Tsurigane (釣鐘?) is a character introduced in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun as a competitor for Jailbreak Trial.


Tsurigane looks like a teenage girl. She wears school uniform with full-body climbing harness and carries Tanto (短刀 Tantō?, lit. "short sword") at her back. Her hair is short and tied in a low ponytail style.



Tsurigane is a member of the Kouga School of ninjutsu. She infiltrated Academy City by disguising herself as a Child Error and has lived in Academy City for ten years. Despite of being a member of the Kouga School, she is not good at ninjutsu. Kouga School's training ends on age of five. She became orphan at age of five.[1]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

Jailbreaker Arc

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Tsurigane first appears during the Jailbreak Trial. She receives help from unnamed ninja who have muscular body while climbing the wall of 2nd Reformatory (Juvenile Hall). Two days before starting Jailbreak Trial, she helps Kouga School member to sneak into Academy City easily. She introduces Jailbreak Trial to Oumi Shuri to observe Academy City's technology and achieve Oumi's purpose.[1]


Tsurigane is trained in Kouga ninjutsu, though apparently she is not good at it.[1] Also, Oumi Shuri references Tsurigane having an ability as well when thinking about esper powers she wanted to see for herself, implying that Tsurigane went through the Power Curriculum Program and has an esper ability.[2]



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