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Toy Soldier (オモチャの兵隊トイソルジャー Omocha no Heitai?) is the name given to the modified F2000 bullpup assault rifle, referred to as the F2000R, and used as one of the standard weapons of the Sisters along with the Metal Eater MX.


Misaka 10031 fires the Toy Soldier at Accelerator at close range.

Despite its bulky look, the rifle is portable, allowing for the wielder to disassemble it and carry it in a suitcase when transporting it.[1] The assault rifle was made of laminated plastic instead of steel. The name comes from the fact that it looked like toy gun. The rifle can detect a target with infrared rays, it uses electronic control to adjust the trajectory in real time to give the bullet the best odds of hitting.[2] Moreover, in conjunction with the Electron (NV) Goggles it allows for greater accuracy when using it, especially during the dark where apparently all the experiments during the Level 6 Shift takes place for the sake of secrecy.[2][3]

The shooter does not have to think about the wind direction or the expected evasion patterns of the target, as the F2000R can adjust it for them, and the wielder's only required course of action is to follow the machine's directions. Moreover, it has special rubber wrapped around it to absorb shock and used carbon dioxide to reduce the recoil from firing as much as possible.[2]

The rifle fires 5.56x45 mm bullets, and since it absorbs both the shock and the sound of the gunshot, only the tiniest of an explosive noise from the barrel is left, akin to a cheap firecracker.[2]


Sisters Arc

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Misaka 9982, Misaka 10031, and Misaka 10032 all use the rifle during their respective battles against the Accelerator.

Academy City Invasion Arc

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Misaka 10032 wields the rifle and uses rubber bullets against Last Order.[1]

Other Appearances

Video Games

Toaru Majutsu no Index (PSP game)

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Misaka Imouto and the Toy Soldier being fired on Mugino Shizuri in the finishing move.

Misaka Imouto is a playable character in the game wielding the Toy Soldier. Normally, when the gun is used, Misaka can fire several shots from a distance, and seemingly acts like it fires normal bullets. However, in her finishing move, the gun also fires some sort of electromagnetic spheres in its last sequence.