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Trick (トリック Torikku?) is a minor character from the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga. He is a Level 0 esper criminal who resides in Academy City and is a user of the Level Upper.[2][3]


He is a tall, lean man who has light khaki-brown hair. He also wears various accessories on his ear and fingers. He is also missing a few front teeth.[2]

In the anime, he wears a simple purple sleeveless shirt,[3] while in the manga, he also wears a jacket over it.[2]


He is ruthless and vicious, as shown when he allows his subordinates to use Koujun Kikuhiko as target practice for their powers, newly improved through the use of the Level Upper. He is also very deceptive, which complements his ability as he also likes to taunt his opponents when they are unable to see through his ruse.[2][4][3]


He is the leader of a small gang of delinquents in District 7 of Academy City whose headquarters is an old abandoned building that is scheduled to be demolished. Before he acquired the Level Upper, he and his gang members were often pursued by Judgment, and as such feared them; he promised himself that when he gained a powerful ability, he would "kindly return the favor".[3]

During the Level Upper incidents, he also uses the area around the said building to sell the Level Upper for high amounts of money. He and his gang used the Level Upper prior to their introduction.[4][3]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

Level Upper Arc

Main article: Level Upper Arc

Kuroko faces off against Trick.

During the height of the Level Upper incidents and Judgment's crackdown on both it and its users, he and his gang are seen trying to force more money out of Kikuhiko for the Level Upper, which the latter already paid for. When Kikuhiko asks for his money back, Trick's gang assaults him, and Trick allows his gang members to test their abilities on Kikuhiko. Before Kikuhiko gets beaten any further, Saten Ruiko tells them to stop, but Trick overpowers her, and tells her that she is powerless and unable to do anything.[2][3]

Before anything else can happen, Shirai Kuroko arrives and easily defeats two of his gang members. Seeing this as a way to get back at Judgment, he attacks Kuroko.[2] She dodges him but is confused when she cannot determine where his proper location is; this forces her to teleport her needles into his body, but she is once again unable to get a hit. He successfully hits Kuroko despite her best efforts to anticipate his attacks, and makes her crash into their hideout.[4][3]

The battle continues within the building; here, Kuroko uses her last needle to figure out his ability. She is later forced to run around the building, but Trick eventually corners her and attacks her once more. He tells her that this building is one of his gang's hideouts and that he knows every inch of it. Kuroko and Trick stand off in a part of a building, where she tells him that she knows what his ability is; he commends her for figuring it out, but brags that she is unable to do anything about it. Hearing this, she teleports a window pane into a support column, warning him one last time to surrender or be forced to face a collapsing building; he does not take heed of her words, which forces her to teleport windowpanes into all the support columns in the building (as she remembered their locations after running around the building during the battle). He is then defeated and is teleported out of harm's way by Kuroko.[4][3]

In the manga, he delivers a cryptic message to Kuroko, to which she concludes that he seems to be brainwashing himself. In the anime adaptation, she forces him to give her the Level Upper, and he complies by giving her his music player and explaining to her that the Level Upper is a song. He is later apprehended by Anti-Skill.[4][3]


His ability is called Trick Art (偏光能力トリックアート Henkō Nōryoku (Torikku Āto)?, lit. "Polarization Ability"), which allows him to distort light around him, and thus basically create an illusion. Along with his deceptive nature, it allows him to confuse his opponents and make them lose their sense of distance and focus. He is also very powerful in physical combat.[4][3]

Character Art Design


  • (To Kuroko) "We're not going to lose. We... can... be... If we participate in the experiment, we understand. You don't understand. You can't. That's why. Ahaha, it's okay. It'll be okay."[4]



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