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Tokiwadai's Exterior Dormitory

The Tokiwadai Dormitory is a building where students of Tokiwadai Middle School take residence. There are two Tokiwadai Dormitories in Academy City, the more prominently featured is the dorm where Misaka Mikoto resides in, while the other dorm is located within the School Garden along with the school itself. The dormitory has rules on not allowing males into rooms.

Tokiwadai Exterior Dormitory


The dormitory in School Garden most likely has a similar architecture to that of the area.


The dormitory outside of School Garden, is a three story building and has a fairly large interior. The building encloses a large area where grass is allowed to grow and is used as an area to held important events. With its red brick walls, arched windows, white parapets and corbels that round its top , white columns that supported it and complemented the white balustrades and metal railed terrace, and Noveau designed main doors, wherein glass covered the sides and top for the fan light for maximum lighting, thus, it showed off the marvelous designs of western architecture that is absent throughout most of Academy City.


Befitting its outside appearance, the dorm echoes its western design. However, it maintains simplicity. The main lobby features marble flagstones with square tessellations. Its walls painted white with marble bottom panels for the lobby, and for the rest of the hallways and corridors, brown wooden panelings covered the bottom with simple moldings. The walls were often covered with simple and tasteful paintings, and entrances to hallways used Roman archways, instead of the much more pointed archways of Gothic architecture that is used on the windows for the outside. Continuing with the simple design, the stairs are wooden with simple balusters.

The hallways shows a warmth of yellow, as the white walls reflect the incandescent lighting that hung atop the wooden ceilings. The numbered wooden doors for the rooms have transoms, where light can go through, and the walls show a plain grayish color. Room interiors have a simple wallpaper of beige, and the paneling of the bottom of the walls are much more numerous. Unlike to corridors, the floors inside the room are made of wood.

Regardless, the building still retains modern ingenuity, although quite subtle. Such as its carbon fiber doors, and sensory door knobs. Furthermore, mailboxes and a intercom is present in the main lobby, as well as in each individual rooms. Entrance functions are present to enforce curfew and security as well.[1]


Every year the dorm outside of School Garden, holds a midsummer festival, where guests are invited and the residents of the dormitory serve them, give them tours and show them performances. The dormitory's rule against male visitors is suspended for the festival's duration.[2]

Notable residents

Tokiwadai Interior Dormitory

Not much is known about the Internal Dormitory, but it can be presumed that it is similar to that of the exterior one. However, a student can apparently have one dorm room for herself, and can keep pets, and even decorate the rooms as the see fit, as with the case of Kongou Mitsuko and Ekaterina.[6]

Notable residents

Known dormitory rules

  • No bringing of boys inside the dormitory.[3]
  • No use of any Esper abilities.[8]
  • Violent behavior is strictly prohibited.[9]
  • It is prohibited in vandalizing and/or destroying any part of the premises.[8]
  • All students must follow the curfew, and by extension, not leave the building after hours.[10]
  • Changing, moving or forcibly evicting someone of rooms without permission is prohibited.[8]

Breaking of the rules would either result of a demerit on a student,[3] having them physically punished by the Dormitory Supervisor,[10] or are forced to do some chores.[8]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

Since Mikoto and Kuroko are the main characters of the sidestory, their dorm alongside the Tokiwadai Dorm Supervisor is featured prominently in the story.[11][8] It's most prominent appearance is during Tokiwadai's Midsummer festival, where many guests where allowed to partake in the festivities, and the residents become hosts to them.[2]

Toaru Majutsu no Index

The dorm where Mikoto resides in is visited by Kamijou Touma, during the Sisters Arc. Here, he discovers that Shirai Kuroko is her roommate despite being her kouhai, and later is forced to hide when the housemaster came to check on their room. During the time he hid, he discovers the documents that Mikoto hid, relating to the experiment with her clones.[3][12]