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Tsuchimikado Motoharu (土御門 元春 Tsuchimikado Motoharu?) is a recurring character in the Toaru Majutsu no Index series. He is Kamijou Touma's next-door neighbor and a student of A Certain High School's Class 1-7 alongside Touma and Aogami Pierce. The three of them are called the Three Idiots—Delta Force.[2]

Initially referred to off-handedly as Touma's other classmate and neighbor (though in the anime is shown earlier as a recurring side character), he is later properly introduced during the Angel Fall Arc, as a spy for several organizations, most prominently Academy City and Necessarius, and as the first known Magician-Esper hybrid. After the events of the invasion of Academy City, he later becomes an important character in the events of Toaru Majutsu no Index, and becomes a member of GROUP, which he joins to ensure the safety of his beloved stepsister Maika.


Motoharu's last name is derived from the Tsuchimikado clan that controlled Onmyoudou from the 11th century up until the middle of the 19th century, when it was prohibited by the government.

Moreover, his name is part of the theme of the Tsuchimikado family being based on seasons. The 'haru' part of Motoharu (元) can be translated as spring ( haru?).


He has dyed blonde hair[3] and is always seen with sunglasses and a gold chain around his neck. He wears shorts and only a green shirt with white floral patterns, reminiscent of stereotypical Hawaiian shirts, when not in his school. However, he wears the shirt along with his winter uniform. His appearance is due to the fact that he wants to be popular with girls, however, because of this, he is mistaken as a delinquent.[1] He is very well toned and muscular for his age.


As the meaning of his magic name indicates, he is a trickster and liar by his own admission, willing to betray anyone if it helps him. Maybe it's because of this attribute that he has survived being a agent of multiple various factions.

He takes his job seriously and is willing to abandon being a magician by becoming an esper for the sake of the Church.[4] He works behind the scenes to keep the balance of the two sides, and takes it hard when he fails, subtly telling Touma that the conflict between the Roman Catholic Church and Academy City started not because of Touma, but because someone (Motoharu) behind the scenes didn't do their job.[5]

Regardless of being a serious magician and a spy, Motoharu enjoys being a high school student. He is on good terms with Kamijou Touma and his classmates, and gets into various shenanigans with them.

However, he has shown to have a caring side, and that is with regards to his step-sister, Tsuchimikado Maika, on whom he dotes upon and loves.[1] His behavior with his step sister is the reason why he is referred to as the Siscon Sergeant.[6] It is shown that he easily gets jealous when Touma and Aogami Pierce were referred by Maika as Onii-chan.[7]

Maika is also the reason why he has stayed loyal to Academy City and puts his life in danger for it so he can protect the world Maika lives in.[8]


Before entering Academy City

According to him, Motoharu was an agent of Necessarius, as an Onmyouji Professor specializing in Feng Shui, and up until his graduation in middle-school, stayed in London most of the time. He is fluent in both Japanese and English, and upon Kanzaki Kaori's joining of Necessarius taught her how to speak English.[6]

In Academy City

He is later ordered to become an esper and infiltrate Academy City as a spy for the Church. Despite knowing the dangers of becoming a hybrid, Motoharu goes forward with it as the balance between the two sides were at stake. Tsuchimikado Touzu and Tsuchimikado Bishu become his fake family inside the city. The latter tells Bishu that it would fool the intelligence department of Academy City if he were to get a girl from an orphanage from outside of the City to pose as his sister. Motoharu doubted that it would only work for three days, though Bishu says that it is enough time. Motoharu finds Maika, choosing her as her circumstances made it easy for him to fake official records. He promises to do anything for her within his means if she follows his instructions, though Maika does follow him, she rejects Motoharu granting her wishes for him, stating that it should be given to someone who truly needs it.[4]

After entering Academy City, he was caught not in three days but a mere 36 hours. To ensure his survival he instead became a multi-organizational spy and was forced to watch his back for assassinations from both magic and science sides. With Maika, at first, the two lived in separate dorms. Motoharu analyzed that she wanted to be useful and further analyze that it was her fear of being abandoned that brought this. However, Motoharu realized that though she wanted to be useful, it is not because of the fear of abandonment but because she was truly kind. This epiphany made Motoharu realize that Maika was truly acting like a sister to him and need not analyze her as some stranger. From then on, Motoharu silently swore that he will truly protect Maika as his little sister. It was Motoharu that suggested for Maika to go to Ryouran.[4] He even indicates that she is the only one he will not betray.[8]

To become a spy for the Church, Motoharu required becoming an esper. He joined the Power Curriculum Program as a Level 0, rendering his usage of magic dangerous.[6] He, later, enrolls into A Certain Highschool, and was set into Tsukuyomi Komoe's Class 1-7, alongside Touma and Aogami Pierce, and became good friends with them.

There, behind the scenes, he manipulates information for several organizations, working both for Aleister Crowley and the Anglican Church.[9] People like Kanzaki Kaori apparently knows of his status as a spy, though it is unknown why he hasn't been reported or eliminated yet.[9] It can be assumed that him being a spy is known, but not public, and that he is too valuable to eliminate,[10], or that people have tried, but Motoharu manages to slip away. For the most part of the story, he is aware of the Imaginary Number District, as well as having exclusive access to Aleister Crowley in his Windowless Building. He is also aware of Touma's various trials, such as his rescue of Index, his assault with Stiyl Magnus of Misawa Cram School to rescue Himegami Aisa, as well as Touma's part in the shutdown of the Level 6 Shift and his defeat of Accelerator[1].


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Toaru Majutsu no Index

Index Arc

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In the anime, Motoharu is introduced alongside Aogami Pierce, making fun of Touma while the latter was being punished by Komoe. In the light novel, he is referred as being Touma's neighbor as first shown when before discovering the truth, Touma assumed that the bloody Index that was in front of apartment porch was Motoharu's vomit.

Deep Blood Arc

Main article: Deep Blood Arc

Once again in the anime, Motoharu comes along Aogami, and commenting on Touma's relationship with Index. He and Aogami Pierce is later taken to a fast-food restaurant, due to Index, and is allowed to buy food, due to Touma paying for them all. They later discover Himegami Aisa, where he, Aogami Pierce, and Touma, play a game of rock, paper, and scissors, in order to determine who gets to talk to help Aisa, who just lost all her money. Motoharu is not seen again for a while after Aisa gets taken back by the teachers of Misawa Cram School.

Angel Fall Arc

Main article: Angel Fall Arc

As his official debut, he comes to the beach with Kanzaki Kaori, as agents of Necessarius, being the only ones who are and are apparently able to deal with Angel Fall. He and Kanzaki were in Windsor Castle during the Angel Fall, and were thus able to detect and protect themselves from its effects.

In the original novel, Motoharu is the first person Touma meets that to him is completely normal, and warns him that Kanzaki is after him, as they have tracked the source of Angel Fall near him. After clearing up Touma's confusion of him being a spy and a magician, as well as his innocence, they later retire for the night, where Motoharu is forced to hide due to being in the form of Hitotsui Hajime. He berates Kanzaki's attitude towards Touma, telling him to be more thankful and trust him. After Hino Jinsaku's failed attack on Wadatsumi, and meeting Misha Kreutzev, they later agree on making Jinsaku the prime suspect of Angel Fall. They, later, travel to Touma's neighborhood the next day, as they see that Jinsaku has invaded his home, and with him leading the way, stealthfully make their way, from the police present. During the time where Kanzaki tries to set up a spell to distract the police, he discusses to Touma regarding feng shui and onmyoudou, as well as Kanzaki's history, telling Touma not to say his "such misfortune" catchphrase, as Kanzaki herself laments her own great fortune.

Jinsaku appears behind an unsuspecting Motoharu.

He and Touma, later, invade his home in the ground floor, while Kanzaki and Sasha take the second floor. Motoharu sees the queer amount of charms that Touma's father has collected, but is apparently too occupied to take action. They later get attack by Jinsaku, and with a little bit of fighting, take him down. After Touma discovers that Touya is the culprit of Angel Fall, he is later left alone with Jinsaku, telling Touma and Kanzaki to go after her. He later returns to the beach, during Misha being discovered as Archangel Gabriel, and later leaves, leaving Kanzaki to fend off Gabriel on her own.

Motoharu dominates Touma in their short fight.

In the Wadatsumi beachhouse, he drugs the denizens there including Index and Touma's cousin, and later tells Touma that Touya did indeed cast Angel Fall, but purely out of chance. He also tells Touma that to stop Angel Fall, and prevent Gabriel from destroying civilization itself, the ritual's location, which is Touma's house filled with charms and idols, need to be destroyed in one blow, and indicates that someone needs to be sacrificed. Seeing the implications, Touma, and then later Touya, fights him but is quickly dispatched. Soon after, Motoharu shows to Touma that the one that needs to be sacrificed isn't his father but himself, and uses magic, knowing that it would injure him. Touma tries to stop him, but the spell activates regardless, destroying Touma's house, and ending the crisis. Motoharu later visits Touma in the hospital, much to the latter's surprise, and shows him his ability, Auto-Rebirth, an esper power that heals him, though he is still Level 0, and that using magic might kill him. He leaves later, as Index, angered by Touma's actions against her (since she was in the form of Aogami Pierce), invades Touma's ward.

The anime adaptation, removes the entire Jinsaku subplot, allowing Motoharu to explain to Touma not to say his "Such misfortune" line later on, and as well as extremely limiting the explanation regarding Onmyoudou. In the anime adaptation, as Touma, Misha, and Motoharu, discover that Touya is the culprit behind Angel Fall, Touma's mother discovers Motoharu and hugs, as she is a fan of him (being that Motoharu is in the form of Hitotsui Hajime), forcing Motoharu to be left behind. It is unknown how Motoharu got Shiina safe from the eventual destruction of her home. Later, as Motoharu arrives in the beach, he does not talk with Kanzaki after discovering that Misha is an angel, and remains hidden from her, as he begins planning to stop Angel Fall.

Three Stories Arc

Main article: Three Stories Arc

With Aogami Pierce, he makes fun of Touma for not being able to finish his summer homework, this later evolves into fighting in the original novel, as he discovers that Maika has been calling the both of them as Onii-chan. He and Aogami are later mouth agape, as they see Misaka Mikoto, come upon Touma, who later drags him away.

Motoharu is later mentioned being contacted by Touma to deal with the Aztec Magician he just defeated.[11]

Kazakiri Hyouka Arc

Main article: Kazakiri Hyouka Arc

Motoharu appears before Aleister Crowley in the Windowless Building, telling him that Sherry Cromwell of Necessarius, has infiltrated Academy City. He states that he will go after her, being a magician of Necessarius, allowing the balance of magic and science side not to strain. However, Aleister tells Motoharu to stay his hand, as he wants to use Sherry for his plans with the Imaginary Number District, and Kamijou Touma, much to Motoharu's shock.

After the events of arc, Motoharu confronts Aleister's using of Touma, and implicating him in allowing Sherry to come into Academy City for the sole purpose of having her and the key to the Imaginary Number Sector get involved. Aleister later states that his plans are slowly coming into fruition thanks to the events that had transpired, sickening Motoharu, who later deduces parts of Aleister's Plans, the making of an artificial heaven, which Aleister gives a vague answer to. Disgusted with Aleister Crowley, Motoharu leaves, telling Aleister not to tread on Kamijou Touma's path, as he will surely destroy those illusions of his.

Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc

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With reports of the Book of the Law, being taken away by the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church, Motoharu is tasked by an unknown organization to steal it. Motoharu later sees the Knights of England, land upon the shores of Japan, but is quickly taken down by Kanzaki Kaori. Here, Motoharu probes Kanzaki's motivations for returning to Japan, but is disregarded, and is later threatened by Kanzaki if he ever gets in her way. However, Motoharu states that Kanzaki could never kill him, as she does not want to kill, and is the reason why she can never defeat him if they fought, for he is willing to risk all just to win.

During the Assault on the Church of Orsola, Motoharu once again meets up with Kanzaki and tells her that the rumors about the Book of the Law were false, as it was deliberately spread by the Roman Catholic Church to implicate and allow them to persecute the Amakusa Church and Orsola Aquinas. Here, Motoharu asks Kanzaki regarding her opinion on Touma with the Church, to which she states that she is proud of them, and with Touma, would go into a righteous path.

Motoharu is later seen after the events of the arc, visiting Touma in the hospital, and teasing Kanzaki about being more thankful to Touma by using her body.

Daihasei Festival Arc

Main article: Daihasei Festival Arc (Index)

Touma and Motoharu run for their lives.

In the arc, Motoharu along with Stiyl Magnus, as members of Necessarius, and one of the few members of the church with friendly relations with Academy City are sent out to deal with Oriana Thomson making a deal with the Stab Sword, and is forced to rely on a mission without Kanzaki Kaori. Touma later appears, and gives aid to the both of them, and here, Motoharu and Stiyl briefs Touma about the Stab Sword that is to be exchanged in Academy City, on how Kanzaki cannot be mobilized, and on Index to be kept away from the incident. Touma is the first one to make contact with Oriana, and contacts Motoharu and Stiyl. They give chase, but later end up in an abandoned automatic bus terminal. Motoharu tells Stiyl to place rune cards on all of the buses, while he and Touma chase after Oriana, dodging spells along the way. She later disappears from their sight, but Motoharu gains one of her flashcards that she used as a clue.

Motoharu creates a magic circle so they can determine Oriana's location with a 3 kilometer radius, with Stiyl performing the spell in his place. Immediately after, Stiyl is affected by a counterspell, causing him great pain. After a brief rest, he restates his determination to protect the world Index is in, and at any cause. Here, he uses the searching spell again, and though he is affected by the counterspell, the spell is able to determine Oriana's location. Discovering that it was in a middle school, Motoharu and Touma race towards there, infiltrating it and disguising themselves as students while the hectic events go on. Touma later mistakes one of the poles used in the competition as one of Oriana's spellcards, and Fukiyose Seiri pays the price for it, collapsing to the ground and enraging Touma. Motoharu later calls Stiyl to use the searching spell, telling Touma and Motoharu of Oriana's whearebouts. They later corner her after Motoharu contacts Stiyl to activate one of the rune cards that he set up on the buses a while back. At their confrontation, Motoharu is taken out of commission immediately as Oriana uses a spell that targets those who is already injured, as Motoharu was injured creating the spell previously, he collapses as Touma is forced to battle her alone.

After the battle with Oriana, Touma, Motoharu, and Stiyl meet again, with new information from Anglican Church. Regarding Oriana carrying a distraction for them, and the fact that the exchange is not actually about the Stab Sword, but of the Croce di Pietro, a powerful magical artifact that turns the territory it is established towards the ownership of the Roman Catholic Church.

Motoharu, exhausted after his fight with Oriana. Between him, Touma, and Stiyl, Motoharu is consistently injured throughout the arc.

They later split ways, gathering information on their own, and from here, Motoharu sees Oriana close by and contacts Touma and Stiyl, instructing them of her whereabouts using his spell, which he was forced to use on his own, injuring him further. While, Touma and Stiyl follow Motoharu's instructions, Oriana changes direction towards Motoharu, and Stiyl and Touma are unable to do anything about it. Motoharu does battle with Oriana, not being able to use any magic, his esper power utterly uses, and already injured, Motoharu is overwhelmed by Oriana. Motoharu only survives, as he threatens her that he can contact the Saint, Kanzaki Kaori, into the battlefield knowing that the Stab Sword is false, and that even if she kills him, it would all for naught, as she would've just be wasting time. Oriana leaves a bloody and exhausted Motoharu, who reestablishes contact with them, after his battle with her, sending out instructions. After, Himegami Aisa is taken out by Oriana due to the fear of Anglican agents that Motoharu has put into her, and forced Stiyl to look after her, Touma contacts Motoharu regarding the Croce di Pietro's condition of activation, where in the conversation, they come into the conclusion that the artifact might be using the stars somehow. Motoharu later confirms this after cleaning himself up, concluding that Lidvia Lorenzetti, and Oriana Thomson, are most likely using the constellations to activate the cross in some location inside Academy City. He meets up with Touma regarding this, and is later contacted by Orsola Aquinas, who has discovered the exact location where Croce di Pietro might be used in, using the constellations.

Stiyl later regroups with Touma and Motoharu after escaping Komoe. With Motoharu's special position in Academy City, they travel to 23rd School District, where Oriana would be and where Lidvia, the mastermind of the plot, would set the Croce di Pietro. Here, Stiyl tells them that it would be a bloodbath, to which Touma acknowledges. Sneaking around one of the airbases, they come upon, Oriana waiting on them for battle. Perhaps due to his exhaustion, Motoharu walks right into a trap, and forces both Touma and Stiyl to finish the mission on their own.

For the most part between Touma and Oriana's battle, Motoharu and Stiyl are unconscious. However, he later awakens as he witnesses Oriana and Lidvia's miscalculation, as the Night Parade covers the sky, preventing the Croce di Pietro to activate. Motoharu is later taken into intensive care afterwards for his injuries.

La Regina del Mare Adriatico Arc

Main article: La Regina del Mare Adriatico Arc

At the end of the arc he is giving Kanzaki Kaori a report on what happened and suggesting that she owes Touma many more favors and should return it all by wearing a Maid Outfit.

Academy City Invasion Arc

Main article: Academy City Invasion Arc

Motoharu discovers the plans of the Roman Catholic Church.

Before the invasion of Academy City by Vento of the Front, Motoharu enjoys a pleasant high school student day with his friends, he gets beaten up Fukiyose Seiri. In the original novels, he later asks Index and Touma finish up the huge amount of food Maika has left for him, not knowing that she was leaving him for a while, much to his horror. Still in the novels, he is with Aogami Pierce, in the School District 7 Underground Shopping Center, and teases Touma being with Last Order, and as their perversion begins showing, Touma runs away from them.

During the invasion, he remains unaffected by Vento of the Front's Divine Punishment, as he is too focused on his sister to antagonize Vento, he goes outside of the city, knowing that it was the only way to help with the situation. Here, he discovers that the Roman Catholic forces are planning to use Wooden Stake magic to skewer the people who have fallen unconscious due to Divine Punishment. He succeeds in halting this attack and later witnesses the phenomena of Fuse Kazakiri.

At the end of the arc Academy City has recovered Motoharu from the exterior.

Skill-Out Uprising

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He becomes a member of GROUP, and later talks and gives advice to Accelerator after their mission at ending of Dangai University Database Center attack, Motoharu convinces Accelerator that GROUP should work together in order to escape their own "prisons", the yoke of bondage of the higher-ups upon them, and expects all of its members, Musujime Awaki, and Etzali, to betray each other if they become a burden.

Document of Constantine Arc

A dumbfounded Suama finds her unable to grasp the reasoning of the students before her.

Main article: Document of Constantine Arc

He, Touma, Aogami and Seiri were sent to the teachers’ lounge after a scuffle was discovered by Oyafune Suama, a teacher at the school. The issue was about the three boys talking about which color would suit the bunny girl better (black, white or red), but Seiri in her attempt to silence them, chokes Motoharu, kicks Aogami and headbutts Touma. As punishment Suama orders the four to pick the weeds off the school grounds however Motoharu and Aogami ditch leaving Touma and Seiri to work together.

Motoharu "punishing" Monaka.

After a while of letting Oyafune Monaka and s explaining the current situation around the world to Touma, Motoharu appears and asks if she finished discussing things with him. She tells him yes and that it's his turn to take care of the rest, he pulls out a handgun from the buckle from his belt and shoots her in the gut with it causing her to fall on the ground. Shocked and angered by Motoharu's actions, Touma punches him and he falls to the ground, before he lost control Monaka stops him and tells him that she arranged for Motoharu to shoot her and that her vital spots were missed slightly. Her actions would be labeled as treason and her family and everything she holds dear will be attacked. She tells him that this decision to stop the chaos was not made as a whole from the other directors but from her own choosing. Motoharu calls the ambulance and tells Touma that they need to get moving to district 23 and there's a plane waiting for them thanks to Monaka's preparations. Touma is angry at the fact that instead of being so indirect for his help all she had to do was ask for it. Having no choice but to leave her in the state she's in, the two disappear before the ambulance arrive.

A bird's eye view of Avignon as Tsuchimikado Motoharu and Kamijou Touma skydive into the city.

As they are head for the airport, Tsuchimikado lets him know that Maika is taking care of Index so he doesn't have to worry about leaving her behind to starve. He also tells him that they're heading to France using the same plane Touma used to get back home for medical treatment after the Queen of the Adriatic Sea incident. Motoharu explains to Touma that the thing responsible for the riots and protests across the globe is the Document of Constantine or the C-Document for short. It's an spiritual item that makes believers of the Christian faith make them believe something is the absolute truth no matter how ridiculous is it. Before Motoharu can explain any further the plane's announcer informs them that they're at their destination. He hands Touma a parachute and forcibly opens the passageway door and strong winds blow right in to the plane. Touma is reluctant to jump right out the plane, but Motoharu not wanting to waste time forcibly kicks Touma's hands off a rail he was holding on too and flies right out the plane.

He later meets Touma and Itsuwa already fighting Terra of the Left and counters his taunt saying that he can come up with three different plans in ten seconds. He attacks regardless of knowing that they would be countered by his precedence spell and seemingly found the flaw in its design but, before he could perform the check mate Academy City bombers start attacking. When Terra leaves to protect the C-Document he instructs them to go after him and destroy it while he deals with the rampaging Academy City forces. After leading a group of a dozen on a chase he uses magic to cause a error in their power suit operating system that was then transmitted to the others that would take several minutes to fix and leave them venerable to the rioters. While he was planning to start to negotiating on halting the attack more jets arrive, and realizes that Academy City maybe soon planning to bomb Avignon. However, he wonders what Aleister is thinking as a simple bombing would not be enough to challenge the world of magic.

Battle Royale Arc

Main article: Battle Royale Arc

Apparently GROUP received word of Management conspiring with some kind of criminal organization ten hours prior,[12] and was sent to handle it despite being incomplete as Accelerator was in a mission in Avignon.

Tsuchimikado Motoharu meets with Management in a janitor's closet of a large department which was re-fitted to be like a small bar. Once in the meeting he does battle with Management, easily tricking him and coming out unscathed with

Motoharu prepares to fire at Management.

the man not even draw a weapon against Motoharu. Management tries to surrender but is ignored by Motoharu who shoots him in the side instead of killing him. He later calls some grunts to transport Management as well as send Unabara Mitsuki (actually Etzali) to investigate Management's apartment as part of his GROUP assignment, and is informed that Accelerator is gone likely due to being sent to Avignon for a mission.[13] He later stays behind to search for information regarding Management's actions with the organization.

Motoharu is later in communication with Etzali as he searches for clues in Management's apartment. He later overhears the attack by BLOCK.[12]

After the higher-ups have manipulated to have the Anti-Skill swarm in on Family Side, Tsuchimikado Motoharu and Musjime Awaki are in the Family Side fifteen minutes after the explosion. While Awaki is disappointed with the destruction of evidence, Accelerator appears before them. Motoharu asks if he has finished with his errand, though he tells him to shut up. Accelerator then asks if this was the spot where Unabara Mitsuki (Etzali) disappeared to. Motoharu confirms it and tells them that Management is currently being transported for interrogation, though he doubts he can get much from it, as such he sent Etzali to Management's apartment for data but mentions that the third floor was attacked and that the appliances have been taken away, something that Etzali mentioned in his report to him before the explosion. Awaki however points out that not all have been taken away, and shows a microwave oven blackened by the explosion, believing that it was probably not loaded with AI and as such cannot be inputted with additional information. As Accelerator whines about their situation, he kicks on the microwave oven only to discover stacks of money inside it. Awaki notes that the bills have anti-counterfeiting IC chips and that they may get some information from them, and that Etzali protected them from radio signals by using the microwave oven. Accelerator wonders if Etzali hid them and advance. Then Motoharu notices a man stuffed inside a closet and sees that the skin by the right calf leg was torn off, disturbing Awaki. Motoharu then explains the "magic" behind it, but summarizes that Unabara Mitsuki (Etzali) has the skill to substitute as other people. Motoharu says to them that Mitsuki is still alive, masquerading as one of those who attacked the apartment and he has no idea where he is.[14]

Putting the investigation on Etzali's disappearance on hold and having his fate in his own hands, GROUP continues with their original mission. They later receive word that the paddy wagon that held Management was attacked by an unknown assailant, with only him as a casualty and everyone else knocked unconscious. In their hideout in an empty store at the underground shopping center, GROUP tries to examine the paper money. Using the reader Motoharu had asked from their supplier, the machine starts analyzing. He discovers Management's shopping list, dealing with a single sniper as well a special sniper rifle, Sunazara Chimitsu and his MSR-001. Motoharu relates to them the specifications of the rifle as he continues to swipe the stacks of money for more information. By the fourth one, they find out that IC chips have been damaged, likely from heat or shock of the explosion, the stack having information regarding the business partner that hired the sniper. Giving up, Motoharu swiped the last pile of bills and discovers that they are the plans for the sniping, including the location of the sniping, the School District 7 concert hall. Motoharu notes that the plaza is being chartered for an address by Oyafune Monaka, one of the Board of Directors, and that she may be the target for assassination. He says that if that they should forget MItsuki (Etzali) to prioritize the assassination, and that the lowest "score" in the job will have to go and save him. Accelerator then whines about stopping the assassination, asking why they couldn't just stop the address. Motoharu of course gives the perfect response to this: the address has already started.[15]

Motoharu and Accelerator quickly left their hideout using Awaki's Move Point, tiring her out. With Awaki preoccupied with analyzing the rest of the IC chips, Motoharu and Accelerator have to deal with the assassination attempt about to take place. Arriving at the address, they find Monaka completely exposed in the open with only a few security guards around her. Accelerator begins whining again, and then asks why Motoharu goes out of his way to protecting her despite being a member of the Board of Directors. Motoharu then discuss to Accelerator the difference between Monaka and the other Board of Directors, whom Accelerator believes to be all scum, hence the reason Motoharu is willing to protecting her. Motoharu somehow convinces Accelerator with his argument.[16]

Accelerator and Motoharu noticing the inoperativity of the Wind Defense.

The two then try to determine the strengths and weaknesses of Monaka's security, noting of its Wind Defense technology set-up against sniper attacks. Suddenly, the both of them overhear Last Order talking to someone, actually Uiharu Kazari, saying that she is looking for a "lost child", and somehow managing to end up in the plaza. This irritates Accelerator, but amuses Motoharu. However, he himself becomes serious after seeing a young girl in a maid outfit mixing among the crowd, likely Tsuchimikado Maika, realizing that there may be stray bullets. Then they realize that some of the Wind Defense deployed in the plaza aren't working, shocking Motoharu. Then they actually hear the devices being hit by Sunazara Chimitsu's bullets, scrambled into action. Motoharu tried to get closer to Monaka to relay the danger to her but was unable to do so due to the crowd. With all the Wind Defenses gone, Accelerator was forced into action.[17] Before Chimitsu could shoot Monaka, an explosion at the corner of the concert hall front plaza was deliberately triggered by Accelerator, destroying one of the vehicles carrying a Wind Defense device. The surprise was enough for Chimitsu to miss his mark. He tries to shoot again but Monaka's bodyguards have already surrounded her and took her downstage. He shoots at his moving target but only struck one of the guards, who was knocked down but not killed because of his bulletproof equipment. Now knowing of a sniper the guards completely surrounded Monaka, hiding her behind them.[18]

By the time Motoharu arrived at the hotel room Chimitsu has already left. He later calls Accelerator to report on that fact, but states to him that Chimitsu continuing his sniping is low. Motoharu then tells Accelerator to have Monaka's speech suspended and have it transferred after security measures are set up again. Accelerator then reports to Motoharu on how Musujime Awaki have finished analyzing the IC chips in Management's stacks of cash and tells him that SCHOOL is behind the assassination attempt.[19]

It was lunch time as they are in a camper van being driven by one of their grunts. After a few banters between each of them regarding their food choices, Accelerator asks if they have something on SCHOOL. Motoharu says that he tried accessing the Bank but discovered nothing came up other than their name, concluding that they likely have the same secrecy with GROUP. Awaki cuts in, saying that she tried to dig in as well, saying that multiple organization names like SCHOOL and GROUP came out as well, and surprising Motoharu. Awaki summarizes what she knows: GROUP, SCHOOL, ITEM, MEMBER, and BLOCK, all unofficial units created by putting a few people together. Accelerator listens on the conversation between Motoharu and Awaki where they could not confirm that it was SCHOOL that attacked Management's apartment.[20]

The members of GROUP had finished eating their lunches separately and were now discussing their plan for the upcoming investigation, but they were immediately cut off as they receive word that the Virus Isolation Center is being hacked. Accelerator whines on how they shouldn't be the one to deal with it as there are other organizations like them, but Motoharu says that they have different duties so there is no guarantee that the organizations would act, moreover, he says that the others may have betrayed Academy City. Realizing that the hacking may be used to spread a virus from Academy City to the Internet, the External Connection Terminals have all been shut down to prevent leakage, except one, the west terminal in School District 13. Motoharu references that whoever is doing the attack may be luring them to the district. As the driver takes to them to the district, he asks them about the deal with Oyafune Monaka, where he is informed that they'll deal with it later. When asked about saving Unabara Mitsuki, he is informed that they never intended in saving him.[21]

As they head towards the district, they are informed by the driver that there is currently an hacking on a satellite control center belonging to an aerospace engineering laboratory in School District 23. Accelerator frowns at the news as it means the hacker is targeting the Hikoboshi II, a satellite with a large caliber ground-attack laser. Awaki is in unease by the news as well, as the cracking on the Virus Isolation Center is still going. Motoharu points out that they are splitting up the counter-measure team and they just can't ignore one or the other as they don't know which one is a decoy or not. Reaching an empasse, Accelerator says that the answer is obvious. He gets out of the RV while it is moving, already using his powers, to which Motoharu yells at him. Accelerator explains to him that he doesn't like dealing with decoys and that he's going to School District 23 to stop the hacking by destroying the antenna used to contact the satellite. He then tells them to do the odd jobs without him. Accelerator then jumps on a car, pointing a gun to its driver, saying that he'll pay him gas and labor, ordering him to go School District 23.[22]

Awaki and Motoharu would later blow up the center of the Western External Communication Terminal as the formalities were too much of a bothersome for them.[23]

After the massacre near the outer wall, Motoharu and Awaki later joins up with Etzali and Accelerator. After Motoharu explains to them on how they destroyed the center of the western External Connection Terminal, Awaki asks Etzali a question if BLOCK was behind everything despite SCHOOL behind the assassination attempt of Oyafune Monaka. Etzali answers that they probably have their own plans as they caused separate incidents and that they just happen to have a point of contact with Management. Accelerator references MEMBER as well. GROUP then moves on to the area near the outer wall where the massacre happened and comes upon a survivor of the onslaught of the Six Wings. Motoharu demands answers from the man on what they were going to attack using 5,000 mercenaries. After some hesitation, the man says that they were planning on attacking School District 10, specifically the Reformatory. Hearing this, Awaki demands to know why as her comrades are being kept in the facility as well. The man tells her that they were after Move Point. Hearing her ability name being mentioned shocks her. The man says that they had information that Move Point's companions are being held in the Reformatory, and that if they capture her comrades they can negotiate with her. As she asks herself why they had to single her out, the mercenary reveals that it is because she is the guide to Aleister Crowley's Windowless Building. He says that BLOCK acquired information that the guide is Move Point despite the identity of the guide being confidential and had her investigated in order to find materials to use in a negotiation. Motoharu asks him what they were going to negotiate with the guide about, to which he says they wanted information on the route through which materials are brought into the building as so they can blow it up using a Synchronous Multilayer Bomb. The mercenary says that the chaos in the world needs to be stopped before War comes. The man continues by saying that negotiating with Move Point would be difficult, and that they worked under the assumption that she wouldn't help them. Awaki agrees, and asks if he knows who he is talking to. Horror dawns upon the man as he realizes this, before he could utter his surprise Awaki finishes cuts off, driving metal stakes all over his body, though it seemed he was still alive. Motoharu urges the others to go to School District 10 to stop BLOCK.[23]

Traveling in an ambulance to School District 10, GROUP discusses the layout of the Reformatory, discovering that there are secret rooms for the likes of Awaki's comrades, as well as its esper countermeasures such as the AIM Jammer. Motoharu warns that they can use their powers in spite of the AIM Jammer but says that it is possible to have their powers go out of control, especially those that use complex calculations, making it dangerous for the likes of Accelerator and Awaki.[24]

Group outside the Reformatory.

When GROUP arrives at the Reformatory, they notice that eerie lacked of gunfire. As the pass through the gate and came to a traffic circle for vehicles that shuttered prisoners around, Accelerator notices the slightly painful effects of the AIM Jammer. Luckily however, it doesn't hinder his walking, though he notes he should avoid switching over to esper mode. His thoughts on the devices used in the facility against espers is cut off after they find the strange state of corpses of BLOCK mercenaries. Motoharu comments on how they all lost their lives to their own weapons, to which Etzali asks if it was suicide. However, he realizes something, but before he could speak of it there was a voice behind them.

Xochitl approaches Group.

It is Xochitl, who calls out to Etzali who was in the guise of Unabara Mitsuki. Seeing this, Accelerator thinks she's from BLOCK, but she says that she is from MEMBER, though she just used them and had no intention of joining them. Etzali reacts to Xochitl, asking for who she is, to which Xochitl responds and says his real name. Etzali was shocked and then Xochitl finally removed her disguise. Xochitl states that she needs to thank BLOCK on account of the esper powers being halved in the Reformatory as so she doesn't need to worry with his companions getting in the way. Etzali then asks why she's there, telling her that she's not suppoed to have a spell that can do what she did (regarding the mercenaries getting killed by their own weapons). Etzali says that Xochitl was supposed to be in a position in their cabal that kept her away from any dirty work. She tells her reasons and that is to kill him as he had defected to Academy City. Hearing of this Tsuchimikado Motoharu realizes Etzali's situation. Etzali tells the rest of GROUP that he will deal with Xochitl while they go on ahead. He then tells to them her name is Xochitl, an Aztec magician who also belonged to the organization he was in before coming to Academy City. Xochitl then says that she only came for Etzali and doesn't care if they go off. However, she then says on how she wonders if "they" will let them. At that moment gunshots are heard, prompting Accelerator and Motoharu to take cover. Motoharu discovers that BLOCK's mercenaries were waiting to see what would happen between them, and asks Xochitl if they really have to deal with them but she just ignores him.[25]

With time of the essence Accelerator tells Motoharu and Musujime Awaki to go on ahead. He tells them that he can't walk without his cane, and that he can't use his powers carelessly due to the AIM Jammer. Moreover, they can't count on Awaki's Move Point ability. He then states that it makes sense for the slowest person to stay back to hold the mercenaries off. He instructs Motoharu to provide support to Awaki as they have no idea how many people from BLOCK are inside the Reformatory, and that they need to plan on there being a large group inside they have to fight. With that their duties have been confirmed, Unabara Mitsuki (Etzali) will deal with Xochitl, Accelerator will deal with the mercenaries coming out of the building, and Motoharu and Awaki would rescue the people in the special cells.[25]

Tsuchimikado Motoharu and Musujime Awaki were able to enter deeper into the Reformatory, noting on how the AIM Jammer gets stronger the deeper they go. Motoharu then tells Awaki that her power is strong but that also means one wrong move could take her life. He tells her that she does not use it where they are. This perturbs Awaki, saying that it sounds like she has no value beyond her power. Motoharu however gestures her to keep quiet as they hear noises. Saku Tatsuhiko with Teshio Megumi were already before a solitary confinement cell trying to break the metal doors open with explosives. Seeing them, Tatsuhiko says that they must be from GROUP. Awaki didn't act immediately due to the effects of the anti-esper devices including the AIM Jammer in the facility. Motoharu tries to fire a gun on Tatsuhiko, but before he could do so, he sticks a wire into the door and tells them that he is using a plastic explosive and an electric fuse. Megumi then shouts at him, but Saku says that they must use the hostage behind that metal door. After removing his hand from the bomb he then takes out a detonation device. He says that the amount of explosives he has set has been adjusted, and the blast will all go into the door. He laments on how though it is easy to destroy the door, since the two from GROUP arrived the safety of the hostage cannot be guaranteed as he couldn't finish setting it up. Suddenly, a loud explosion rang out in that hallway where they gathered due to an enraged Awaki using having teleported a few objects into the wall. Tatsuhiko smiles, recognizing that they are before the Move Point, the very reason why they attacked the Reformatory in the first place. Tatsuhiko is glad that he has the hostage and the person to negotiate with before them. Awaki then asks if what would happen if she refuses their demands. However, Tatsuhiko is confident that she won't refuse, knowing about the AIM Jammer and the anti-esper devices in the facility. This silences Awaki. Tatsuhiko then asks if they have learned anything fromt the 0930 Incident. He says that because of that incident they have learned that Aleister Crowley doesn't always have control and that there are ways to escape his grasp. Awaki replies however that they are also trampling others in the process, and compares it to the massacres of the Age of Exploration. But Tatsuhiko says that what is he wishing for, a paradise or heaven that he doesn't have, is something all humans do. Motoharu is hesitant on firing Tatsuhiko in the fear that the detonation device might accidentally trigger an explosion, while Awaki is too enraged to do anything. Seeing the impasse, Megumi tells Tatsuhiko that using the hostage won't help. Tatsuhiko is confused by her words, saying that the hostage's value just went up. Megumi explains on how the hostages were supposed to draw Move Point, Awaki, into a negotiation because BLOCK didn't know where she was, but now since she is right in front of them, the hostage and the bomb is not needed any longer. She then tells Tatsuhiko that since from the beginning she was against what they were doing, and that she only agreed to take hostages as it was absolutely necessary. Tatsuhiko then states that they cannot do that as they have 38 hostages now, a big opportunity that they cannot waste. He asks her if she started feeling empathy for the kids inside the cell due to her history in Anti-Skill. Megumi tries to reply but Tatsuhiko continues his tirade against her, saying that he will kill Aleister and that if she gets in the way he will kill her too. Before he can finish his sentence however, Megumi punches him. Her punch was enough to knock him unconscious and make him foam in the mouth.[26]

Because of the AIM Jammer, Motoharu couldn't rely on Awaki and her power. Not knowing how Megumi would attack, Motoharu was careful on not approaching her carelessly. Motoharu took his gun and shot an even scattering of bullets to stop Megumi from escaping. As a response to this, Megumi kicks up the bag of explosives Tatsuhiko was using to stop Motoharu's shooting. Seeing him stop to avoid hitting the explosives, Megumi runs toward him as he tries to shoot at her. She bends down, missing his shot. Before Motoharu could adjust his aim, she tackled him down square in the gut. The force was powerful enough to hurl Motoharu a few meters back. Motoharu asks if what she is doing is an Anti-Skill technique, but Megumi says that if it was used by Anti-Skill the children would get killed. As they spoke Motoharu fired his gun, but she easily dodge his shots. As the clip of Motoharu's gun emptied, Megumi went towards him and took the gun from him. Once again Megumi tackled him to the wall, knocking him out this time.[27] Motoharu is unconcsious for much of Awaki's fight with Megumi.

After Etzali later successfully takes ownership of the grimoire that took over Xochitl's body, he meets up with the rest of GROUP, all of whom were not unscathed.[28]

Due to BLOCK's collapse things have settled down. Motoharu was taking care of wrapping things up, Awaki was taking care of her wounds, and Etzali was safe and likely took Xochitl to a hospital.[29] Motoharu would later end up where ever Accelerator ends up in. He later retrieves the Tweezers after Kakine Teitoku is torn apart by Accelerator in their battle.[29]

At some unknown point in time later in an unknown location, Accelerator, Tsuchimikado Motoharu, Unabara Mitsuki (Etzali), and Musujime Awaki gathered together. Motoharu shows the Tweezers that he had recovered from the confusion after Accelerator's fight with Kakine, shocking him that he was hiding among the onlookers. Motoharu references on how SCHOOL was able to collect a nanodevice known as UNDER_LINE and store it inside the Tweezers in order to examine it. Accelerator becomes suspicious on how much Motoharu, and realizes that he may have been taking secret actions of his own. Motoharu shows to them the information inside the UNDER_LINE, the core of Aleister's direct communications network. Seeing that it was all a bunch of information they were able to get on their own, and that it was just information the higher-ups are gathering to keep an eye GROUP's actions, they become dismissive of it. However, Motoharu reveals that there is one more, and says the last one the list of information displayed on the Tweezers’ screen is the word DRAGON. After all that fighting, they made at least one little discovery, a key that they could potentially use.[29]

Acqua of the Back Arc

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He appears at the beginning of the novel with the rest of his classmates lamenting the fact they had nothing to eat, when Fukiyose Seiri comes up with the plan for all of them to run out side at the same time and spit up he pulled out a scrap piece of printing paper and immediately drew a detailed map of the school. As they ran form Gorilla-sensei he used sacrificed Aogami Pierce knocking him down as he was climbing a fence and cursed when Gorilla-sensei choose not to take the sacrificial bait.

His voice his heard in a form of a yell after Maika dumps the cream stew she made for their dinner in order to one-up Itsuwa's miso soup.[30]

Tsuchimikado teases Kanzaki, showing her the new fallen angel ero maid costume.

He appears again at the end of light novel, Kanzaki is confused about how she should thank Touma, that is only worsened by Tsuchimikado Motoharu saying to her that the only way to pay her debt back to Touma is by wearing the fallen-angel maid costume (Erotic version). Kanzaki now in a state of confusion told Motoharu to bring the costume which he immediately begins to regret at seeing her reaction and ten minutes later she enters Touma's room where the "fallen angel accident" happens.

British Royal Family Arc

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He is first seen with the rest of the class discussing the budget for their Ichihanaransai with Aogami, complaining how their school is mediocre and has no burning spirit. The conversation digresses to talk about waitresses and maids after Touma is called out by Seiri for doing being idle, much to her frustration.[31]

He calls from Touma telling him that Index is needed in England and being her caretaker Touma has to go with her, already preparing everything that Touma needs to leave. When Touma flat out refuses after what happened in Chioggia, Italy and Avignon, France; Motoharu simply throws a canister of knockout gas into his apartment[32] and leaves them stranded at the airport, Sphynx included, forcing them to take the long flight to England.[33]


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Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Homecoming Arc

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After Patricia Birdway calls Leivinia Birdway, interrupting her protracted lecture in Touma's room, Accelerator steps out of the balcony, to which Motoharu calls out for attention. Accelerator asks what he's doing here, to which Motoharu replies that he should've done his research and points out he lives next door. Motoharu states that he has some free time now after Accelerator dismantled GROUP and asks him to keep him company. After a short silence, Accelerator asks how much he knows about Freshmen, to which he says that he knows enough and had expected for a group like them to show up. Motoharu states that Awaki and Mitsuki (Etzali), is probably thankful towards Accelerator, though just won't say it. However, he points out that they may not be able to leave the problems that have been left dangling such as Aiwass and DRAGON. Accelerator then asks about his situation. Motoharu replies that he still has a lot of things to do despite Accelerator dismantling the city's darkness, and states that not only is he a spy for the science side but he is also related to the darkness of the territory Accelerator have just stepped one foot in, saying that he'll continue as the same as he was before. He promises however that he will not sink as low as the Freshmen. In the end, Motoharu thanks Accelerator for trying to help him and the other around them. Accelerator clicks his tongue in annoyance as to be expected, but Motoharu simply smiles in turn. Motoharu states that he will not stop him from entering the darkness of the magic side, but tells him that he should establish his own stance, as transcending good and evil is not an excuse for becoming some indecisive bastard who doesn‟t choose either. Then, a ruckus from inside erupts with Last Order and Misaka Worst quarreling, prompting Motoharu to retreat back into his room.[34]

Ichihanaran Festival Arc

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Eve of the Festival

Motoharu appears with Aogami Pierce doing the preparations for the Ichihanaransai, meeting up with Touma after he was dragged around town by Fukiyose Seiri, and reuniting the three idiots for the first time since the start of the English Civil War. Motoharu asks Touma what he thinks about the cultural festival, and says that things that have a cosplay aspect to it like a cafe or a haunted house is a standard in a cultural festival, and later get into an argument with both Aogami Pierce and Touma after the latter points out that they shouldn't go too crazy with what their presenting for the festival as they are being watched. Their fight however, is stopped by the timely arrival of Seiri.[35]

During the Festival

Motoharu is near her step-sister during the time Silvia, Brunhild Eiktobel, and Leivinia Birdway pass them by. He was standing in line for popcorn, when he noticed the powerful magicians passing by his sister. Despite the danger of facing them, Motoharu tries to pull something out of his pocket, but is relieved after they only passed by, noting on how there is no way he could defeat them in a straight fight.[36]

Agitate Halation Arc

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Motoharu predicting that Maika will be used as a tool of negotiation against him as a reprisal for his investigation of the Agitate Halation Project, is forced to use dark side tactics to protect her, something that he never hoped to do. He forces her to believe that she has to clean an automated factory in School District 17 as an extracurricular activity. He then fakes her death by burning her dorm and having the media and the dark side believe that she has been killed. In essence, Motoharu has "killed" her officially.[37] Moreover, seeing him as an apparent detriment to his revenge, had an unconscious Kamijou Touma sealed into a box, and have him shipped into the School Garden, where males are not allowed to tread. Here, he sends Touma out in a wild goose chase to find a magician and a spiritual item,[38] that is most likely fake.

A disguised Motoharu prepares for vengeance.

He first visits the designer of the weapon that would have been used to kill his sister, Fugan Ryuuzou. He manhandles and handcuff Ryuuzou. He asks the reason but Motoharu says that he can answer it himself. He then sees the news of the burning of Maika's dormitory, and pleads to Motoharu that he only sold the designs and have done no wrong directly to him with his hands. With a cold smile, Motoharu says that he is lying and knows that Ryuuzou knows the people the weapon he designed for because he is meticulous in that manner. Ryuuzou demands proof but Motoharu lets him go, taking a toolbox from his truck and lining up a tools on the street. Motoharu threatens Ryuuzou with novel ways of torturing him and comes for his finger. Ryuuzou acquiesces to Motoharu's threats and says that he will talk, an advantageous event for Motoharu as he had no time to torture Ryuuzou. Motoharu tells him that he will kill him if they are seen and says that he should tell him everything quickly. Ryuuzou laments in getting caught in something that he should have not been and fears for his life against them. Ryuuzu says to Motoharu that he wasn't able to track the people that commissioned him, saying that it was his first time in losing the trail to them. He states that the very fact that he lost their trail indicates that they are too dangerous to investigate. Seemingly satisfied with this, Motoharu lets Ryuuzou but takes away his business phone. Motoharu indicates that he is impressed by the fact that he hid the gold bars that he got from doing requests in designing weapons inside his tanker truck and labeled it as Diazinon Insecticide to deter Anti-Skill. However, after tossing it towards the still detained Ryuuzou, he discovers that Motoharu has contacted the hyenas of Academy City and divulged his secret towards them. Motoharu announces that he has 5 to 10 minutes left before they arrive, and that someone important may be mixed in with them that would lead him to a person that could give better information than Ryuuzou. Motoharu says that he will not kill him because it is more effective to have him struggle. He however recommends Ryuuzou to wait out the storm by hiding. He then proceeds to crush his right knee. In pain, the man screams as Motoharu curses him for though "he did not pull the trigger he made the gun" so to speak. Ryuuzou tells him that he cannot run away if he is handcuffed, but Motoharu says he doesn't care. Struggling around, Ryuuzou asks what Motoharu is trying to get to go this far, and he replies the Agitate Halation Project.[39]

The hyenas later arrive, dismantle the trailer and separately carry the gold bars to a single location, so that a mediator can pick it up and have it laundered. Using a special perfume, Clairpharm #1056, Motoharu tracks the gold bars into an abandoned laundromat. He finds two guards and quickly dispatches, and there here meets the Spider Queen. She tries to draw out her firearm but stops as it would draw Anti-Skill into the laundromat. Spider Queen is angered on how Motoharu must've put a scent on it to track it. Motoharu taunts the Spider Queen about the perfume he used to mark the gold bars, and the Spider Queen acquiesces to an exchange. Motoharu asks about who would want to kill someone for a name like the Agitate Halation Project. The Spider Queen points out that he is overestimating him, though Motoharu doesn't buy it, stating that it her specialty in dealing with the people below her. The Spider Queen lies, stating that she can only wrap her "web" around those she deals with directly as an intermediary. Motoharu sees through her lie, and tells her that she needs information from people that aren't just her allies, blatantly stating that she knows more than she is willing to tell. The Spider Queen sighs at his discovery, and tells that she should just kill him and abandon the gold. Motoharu states that he knows that she may be killed if the information gets out, and suggests faking her death and getting cosmetic surgery as she has the funds for it. Frustrated, the Spider Queen tells Motoharu that she hasn't worked and allocated any personnel for anything related to the term Agitate Halation. Motoharu asks if she could've taken a job from it without being told the name, to which the Spider Queen says it is a possibility. However, she points out that she should have heard of the term at some point during the job. She tells of pawns using the internet to get dangerous jobs directly without use of intermediaries such as her. Motoharu asks if there is a way of knowing when that happens. She tells that there are a few pawns who have left her control in the middle of another job, but that's the limit of her knowledge. She says that Motoharu is free to attack them but doubts he will find what he is looking for. Motoharu states that it is fine, stating that he would try them all and hopes of getting the right one while doing so. The Spider Queen then writes down the names on a corn starch paper using chocolate ink, stating that Motoharu could eat it to get rid of the information she has written.[40]

With that, the Spider Queen asks what perfume Motoharu used, to which he states is Clairpharm #1056. Hearing that is was a cheap perfume that could easily disappear at 300 degrees, the Spider Queen throws a tantrum and fires her gun like crazy. Motoharu flips her off as one last mocking gesture and leaves, eating the memo.[40] Tracking down the person's on the memos, Motoharu finds that a 10-man team was hired to kill Maika, but then discovers that all but one have died unnatural deaths. Starting from a mall in School District 15 and eventually on the rooftops of the district, Motoharu chases the last member of the team. Motoharu had to contend against the man's Ultrasonic weapon, Motoharu manages to turn the tables on the man, and injuring him. Torturing him, he tells Motoharu his profession. He is a Destroyer, who is employed to kill his comrades. This confirms that the deaths of his teammates was not a cover up for the killing of his sister. Motoharu demands to know who behind all this is, to which he does not want to say for he fears them greater than the pain that Motoharu would undoubtedly do to him. As Motoharu tries to goad him through the use of a queer torture method, someone hits the man with the Sniper Bee. An assassin was sent to execute him, and Motoharu is forced into hiding. In excruciating pain, the man asks for reprieve, to which Motoharu is willing to help save his life in exchange for the information. The destroyer tells him of Yakumi Hisako, to which Motoharu gives him a bottle of toothpaste to use, the same one that he would use for his torture a while ago. Little did the man know that Motoharu was incapable of saving him, and gave him the toothpaste to consume as a means to give him a quick death.[41] Pinned down by a sniper, Motoharu is forced to use his magic, and destroys the roof below him to escape. He is injured because of the backlash. Knowing that the sniper would report to the person running the Agitate Halation Project, Motoharu moves quickly towards School District 13.[42]

Motoharu visits Yakumi Hisako in her hospital in School District 13, he takes the highly virulent Wildcard coccus from the Critical Pathogen Specimen Freezer from the hospital, and had manipulated Hisako into being alone. She falls right into his hands, and subdues her as she tries to evacuate the hospital. He tells her that she is not the one he is after but Kaizumi Tsugutoshi, apparently the one who is running Agitate Halation Project and the cause of his sister's "death". Being a member of the Board of Directors, he knows that they have ways of contacting each other. He demands her to hand it over as so to tell them that he will be coming over, and Hisako complies.[42] Motoharu contacts them that he is coming, and leaves, taking with him the W. coccus for negotiation purposes, not intending to use it as it is too indiscriminate, though it is all for not as Motoharu passes by a tanning salon, probably deliberately, killing the bacteria.[43] Little did he know that his true enemy was right before him and he let her slip away.

Seeing that he is coming, Kumokawa Seria has Kaizumi Tsugutoshi remove all normal guards, removing his hiding places. She also made sure that the only entrance that Motoharu can enter in is in the front door, where she will be expecting him.[44] Although knowing that they are luring him in, Motoharu has no choice but to enter, there, he confronts Kumokawa Seria, the brains behind Kaizumi Tsugutoshi. Motoharu mocks her ineptness as he can simply shoot her from his position and she has no cover. But Seria reiterates her point and blankly states that she has total control over him. Motoharu asks if the Agitate Halation Project is important enough to warrant the "death" of his sister, to which Seria states that she has no obligation to answer him. Motoharu reminds her that he has the Wildcard coccus, but Seria states that Motoharu had no intention of releasing the bacteria in the first place as he didn't have the guts, as is the reason why she isn't wearing a mask and protective suit. Seria notes on how he didn't just scatter it beforehand and even had to contact them saying that he does so as proof of her knowledge, and she was right. Kumokawa Seria has profiled Motoharu before he arrived. Seria points out that Motoharu likes to thinks himself different from other people in the dark side of Academy City, a sense of professionalism that would not allow himself to involve people who are not part of the dark side, as such he will not use W. coccus. Hearing this, Motoharu asks her if he can read his pain, to which Seria says that it is cliched. Motoharu agrees, but warns her that she doesn't everything about him and that even if her data on him is accurate it is still faulty. Seria points out that what he's thinking is because she led him to hinking it. And with that, there is nothing left to discuss between them.[43]

Seria collapses as Motoharu enacts his curse on her.

Kumokawa Seria has analyzed and read every move Tsuchimikado Motoharu has made as well as used her surroundings to influence his decisions. Using her mind, she took control of their "hearts" and made use of their fear to make them lose their true potential. Seria decides to walk leisurely according to rationalizations. Motoharu approached right in front of her, abandoning his weapons and opted for hand to hand combat. However, Motoharu was an open book, and she could read all of his moves, claiming that his status has dropped to the same level as an average high school girl. Suddenly, Motoharu's hand reached out and plucked out her eyeballs. However, despite this, Seria simply mocks at his attempts. With a smile, she revealed a hidden handgun inside her sleeve and shot at Motoharu's gut, making him collapse. Seria points out his flaw, she states that he was the type to slowly savor his revenge, but when he started to eliminate her as quickly as possible, he should've realized that he was being led on by her. With the deed done, Seria tries to call Tsugutoshi on how it is over, and to prepare the parts she had put in Micro Cosmos as a replacement for her missing eye.[45]

Just then however, she felt a strange pressure in her chest. She soon discovers that Motoharu is still alive and that he is using her eyeball for a spell. It is magic, something Seria has no knowledge about on Motoharu, the only missing part in her profile on him. Using her eye as a medium, Motoharu was able to put a curse on Seria and she collapses, a battle won out of simple lack of information. Motoharu can't celebrate just yet however as he still has to deal with Tsugutoshi. Believing that the normal paths towards him have traps, Motoharu, despite being injured from being shot and using magic, opts to climb from the outside the building to reach the 50th floor where Tsugutoshi's office lie.[45] Tsugutoshi, awaits Motoharu, who bursts into the office behind him. Meeting each other's sights, Motoharu asks him if he is prepared, to which Tsugutoshi confirms. Motoharu states that his death will not be quick but protracted and painful, but Tsugotoshi states that he was prepared for such a thing the moment he sat on his chair. However, he warns him that he may not understand what's going on and that even though killing him will end his revenge, he will never reach satisfaction as he does not know the truth. Motoharu says that he doesn't care for the Agitate Halation Project anymore, and only revenge is in his mind on everyone who is behind it. Tsugotoshi asks that if that's true, then would his revenge not end when Motoharu dies. Tsugotoshi lays down his cards, he plainly states that it was Motoharu that has "killed" Maika after discovering a reprisal on his investigations were afoot. To protect her, Motoharu faked the death of his sister by using techniques of the dark side of Academy City. Tsugotoshi points out that his revenge is nothing by a farce. Motoharu states that the mere fact that someone targeting her life made him reach pass his boiling, as is the reason for his rampage. The old man does not understand why he didn't do his revenge behind the scenes, but Motoharu replies that is because he "killed" her. Despite saving her and the possibility of her life getting back to normal, he still betrayed her by breaking the rules he had set-up for himself, and used the ways of the dark side of Academy City. Tsuchimikado Motoharu has failed from saving Tsuchimikado Maika from getting involved in the dark side of Academy City. That is the reason why he has been going into a irrational rampage unbecoming of his cold demeanor when it comes to the dark side of Academy City.[37]

Hearing his explanation, Tsugutoshi warns that the Agitate Halation Project runs much deeper than he thinks, and things will grow much worse. Motoharu accuses the old man of being behind the project himself. Tsugutoshi doesn't convince him any further knowing that he will not listen to what he will say, and says to Motoharu that he will understood soon enough. Having enough of his ramblings, Motoharu prepares for the man's torture, silencing him with a single blow, and tied his arms and legs to the chair with wire. Still conscious, Tsugutoshi tells him that he has not the time to a disbelieving Motoharu, who believes that he no longer has any pawns and allies. Tsugutoshi points out that it has nothing to do with whose side anyone is on. Motoharu mocks him for saying that a totally unrelated hero will show up. However, he still continues saying that a hero will surely come, and that he will now learn what he has been involved in. Just then, the elevator to the office has arrived.[37]

Tsugutoshi states that he has no idea who will come for him, and that he or she may not be involved in the darkness at all. However, he tells him that he or she will surely be his enemy. Tsugutoshi then realizes that he being killed was not the call by for Motoharu and the person to defeat each other. It was set up that way since the beginning. Motoharu becomes confused, realizing that his clash with Seria and Tsugutoshi were nothing but a means to an end. Wanting some answers, Motoharu demands Tsugotoshi to tell him of his involvement with the Agitate Halation Project, to which he confirms to him that he is just like him, working to try and destroy the Agitate Halation Project. He says that his failure to stop it may be enough of a reason for him to being involved in Maika's "death". While Motoharu is confused, Tsugutoshi asks what Motoharu will do now, stating that if the both of them are defeated, no one will be able to stop the Agitate Halation Project. He suggests to him to flee, but Motoharu states that he has no choice, and that he will defeat the one who is behind those elevator doors as so he can continue his revenge. However, when the door opened, Motoharu's worst possible enemy has arrived, the possibility that he had feared the most, the arrival of Kamijou Touma.[37]

Touma arrives and he is horrified by what he sees as it is so unlike the precise Tsuchimikado Motoharu. Touma tries to inquire what's happening due to his confusion, but receives no explanation. Seeing Touma, Tsugutoshi tells Motoharu not to fight as he could escape the predictions that the Agitate Halation has laid out for him, but he is knocked unconscious by him. Motoharu asks Touma how much he knows, to which he says that he knows nothing at all. Motoharu is troubled by Touma's answer as he has nothing to base his decisions on. He tells Touma that he must continue with his revenge and must not stop, and will not allow Touma to follow him down. He pulls his gun at Touma but discovers that he has used up all his bullets, something that was clumsy for him. With a sigh, he ignores Touma's words, and with his battered and weak body, engages in battle against Touma. And they fight, but Touma realized something strange with Motoharu's actions, he was being clumsy, and Touma, someone could never beat Motoharu in a fight, is able to dodge and block and counter him. The Tsuchimikado Motoharu that Kamijou Touma was fighting was nothing but a mere shadow of his former self. Touma beats and batters Motoharu, answering his fumbles with hits. Seeing the utter despair that has consumed the once bright spirit of Tscuchimikado Motoharu that could easily subdue Kamijou Touma, he yells at Motoharu what he was doing. Motoharu finally collapses to the ground, and Touma continues to beat him up, asking what he is doing, what he has become. Motoharu's last action is to spit blood on Touma, who easily blocked him, and there, falls unconscious. Touma, however, weeps for his friend, disgusted with the victory he had against him, and asks him questions that he cannot answer to him.[46]

After Touma defeats Motoharu, he tries to call the ambulance, but Tsugutoshi stops him, saying that if he calls an ambulance for him, he will surely be killed. Tsugutoshi tells Touma that the one behind the Agitate Halation Project hoped to eliminate anyone who would interrupt the project by having them defeat each other, and they have been built into these plans. However, Tsugutoshi states that since they were alive means that the situation has already left their expectations, telling Touma that Motoharu will surely live. He points out to Touma that because of that, they have now have the opportunity to counterattack. Touma ponders on he is supposed to fight, and what led Motoharu to his current ends. Tsugutoshi tells Touma that if he truly considers himself as Tsuchimikado Motoharu's friend, then his top priority must be what he was trying to protect, Tsuchimikad Maika. He warns that all of Motoharu's actions were motivated to protect Maika, but warns that the ones behind the Agitate Halation project may have seen through Motoharu's ruse and may even reach Maika. He plainly tells Touma that someone needs to stop them. Touma believes that this is supposed to be Motoharu's job, but the old man's words convince him that he is out of the picture, though he does not take it kindly. Tsugutoshi asks what Touma will do. Touma gritted his teeth, and decides that he will protect Maika. He asks where she is, to which Tsugutoshi answers that she is not in her dorm, referencing on how Motoharu was thorough in hiding her. Hearing this, Touma is left no choice but to attack whoever was running the Agitate Halation project and stop them. He steals the documents on the project from Tsugutoshi and begins leaving. Tsugutoshi says that what matters to him is that Touma stops Agitate Halation, but advises to that he should save a life in the process. Touma says that he will but only her life, and states that the only one who can truly save Tsuchimikado Maika isn't him. Touma unties Tsugutoshi, but warns him that if he lets Motoharu die, he will become his enemy.[47] Tsugutoshi presumably followed Touma's orders and had Motoharu treated.

After the events of the arc, and having her eye successfully replaced, Seria is sent to execute Motoharu for his actions. There on a bridge, he greets her if her eye is okay, to which she states that it has been eight hours, as such she doesn't feel strange in the eye anymore. With that done, Seria asks him if he is ready, and he confirms it. She takes a large handgun and fires paint rounds on him containing his blood. The force knocked him out into the river. And though, he is still alive, convincing the dark side is all it takes that would allow him not to be attacked again by them as they already have given the sign that they were convinced. It was the etiquette in the dark side of Academy City.[48] Motoharu most likely survives his ordeal.

Magic God Othinus Arc

Main article: Magic God Othinus Arc

In the second recreation of the world by Othinus, known as the Version_Beta world in-text, where another "Kamijou Touma" exists living Touma's life. Aogami Pierce and Tsuchimikado Motoharu first appears after "Touma" accidentally molests Seiri after trying to check her wounds, seemingly experiencing the events that have transpired in the Version_Alpha world. They comment on "Touma" brazenness with Seiri leading to a little fight between the three of them reminscent of a classic Delta Trio scene. Their roughhousing isn't interrupted even at the sudden arrival of Index, complaining about the inadequate luch he prepared. Only when Komoe arrived did it stop, and since Motoharu and Aogami were tossing him into the air, he became stuck on a duct opening. Aogami then believes that the duct may lead to the girls' locker room, while Motoharu ponders how Komoe was able to tell it was "Kamijou Touma". He later falls after much struggling and later writhes in pain, much to the shouting of his classmates. "Touma" later negotiates with Index to later have a luxurious dinner of a scraped together lunch there.[49]

Mental Out Arc

Main article: Mental Out Arc

Seria apparently finds Motoharu again and offers him a peaceful school life in exchange for using him. At some point, she apparently has Motoharu act as a chair. Later, when Seria notices Shokuhou Misaki break into her apartment, Seria orders Motoharu to act as a sniper, ordering him to shoot if she starts acting oddly. Motoharu does as he is told. He later stops targeting Misaki after Seria confronts Misaki herself and takes her away to her bathroom.[50]

St. Germain Arc

Main article: St. Germain Arc

During lunchtime on December 1st, following a comment made by their history teacher, the three idiots compete with one another in a game involving throwing small paper fans made from loose leaf paper at a pencil case on the teacher's desk, with the loser to deal with the classroom trash. However, the target falls down by itself before they can knock it over.[3]

Magic God Invasion Arc

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Tsuchimikado Motoharu and Aogami Pierce are together prior to meeting up with Touma. As part of the Anti-Crime Orientation, they were to roleplay as criminals. Aogami had earlier acquired a pair of panties and put them on his head, apparently making a girl cry. This leads Fukiyose Seiri to chase after them with several sasumatas. It is unknown who owned the pair of panties.[51]

Motoharu and Aogami later meet up with Touma, at which point Aogami is finally taken down by Seiri throwing sasumatas at him, forcing Motoharu and Touma to leave him behind. Motoharu continues running down the halls while Touma chooses to climb the next floor through a window. Motoharu is later taken down by several sasumatas despite his efforts.[51]

World Rejecter Arc

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Kamisato Kakeru defeats Tsuchimikado Motoharu allowing him to take over his apartment in order to ambush Touma when he pays him a visit. According to Kakeru, he didn't use his World Rejecter on him but merely silenced him.[52]

At some point prior to this, he had apparently stashed some of his stuff, which he didn't want Maika to find, in Touma's room due to a surprise visit from his stepsister, which caused a misunderstanding when Index came across it after returning from a walk, something which Touma was planning to use in negotiations with him.[52]

Salome Arc

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Tsuchimikado was absent on December 4th, when his classmates moved to another school, following their school's destruction at the hands of the High Priest. His absence was noted by Touma, who had only a vague idea as to what had happened to him the night before.[53]

Kamisato Rescue Arc

Main article: Kamisato Rescue Arc

After Aleister broke his promise to protect Maika by not doing anything to save her during the heat wave and the Element attack, Tsuchimikado began to move against him.[54] Manipulating the crowds through a virtual reality theory spread through the Sphere network,[55] he made progress from the shadows and got in a position to attack Aleister as he was about to capture Karasuma Fran. After shooting Aleister several times but not truly killing him, Tsuchimikado joined forces with Fran and they moved towards Touma to use him as a shield against Aleister once he rebooted.[54]

Aleister Crowley Arc

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After meeting with Touma, Index and Othinus at the Kamijou Residence, Tsuchimikado attempted to escape the city with Fran and his sister.[56][57][58] However, after Maika was struck with Aleister's curse magic sword which called in Karma-bearing chain beasts, he and the rest of the group headed for the Windowless Building in order to find a way to remove it.[59][60][61] After being separated from the others when they were scattered by an attack from Aleister,[62] he rejoined the group as they neared the top of the structure.[63] While Touma faced Aleister himself, he assisted in fending off the chain beasts and managed to remove the magic sword from Maika after they managed to find the necessary information,[64][65] disrupting Aiwass's summoning in the process.[66][67]

Coronzon Arc

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After the temporary sealing of Coronzon and the evacuation of Academy City on December 11th, he accompanied Aleister and Touma's group as far as Egypt on their journey to the United Kingdom, leaving Aleister with one last warning before departing.[68]

Kamijou Arc

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After separating from Touma and Aleister's group,[68] Tsuchimikado went to the island of Tahiti in French Polynesia with Maika. As Academy City was recovering, he received a coded message from Aleister via the splotches on three pigeons and text in the comments on a news article, informing him that control of Academy City had been passed on and warning him of a new threat which was likely to start moving in the area he was in, advising him to return to Academy City if he wanted to avoid getting caught up in it.[69]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

Dream Ranker Arc

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Motoharu in Saiai's dream.

Motoharu appears in two dreams that are accessed via the Indian Poker cards that Misaka Mikoto and Kinuhata Saiai bought. In the first, he is seen in Maika's dream that is experienced by Saiai, where he tries to have Maika wear lewd maid outfits.[70][71] In the second, he is seen in Aisa's dream that is experienced by Mikoto, where he makes a racket with Aogami Pierce in their classroom, much to Seiri's frustration. He is later forced to apologize to Seiri after she beats up Aogami.[70]

Other Appearances

Side stories

Toaru Majutsu no Index: Love Letter Competition

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index: Love Letter Competition

He first appears alongside Aogami Pierce as usual, seeing Kumokawa Seria's visit to their room, and discovering that she is looking for Kamijou Touma, who is absent on that day. She reveals a love letter to be given to Touma, and gives to Fukiyose Seiri, much to her annoyance, who curses Touma. Later, the side story features the only moment since volume 19 where both Motoharu and Maika are present in a single scene. Here, after Seria's letter strangely blows into their direction, Maika catches it, and recognizing it to be the letter earlier, requests his sister to give it to him, to which Maika refuses stating privacy and such. The letter later blows away, with Motoharu never finding out about its contents.

Anime appearances

Toaru Majutsu no Index-tan

Motoharu appears alongside Aogami Pierce in the first episode as hosts in a shopping channel, where they present the Cleaning robot as a product. The sketch ends as Kanzaki slashes them for Aogami trying to force her to say the Nanasen pun over and over again.

In the 2nd episode, Motoharu alongside Aogami again, talks to a skeptical Touma about a scary rumor regarding a car that is moving without someone in the driver's seat, which is actually Tsukuyomi Komoe driving and humming a scary tune.

In the 3rd episode, Motoharu appears briefly and promptly leaves as Kanzaki obliterates the Knights of England arriving in Japan, several times.

Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion

Motoharu plays a supporting role to Touma during the course of the movie. He first appears in school with Aogami as the converse about Arisa becoming popular. Later, he talks to Touma about the importance of Arisa to the Church, to which they are then visited by Kanzaki Kaori, who tells them that it is because Arisa has the power equivalent to that of a Saint. She later asks Motoharu's opinion regarding the matter, to which Motoharu says that he has no idea as he does not know what constitute a Saint, and the speaks lewdly towards Kanzaki's body, much to her chagrin. Motoharu then tells to Touma that even Academy City wants to know what Arisa truly is, and reminds him of the gothic lolita, Ladylee Tangleroad owner of the Orbit Portal Company behind Endymion, is assisting them.

Motoharu appears with Stiyl to visit Touma in the hospital, where he tells Touma of Ladylee's spell using Endymion and Arisa at the core, which could destroy the world. After Stiyl tells to them his intentions on either destroying Endymion or killing the core, and Touma's expected reaction, Motoharu has Touma and Index get into the Ballistic Slider to go to the top of Endymion quickly. He later contacts Touma as the anti-debris defense system missiles begin to target Touma and Index's ship, to which he sends out Kanzaki to destroy them, much to her frustration.

During the Anti-Skill's operation to open Endymion after it was sealed by Ladylee, Motoharu breaks into their communication lines to hear them. He contacts Touma to tell him that the Endymion is collapsing, but is then cut-off. Later, after Uiharu Kazari discovers a way to break Endymion form the earth using its explosive bolts, he contacts Anti-Skill, interrupting Saten Ruiko who planned to destroy one of them herself. Here, he offers his services in destroying one of them, and is gladly accepted by them. He later calls Stiyl and pushes the work to him. Finally, after all the explosive bolts have been destroyed, Motoharu contacts Touma again, but he is unable to answer as he is confronting Shutaura Sequenzia.

Video game appearances

Toaru Majutsu no Index (PSP game)

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index (PSP game)

Motoharu is a playable character in the game, being the only character of both the magic and science side. Predominantly a close-combat character like Touma, what sets him apart is his ability to set up origami shikigami, which he uses for spells. His finisher is his Shikigami Pistol.

He has no route on his own, but appears on other routes. He appears in Touma's story mode, as first as an antagonist during the Angel Fall Arc as well as a partner during the Daihasei Festival Arc. In Accelerator's route, he is his partner and later betrays him. Motoharu appears during Kanzaki's route as an antagonist and is also confronted in Sasha Kreutzev's route. In Mugino Shizuri's route, he is Touma's partner and is killed alongside him if Mugino is victorious.


His magic name is Fallere825, "The backstabbing blade" (背中刺す刃 Senaka Sasu Yaiba?).

He was formerly a skilled onmyouji, as being of the Tsuchimikado family, famous in historical Japan as the dominating the arts for several centuries, but gave up his abilities when he went under the Power Development Curriculum. His esper ability is the Level 0 Auto Rebirth, which allows him to recover from life-threatening injuries over time. This allows him to somewhat bypass the penalty inflicted on non-magicians that try to use magic, making him the first successful Magician-Esper hybrid.


Onmyoudou Arts: He's very skilled in basic magic and onmyoudou, as he managed to erect a barrier during Angel Fall and destroy Touma's home using a spell. He was known as the best teacher of Feng shui and Onmyoudou in Necessarius and seems to be keen on spells that involve the 4 guardian deities: Genbu, Byakko, Seiryu and Suzaku.

  • Red Spell (赤ノ式あかのしき Aka no Shiki?): Also known as the Shikigami Pistol, using Shikigami representing the four guardian deities, and placing them in them in their proper place in the four directions, to create a ritual location, which would draw from the Power of the World. Motoharu chants a spell that would send a powerful long distance spell that turns the spellcaster as the gun for the power to be released. It is capable of destroying an entire house, and has a long preparation time.[72]
    The chant:
    "Establish the Altar. The paper snow will now remove the corruption on the eight-sided Altar (Ladies and gentlemen, behold a magic full of tricks and mysteries!)"
    "Designate the boundary. The 4 sides of the seal protected, treasures to be obtained from the 4 earths (Today's stage is over here! Let me begin with the cumbersome preparation!)"
    "The folded paper will be the basis of this spell that's to be supported by the spirits (And now, allow me to introduce my comrades of the magic brigade!)"
    "Commanding the four beasts. Black of the North, White of the West, Red of the South, Blue of the East! (Work faster, you idiots! Genbu, Byakko, Suzaku, Seiryuu!)"
    "Offering the Altar. Summoning the force to stabilize the Altar (The pistol is complete, now it's time to load the bullet!)"
    "At the early hours of 1-3, the wicked and wild witch with the nail will provide the motivation (This bullet shall be one so ridiculous powerful and violent!)"
    "Using this boundary to replace the scarecrow (A seal will be formed on the pistol!)"
    "Using thy God to replace the nail (A Shikigami will be cast on the bullet)"
  • Black Spell (黒ノ式くろのしき Kuro no Shiki?): A spell that uses the water in accordance to the principles of Feng shui. Referred by Motoharu as his favorite.[72] Using a black origami sculpture, the spell makes a sphere of water a meter across appear out of nowhere to use it as a projectile-like attack.[73] Motoharu was also able to use this spell in conjunction with rain to put together a defensive spell to protect himself from Fuze Kazakiri destroying the abandoned bus maintenance facility he was in.[74]
    The chant:
    "C'mon, wake up you fuckers. Destroy some shit and laugh your asses off about it!!"
    "(The color black is the symbol of water. Open a path similar to that violence!!)"
  • Blue Spell: A spell that uses another origami sculpture. After chanting, a shield forms around Motoharu's body temporarily protecting him. The shield is strong enough to protect against anti-materiel bullets.[73]
    The chant:
    "Hey, wooden sticks. Be useful for once and be a shield!!"
    "(Use the talisman of the blue wood and protect my body!!)"
  • Unnamed Spell: When making a surprise attack on Terra, Motoharu used a spell that launched what initially seemed to be an red bullet, but was really a piece of burning orange origami paper.[75]
  • All-Around Reality Circle (理派四陣りはしじん Rihashijin?, Yen Press: Four Ways to Truth): Using a memento left behind by a spell caster, Motoharu forms a magic circle and sets up colored paper that indicates the four colors representing the four deities: Black in the north, White in the West, Blue in the East, and Red in the South. A spellcaster is required to state a simple incantation to activate the spell, from there the paper will spiral into the center of the circle, and will draw a map, using the color of the paper like a printer. Once the paper touches the memento, the papers will explode, and an accurate realtime adjustable map will be created, determining the target's location. The spell takes about 15 minutes to set up, and encompasses 3 kilometers. It can be activated by a different caster to the one who set up the circle.[76]
  • Divination Circle (占術円陣せんじゅつえんじん Senjutsu Enjin?): Forming a basic magic circle using colored paper for a magic circle. It is a spell that activates in response to magic power from an interception spell and calculates where the spell came from, the distance and the direction. It can be activated by a different caster than the one who set up the circle.[76]
  • Unnamed Water Dragon Spell: A spell involving the use of a dragon origami. Used against the Karma-bearing chain beasts with the expectation that they would interfere with the coloration and send it out of control, it created a giant water blast which grew in the area the origami was released, wrapped around its surroundings and slammed into the end of the nearby crane arm, knocking the chain beasts down.[60]
    Chant: “Black of the Five Elements, remove the barrier like the surging of the water dragon. (Hey, delinquent. Wake the hell up and get to work.)” (五行ノ黒、水龍ノウネリヲ以テ障壁ヲ取リ除ク可!!(よおヤンキー、ねぼけてねえでしごとをしやがれ?)

Other Magic

  • Ushi no Koku Mairi: A reconstructed variant of the Ushi no Koku Mairi curse. By using objects such as hairs or fingernails, Motoharu can infect his opponent with a curse. Against Kumokawa Seria, he gouged out her eyeball to activate this spell. It is a popular infection magic spell that even children know and can used to attack remotely. It is noted that any decent magician would be able to put together a countermeasure as soon as they sensed the signs, but Motoharu used it against Seria who had no knowledge of magic. The curse causes the target's senses to dull and finally leads to them losing consciousness.[45]
    The chant:
    "Hey, you pieces of shit. It’s time for a sickening job. (I humbly ask your assistance like the iron and the nail.)"
    "This is like an assembly line. Drive the bullet straight into that bitch’s heart!! (I have a sign to the hated enemy in my hand. Follow this flesh and blood to bind a curse to the owner!!)"

Esper Ability

  • Auto-Rebirth (肉体再生オートリバース Nikutai Saisei (Ōto Ribāsu)?, lit. "Body Regeneration"): This Level 0 ability applies a weak membrane over torn blood vessels to stop bleeding.[41] Through this ability, he can still use magic, as he can repair the damage done to his body. Despite these advantages he still avoids using magic except in the most desperate of situations as he cannot avoid the extreme pain caused when casting it, shown when he destroyed the spell location of Angel Fall, resulting in him falling to the ground in a large pool of his own blood. He also mentions that his ability is not perfect (being a Level 0) and could at any time fail to revive him, causing him to die permanently. He then estimates that he can cast four or five more spells before that happens. The only time he's seen to be "dead" is when he's lying in his own blood after destroying Touma's house to prevent Angel Fall; the next time Motoharu is seen, all his injuries have vanished.[77]

Other abilities

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Tsuchimikado is a very skilled hand-to-hand fighter. He easily defeated Touma, who is a rather experienced street fighter himself, in seconds without Touma even being able to land a single hit. Touma claims that the only way he could possibly beat Tsuchimikado in hand-to-hand was if it was two against one. Furthermore, Motoharu is not restrained in any rule of honor, allowing him to use dirty tricks and low blows to an opponent without hesitation.[72]
    • Deadly Thrust Killing Slash (死突殺断 Shi Totsusatsudan?) is the fighting style used by Motoharu. It is formed from the illegal techniques of all sorts of martial arts. In top fighting form, even Kumokawa Seria's skill in deception would not be able to keep up against Motoharu.[45]
  • Marksmanship: Motoharu is competent enough to use basic firearms. It makes up for his weakness in being unable to use magic in science-side missions, as well as his esper ability lacking any use in battle. His aim was so accurate that he was able to intentionally avoid the vitals of Oyafune Monaka with a near miss to give it the appearance of a botched assassination attempt. He was also able to quickly turn around and shoot a grenade out of the air without even carefully aiming, demonstrating his knowledge of the gun and his marksmanship.
  • Deception: For a long time, Motoharu has been able to survive various organizations and continue to trick them into thinking that he was on their side, a clear demonstration of his cunning and reasoning. He was able to blend in with the residents of Academy City without anyone suspecting him of being anything but a Level 0 unless he bluntly told them that he was (e.g. to Kamijou Touma during the Angel Fall Arc).

Character Art Designs

Design Evolution

Not much has changed in Motoharu's design. According to Haimura, he followed through with illustrating Motoharu with long arms, though he states that it was "a bit creepy", as such he didn't represent that part of the description in the end of his character design.

By volume 12, Haimura's deformed style for the characters have become apparent, and Motoharu is not spared by this change, with characters having bigger heads, and smaller arms and legs.



  • Tsuchimikado Motoharu is the only character officially referred to as both from the magic and science sides. An example of this is in the opening of the Toaru Majutsu no Index PSP game.


  • (To Touma, from volume 4): "That’s right! It’s the most exciting summer festival activity! The peeping on Kanzaki nee-chin’s naked body contest!"
  • (To Touma, regarding Angel Fall, ibid): "There's no reason, no cause, no sense, no aim, no theory, no meaning, no value. Nothing. "Kami-yan, you should understand very clearly [...] It's just misfortune."
  • (To Touma, ibid): "Oh yeah, no need to worry about Kanzaki nee-chin. She's rather weak, but at least she can use that ridiculously long katana to peel an apple as recuperating exercise."
  • (To Touma, ibid): "Kami-yan, we magicians are experts, but we aren’t like those trained special forces. We aren’t like soldiers who are trained to be organized in killing, and we aren’t trained to have teamwork. We’re amateurs in battle. [...] That’s like being a middle schooler with a nuke launch button in the hand. Though we have amazing magic abilities, that isn’t the result of military training. Or else you would have felt weird right, Kami-yan? If magicians were trained professionally, why would they harbor so many personal feelings in battle? Knowing the shocking truth and being stunned in front of the enemy, treating the enemy’s words as true, pitying the enemy, wanting to fight the enemy one on one—the battles between magicians have too many unnecessary elements. Basically, magicians are kids. Kids with knives, kids who are crying and trembling, for they were once betrayed by the world. Magicians are like this. They have wishes, and once prayed to God, but never got a response. Having lost it, they could only toss their bodies into this underground world called magic."
  • (To Touma, ibid): "Kami-yan, right now, I don’t have anything, nothing at all. The magic I originally had was wasted, my half-ready esper abilities are stuck at a useless Level 0. In order to sneak into Academy City, I was a magician no longer. I lost all my fighting abilities. But the enemy won’t be waiting for me. So I have to win no matter the means."
  • (To Touma, ibid): "Ah, that’s right, Kami-yan. I also lied to you about this. I once said that I was a spy in Academy City, but actually, it’s the other way around. My real identity is a double agent on the Anglican Church’s interior intelligence. So it’s basically nothing to me when I lie to them. [...] But that’s also a lie. Actually, besides the Anglican Church and Academy City, I was also requested by many other organizations. So I’m not just a double agent, but a multi agent ny-a."

  • (To Touma, from volume 5): "Helping you with your homework, Kami-yan, is not going to make my love comedy dreams come true, so sorry."
  • (To Touma, from volume 7): "Hohoho! Say it, what’s your wish? Resting on Nee-chin’s legs? Let motherly Nee-chin clean your ear for you? Or do you want Nee-chin to make a bento that’s completely different from her character?"
  • (From Volume 13): "I don't care if I betray everything else, but I definitely won't betray Maika."
  • (To Kanzaki from Volume 16): "In the end, I see Nee-chin is that type of person... fleeing because she’s too embarrassed... have you no gratitude at all for Kami-yan?" [...] "Itsuwa wouldn’t mind though, would she? That's because the gratitude she has towards Kami-yan is stronger than yours. To tell you the truth, even with just the 'normal' fallen angel costume, Itsuwa’s attack level would rise quite a bit. And if she wears the improved 'erotic' fallen angel costume... do you know what this new gap would mean?" [...] "It means, Nee-chin, you have lost to Itsuwa as a woman".
  • (To Accelerator, from NT 2): “I won’t stop you from washing your feet of that darkness, but you need to establish your own stance. Transcending good and evil is not an excuse for becoming some indecisive bastard who doesn’t choose either. It’s a much more difficult path than simply relying on something easy to understand like good or evil.”
  • (To Touma, from NT 7): “That’s the most troublesome answer. It gives me nothing to base my decision on. But from the look in your eyes, I take it you’ve at least heard of my sister’s death. I have to take revenge for that. Whether it was a coincidence or I was tricked, I’ve been running in the wrong direction, but what I must do has not changed. I will continue. And this is a path you can never follow me down, Kami-yan!!”
  • (To Touma, ibid): "Words are not needed here."


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