Trident (トライデント?) is a private military company that is very active in Eastern Europe. It is one of the largest armies in the world.[1]

Duties[edit | edit source]

They are a private military company. Their duties range from simple bodyguarding duties to a proper military force mobilization for a war. Trident can be hired for things that a country's military are not willing or unable to do, such as guides, escorts, security and could possibly for torture.

Organization[edit | edit source]

Trident operates likes any company, having a head or a group of leaders at the top making decisions regarding their business, as well as other employees for mid-management, maintenance, public relations, among others. However, as a PMC, Trident provides military and security services for anyone who forms a contract with the company.

Trident recruits and hires anyone of any nationality, but are well known for hiring retiring American soldiers. Former American soldiers hired by Trident constitutes most of their military force more than any nationality however.

All recruits are put through a special training program to retrain and raise the value of the recruits.[1]

Strength[edit | edit source]

Personnel[edit | edit source]

At the time of the invasion of Hawaii, there were estimations that there were 50,000 in total, which has apparently been cut down after a software update for their warships, equivalent to a small army.[1]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Armor and Protection[edit | edit source]

Trident soldiers most notable feature is their glittering CD-like uniforms, which cover them from head to toe and obscure their faces and identity.[2] They are more specifically used as electronic camouflage, used against high-tech sensors and not people.[3]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

They are equipped with conventional weapons such as bullpup assault rifles, recoilless guns, and explosives. They also use anti-ship missiles and torpedoes.[4]

Since Trident has fully functional army, navy and air force, it can be assumed that Trident have the latest conventional technology for each division apparent in the European Union.

Narwhal[edit | edit source]

Narwhal (イッカク Ikkaku?) is a notable technology used by Trident. Joint-developed by the European Union and the United States of America, it is an anti-ship missile designed to solely open a hole in the side of a ship. Its power and size are kept to the bare minimum to minimize price and transportation costs. The shockwave is sent straight ahead like a spear, so the blast can be escaped by just getting a few meters away.

Trident uses the D model of Narwhal, which is specifically designed as an export model to obtain foreign currency. However, they are quite expensive and their maintenance format is too unique, as such only mercenary groups like Trident, and European Union countries have bought them.[5]

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Trident uses a variety of transportation, armed or otherwise for their operations. During the invasion of Hawaii, Trident primarily used hovercrafts and off-road vehicles to traverse Hawaii's tropical terrain.[4] Furthermore, to carry out the invasion of land, Trident used landing ships for transportation of troops, vehicles and supplies. There is likely a presence of a fleet of larger ships along with it.[6] Trident uses tanks with reactionary armor,[7] as well as an armored command vehicles as well to relay operations and commands.[8]

Unmanned vehicles[edit | edit source]

Unmanned vehicles are utilized during the invasion of Hawaii. It is used an intelligence-gathering and espionage device.

The Lesser Emperor (ギンヤンマ Ginyanma?) is an aerial vehicle that resembles that of dragonfly, specifically named after the Lesser Emperor dragonfly. It was 20-30 centimeters long. Its body was made of polycarbonate and wings made of ABS resin, movement was due a motor, and it was equipped with a transmitter and a camera.[9] During the invasion of Hawaii, only three were known to capture important scenes.

The unmanned underwater vehicle, Cannibal Shark (カーニバルシャーク Kānibaru Shāku?) is also utilized during the invasion, monitoring and recording events just slightly above water and underwater.[10]

Other equipment[edit | edit source]

They also use conventional communications and intelligence-gathering equipment such as high-fidelity microphones and fiberscopes.[2]

Tactics[edit | edit source]

It has been noted that they're movements are similar to what a typical American military would do, this is most likely because of the high percentage of former American soldiers recruited by Trident. Along with this, Trident soldiers also carry out specialized anti-personnel soldiers such as Frogmen.[4]

Trident is also very malleable, willing to adopt the occult powers of GREMLIN in order to gain an advantage, as well as some rather unusual tactics such as erupting Kilauea to isolate Hawaii from the rest of America.[11]

Chronology[edit | edit source]

Toaru Majutsu no Index[edit | edit source]

World War III Arc[edit | edit source]

Main article: World War III Arc

NATO once tried to hire them for the war, but negotiations broke down before a price could be settled on. It is assumed that other nations and states hired them for other purposes.[1]

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index[edit | edit source]

Hawaii Invasion Arc[edit | edit source]

Main article: Hawaii Invasion Arc

Hired by Olay Blueshake, backed-up by the powers of the European Union, and working together GREMLIN, Trident carries out a brazen plan of invading and conquering Hawaii in under five hours,[4] as well, and most importantly, the ousting of the current government of United States into a theocracy.

They first appeared alongside a GREMLIN members dressed in their uniforms, in an attempt to rescue Saronia A. Irivika against the combined forces of Kamijou Touma, Accelerator and Hamazura Shiage. They later engage Accelerator, and utilizing occult techniques, injure him and may have killed him if not for Roberto Katze's intervention. They do not appear until much later after the eruption of Kilauea, where they successfully isolate Hawaii from the rest of the United States, prevent the launching of long-range missiles, aircraft and radar due to the volcanic ash. Their identity is later confirmed after their use of the Narwhal anti-ship missiles, and queer uniforms. The spread of the invasion is known much later, as their forces have now approached a scale they wanted, occupying Blackport Naval Base. Later, the Trident forces try to Pearl Harbor, destroying several ships and equipment, and nearly overwhelmed the troops there if not for the arrival of Accelerator, Leivinia Birdway and Mark Space and the operatives of the Dawn-colored Sunlight in Blackport Naval Base, to allow the troops to regroup and form a retreat.

After Olay Blueshake's identity is known, Trident forces later abandon their battle at Pearl Harbor, though they manage to destroy the Third Base. The forces are later strained as conflicting orders to continue with the invasion and to retrieve Lindy Blueshake is enacted. Internal conflict between, Saronia, Olay, and Cinesic Evers, with their own goals, strain their forces even more. Part of the forces are later sent to capture Lindy, against heavy resistance from American forces. They arrive in Lindy's home but is later stopped from capturing her by the efforts of Kuroyoru Umidori and Kamijou Touma, from there on they take down the forces up until Saronia's arrival and abandoning of her command just to do battle with Touma. The Trident forces continue pursuit of Lindy but is stopped by Leivinia, Shiage, Roberto and Misaka Mikoto's involvement. Roberto and Roseline Krackhart's forces later regroup and agree to capture Cinesic Evers, who despite threats of extrajudicial punishment and a more overwhelming war in the horizon, refuses to give up and relied on Saronia's defeating of Touma to continue the invasion. He then orders all remaining Trident forces to attack Napali Coast, the battleground between Saronia and Touma, although this did not help as Touma managed to beat her before their arrival. Cinesic Evers later negotiates their terms of surrender against the United States of America.

List of known Trident members[edit | edit source]

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