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Bird's eye view of the Traveling Fortress

The Traveling Fortress (移動鉄壁 Idō Teppeki?) is a carriage that is for the use of the British Royal Family. The name is derived from the fact that it is an apparently impregnable carriage.


It is a specialized long distance convoy carriage of the British Royal Family.[1] It is said to have the perfect protection net in a magical sense,[2] due to the fact that its wheels and wooden frame were not only strengthened by the carriage itself was thoroughly fortified with over 700 spiritual items and magic circles.[1] Moreover, it is referred to being far stronger than Index's Walking Church.[2] Indeed, when the carriage was made someone has said that even if the planet was cut in half it was unlikely for the carriage to release an SOS signal. In spite of this claim, an SOS claim is still installed on the vehicle.[2]

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Carissa and Villian sitting in the Traveling Fortress.

The carriage is apparently highly decorated, having golden leaf and other precious metals on it. It is also described as being large and looked like it was from a fairy tale. As it is a convoy carriage it has a convoy of other carriages that surround and protect it which are similarly designed. Horse draw the carriages, which are fixed with formal protectors. Moreover, the carriage has a license plate for travelling on public roads, and is referred to as a parade carriage as well.[1]

It and its convoy of other carriages can travel over 500 kilometers per hour on roads that have magic circles fixed at intervals when it was constructed.[1]


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