'previous' volumes which are supposed to have happened in between when the story takes place and where the main story was at the time it was written. Given the nature of the story and the 'previous' volumes in question, these references are for comic effect rather than foreshadowing:

  • Volume 22, Chapter 3 (Stiyl supposedly invited Touma to his room and both were blown up inside it afterwards)
  • Volume 48: Kamijou Touma and the Terraforming of Mars, Chapter 4 (where the mobile card version of Innocentius supposedly comes from)
  • Volume 88: Kamijou Touma’s Third Death…
  • Volume 153: Kamijou Touma Actually Tries Clearing His Mind (in which Touma supposedly came to the conclusion that fire is cold)
  • Volume 202: Laura Stuart Gets Hooked on Black Vinegar (the 'next' volume)



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