The Trial of Sin (試罪法?) is a mock "holy trial" used by both the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church to determine if a person is a sinner and tests their faith in God. The trial is set up in such a way that no matter the outcome, the accused will always be found guilty. According to Stiyl Magnus, it has now been banned, although the Roman Catholic Church has been reported to still use it.[1]


According to Stiyl Magnus, a member of a church cannot be killed because the person is a believer in God, but they can be executed when they have disobeyed the Word of God, such as sinners, witches, and disillusioned believers. The trial is used to determine whether or not the accused person is guilty of disobeying the Word of God. However it was created in such a way that anyone who is forced into the trial will always be found guilty. This is done by making a test that is impossible to fulfill in any normal means such as: forcing someone to hold a hot metal rod. If the person is not guilty then God will protect them, but if they are armed, they are guilty. Even then, if there is a possibility that the accused will go unharmed they will still be found guilty, as it will be rationalized that the devil protecting them.[1]

To the Roman Catholic Church, the trial will last about 2-3 days before the execution of the accused, and has to be in Rome in accordance with proper procedures. Agnese Sanctis describes the procedures for the trial appalling and much worse than that conducted by the Anglican Church.[2]


Orsola Aquinas Rescue ArcEdit

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The test is described in detail by Stiyl Magnus to Kamijou Touma, after Orsola Aquinas capture by the Roman Catholic Church. The trial would have been used for the Roman Catholic Church to justify her execution. The Agnese Forces forces beating up Orsola in the Church of Orsola is somewhat of a simulation of the trial and Agnese Sanctis mentioned that it would be preferrable for Orsola to die there instead of standing, which would have befallen Orsola had she not been rescued.



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