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Tobio Yumi (飛緒 ゆみ Tobio Yumi?) is a character introduced in Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator, apparently a second year student at Shizuna High School and a member of Judgment's 105th Branch Office.[1]


Yumi has long hair, and wears a dark-colored ribbon on her head, making her look like a rabbit.[2] This contrasts with her lookalike who has a light-colored ribbon and an eye patch.[1] She wears a raggedy-looking sleeveless shirt which shows off the undergarments she wears. She also wears hot pants with a large studded belt.[2]


Yumi has a bubbly personality, and is able to make friends with Last Order quickly. However, she is also handsy, groping Last Order in spite of her objections.[2] She dreams of becoming a cook one day so she can cook for children under ten years old.[3] She has a strong sense of justice as she wants to save Matsuri on her own, but is also kind as she wanted to show mercy on her own sister after believing she has spent her energy.


Yumi and her younger sister moved into Academy City after their mother was chosen in a lottery. She ran a small a restaurant in School District 4, where the sisters helped her out. They later both went into the Power Curriculum Program, both of them manifesting the Volcanic Ball esper power at the exact same time. However, Mami later gets afflicted by a disease.[4] Unlike her sister, Yumi seemingly led a normal life. She later joins Judgment and becomes friends with Himegi Matsuri. Yumi dreams of owning her a restaurant where she can make children happy with her cooking.[3]


Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator[]

Nectar Arc[]

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Tobio Yumi using Volcanic Ball

Yumi's ability is called Volcanic Ball (噴出球体ボルカニックボール Funshutsu Kyūtai (Borukanikku Bōru)?, lit. "Eruption Sphere"). It allows her to enclose the air currents into a sphere; compress and strengthen it; and then release it all at once.[5] Yumi uses her ability in her hand can use it to propel herself over long distances, as well as create a spherical shield around herself. However, she can only use it a few times before getting sick and vomiting.[3] Yumi is also skilled enough to redirect and "catch" already compressed and accelerated air that is created via Volcanic Ball, as shown in her battle with her sister. It is a feat that consequently broke both of her sister's arms when she attempted to the same.[6]

Yumi has also strong physical endurance and fighting ability, able to go toe-to-toe with her sister despite her powers having shown no offensive or destructive properties.

She is also a good cook.[3]



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