Toomine Kanari (遠峰とおみね 叶理かなり Tōmine Kanari?) was a character introduced in Astral Buddy. She was a researcher of the Clone Dolly Ideal, the third lab of Clone Dolly Workshop.[2] She was also a doctor and main caretaker for the ghost girl.[3]


She is a young adult woman in light colored hair, possibly brown. which she ties in a bun, with long fringes on both sides of her face. She is shown usually wearing a labcoat over her shirt. Since the Ghost girl noticed that she isn't wearing any makeup, it is likely she is a regular user of it.[3]


Initially shown to be callous toward the children, after being asked where "Misaki-chan" was, she is later shown to be likely the only researcher in the entire Clone Dolly Ideal facility to truly care for the children and their future for their esper development. Her callousness being used to hide the fact that the true Level 5 esper powers development was focused on a single girl: Shokuhou Misaki.

Alone with the Ghost Girl, she acts motherly towards her, giving her whatever she wants so long as she can figure it out as the Ghost Girl doesn't outright say or request anything for herself. This indicates a deep connection with her.[3]


Toomine always wanted to be a hero. After watching tokusatsu heroes, Toomine decided to save the children. She was not very athletic, so she studied science to become a hero and protect the peace. After graduating Oua University working under Professor Minami, she invited to Clone Dolly Ideal to fulfill her dream.[1]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Gaiden: Astral BuddyEdit

Though deceased in the present, Toomine appears in several flashbacks to the past.[2][3][1]




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