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Tsushima (対馬 Tsushima?) is a character introduced in Toaru Majutsu no Index. She is a female member of the Amakusa-Style Remix of Church.


She is likely named after Tsushima, an island and city found in the Nagasaki Prefecture of Japan.


Tsushima is a young woman with blue eyes and long blond hair,[1] which is described as fluffy.[2] According to the Amakusa Christian men, Tsushima's body height was disproportionate to her bust size, as they believe tall people like Tsushima should have large breasts. Tatemiya Saiji however praises Tsushima for having beautiful legs.[1]

In her cameo appearance in the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime, Tsushima wore a black top with a low neckline, though supported by straps. She also wore a white pleated skirt and sandals.[3] In her appearance as a background character in a colored illustration in the 11th Toaru Majutsu no Index light novel volume, Tsushima wore a white top with a black undershirt, as well as a necklace. She wore a belt to hold up her shorts. She seems to have worn a sandal along with shoe ribbons. Tsushima wore these clothes in her first appearance in the Toaru Majutsu no Index Manga.[4]

Finally, when her design is later recycled by the artist, Tsushima's clothes are changed once again. She now wears a long black top with a frilled peplum over a grey undershirt. Once again, she wears a necklace as well. She wears pink stockings under her dark shirts. She wears brown boots.


Serious in missions, Tsushima doesn't suffer fools, even from her Substitute Pope, Tatemiya Saiji, kicking him in the groin if necessary.[1] Even out of missions, she acts as the straight man to her faction. She doesn't like the perverted actions or any ridiculous actions of the male members of the Amakusa Christians, and will often immediately resort to berating them or attacking them unlike her fellow female colleagues like Itsuwa and Kanzaki Kaori.


Toaru Majutsu no Index

Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc

Main article: Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc

She is present in the battle against the Agnese Forces both in the manga and anime adaptations of the 7th Toaru Majutsu no Index light novel.

In the anime adaptation, it was only a brief cameo of her appearing alongside the named members of the Amakusa Christians when Saiji shows up to aid Kamijou Touma and Orsola Aquinas. She isn't shown to do any fighting.[3] In the manga adaptation, she has a much bigger role, she and the other Amakusa Christians use wires to restrain the members of the Agnese Forces before they overwhelmed by their sheer numbers.[5] He and the other Amakusa Christians later follow the plan concoted by Stiyl Magnus, Tatemiya Saiji, and Kamijou Touma, act as decoys while they distribute Stiyl's rune cards to create a large magic circle and the pretend to be defeated by the Agnese Forces.[4]

When they show their ruse, Tsushima and Itsuwa shows to the nuns that they used a secret Amakusa Christian technique of transferring damage to their clothes instead of their bodies. Tsushima comments to the nuns that what they saw was a bit embarrassing.[4]

Acqua of the Back Arc

Main article: Acqua of the Back Arc

Tsushima is one of the named Amakusa Christians in the novel. In the story arc, the Amakusa Christians are sent out by the Anglican Church to protect Touma from Acqua of the Back.

Isahaya, Kouyagi, and Tsushima witnesses Saiji telling Itsuwa to stand up to her despair and repay Touma.

There are a few notable scenes with her. She first appears with the rest Amakusa Christians spy on Itsuwa and Touma from behind a nearby building. She is present when the male members of the Amakusa Christian gather around Saiji as he describes Itsuwa's greatest weapon to getting Touma which has yet to use, her breasts. After the males gave their reactions, Tsushima tells them to go back in focusing in their mission, to which the males then comment on her disproportionate bust to body height ratio. Saiji however praises Tsushima's beautiful legs, leading her to kick him in the groin, shutting him up.[1]

In spite of her urging, the men continue on with their plans. She likely witnesses Saiji taking out a soccer ball and kicking it towards Touma's head in order for his face to land on Itsuwa's breast. He is successful, but he manages to catch the attention of Misaka Mikoto, irate on what had happened to Touma. Saiji and the other later leave quickly without a trace.[6]

Tsushima is likely present during Acqua of the Back's first appearing before them and defeating them all. She is present in a School District 22 hospital after their and Touma's defeat at the hands of Acqua of the Back. She is present in the illustration with Isahaya and Kouyagi next to her when Saiji forces Itsuwa, who was depressed after failing to protect Touma from Acqua of the Back, to stand up to her despair and repay Touma after protecting her from being attacked by Acqua of the Back.

Later, when Ushibuka and Saiji are in contact with Orsola Aquinas for her report on new information that was discovered about Acqua of the Back. Tsushima is with Itsuwa as she obsessively prepares her spear for their assault on Acqua of the Back. She glares at them when they talk about how Itsuwa is apparently being scary.

She and the other Amakusa Christians partake in the battle against Acqua of the Back. As the fight goes on, Acqua of the Back makes a reversal against Itsuwa. He knocks her back with his large mace despite blocking it with her spear. Still worn from the first strike, Isahaya manages to knock Acqua of the Back's second strike on Itsuwa off course, allowing Tsushima to get Itsuwa out of the way.[7]

Once was broken, is again now whole.

Before Itsuwa could prepare the Saint Destroyer, she, Isahaya, and many other Amakusa Christians support her by attacking Acqua of the Back from all angles. However, he easily blocks them with the swing of his mace. They later probably witness Itsuwa using Saint Destroyer on Acqua of the Back and its failure against him.[8]

Tsushima and the other Amakusa Christians later rally to Kanzaki Kaori's sides after she asks for her help in defeating Acqua of the Back.

British Royal Family Arc

Main article: British Royal Family Arc

Tsushima first appears during Itsuwa's bout of depression after the mix-up in the airport where instead of receiving Touma and Index, she instead receives Sphynx instead. Here, she and Kouyagi are shown to be shocked at Itsuwa's predicament. She is present after Isahaya says that the "spiky-haired boy" is coming to London, where in panic, Itsuwa spills Ushibuka's Potato Baron, an alcoholic drink he kept hidden. As he rants about his Potato Baron, Tsushima gives a hand chop on Ushibuka's neck, quieting him down. She is likely also present later, when Itsuwa becomes enraged that she was tricked by Isahaya and Saiji, the latter showing himself as the "spiky-haired boy" as a prank, leading to Itsuwa flipping the table where she was the drinking and throwing Saiji into the air in a bout alcohol-fueled rage.[9]

She and the others likely continue to participate in the missions that were given to the Amakusa Christians of the British Halloween.

English Civil War
Main article: English Civil War

Tsushima and the other Amakusa Christians appears right after Touma, Index, and Princess Villian's successful Overloading of the Curtana Original mission. It was a calm before the storm, and the members of the Anglican Church, including the Amakusa Christians and the Agnese Forces, have gathered in the verdant outskirts of London. Tsushima later notices the Amakusa Christian boys talk about the recent incident in London while observing Itsuwa wearing her apron, forcing her to chastise them to do their jobs properly.[2]

During the calm before the storm, the Amakusa and the rest eat to restore the stamina they lost from the fleeing and battling. Itsuwa is busy with the orders with the food from the people that gathered there, wondering how she would come close to Touma. Tsushima later comes to her to take her place, telling her that Touma wasn't able to get any food because of the nuns, suggesting that if she brought her food it may give her points to Touma. While Itsuwa is flustered on what she should do with getting close to Touma, Saiji appears having apparently gotten the Great Spirit Revealing Maid outfit. Saiji reveals that the designer was from London, as such he picked one up just after the coup d’état started, to which Itsuwa just freaks out. Seeing this, Kanzaki lets out a sigh of relief, believing that her own maid outfit was lost back in the ensuing chaos of evacuating the Necessarius Women's Dormitory. But Saiji reveals that he also picked up both the Fallen Angel Maid and the Fallen Angel Ero Maid from the dormitory, much to Kanzaki's befuddlement. The Amakusa men then started talking about Kanzaki having other more erotic maid outfits, infuriating her even more. This was apparently because they have never seen their Priestess in a Fallen Angel Ero Maid outfit. All the discussion about maid outfits reached the ears of the Agnese Forces and even Sherry Cromwell and Orsola Aquinas.[2]

Tsushima is likely present during the Battle of Buckingham Palace. However, she is clearly present in the aftermath, where the Amakusa Christians treat the wounded after then coup d’état. When the conversation shifts from Kanzaki getting more debt from Touma after his assistance in beating Carissa and ending the coup to Kanzaki wearing the Fallen Angel Ero Maid as repayment, Isahaya and Nomozaki join in the conversation. Kanzaki then scolds them for joining in the conversation in spite of their age. Itsuwa overhears this conversation as well, where she believes that since Touma fought for everyone this time, that would mean she too is indebted to him, giving her the right to do what Kanzaki should be doing. Tsushima sees this mutters to herself that the pure-looking Itsuwa's lust is now finally surfacing.[10]

She and the others may have also gathered around Index after Fiamma of the Right took away the external controller for her John's Pen Mode, as well as Touma declaring to hunt down Fiamma of the Right.[10]

World War III Arc

Main article: World War III Arc

As a member of the Amakusa Christians, she was likely deployed during the Battle of Dover Strait against the French forces.

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Homecoming Arc

Main article: Homecoming Arc

Tsushima is among the crowd that gathered to watch Tatemiya Saiji attempt a sword catching technique with Itsuwa. After several failures with both a bamboo blade and an imitation sword, Tsushima passes Itsuwa a Bateren-dedicated Kanemitsu Toushou to use, needless to say Saiji isn't very grateful for this gesture.[11]

Other Appearances


Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Necessarius Special Admission Test

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index SS: Necessarius Special Admission Test

Tsushima took part in the Necessarius Special Admission Test with the other Amakusas and their subsequent struggle to clear their name after being framed by the magic cabal Dusk Waiting to Awaken.

She first appeared as the Amakusas were preparing for the information meeting, hitting Tatemiya Saiji with her slipper for deviated from the task at hand before reminding the others about the upcoming exam. Later, when the Amakusas assumed their positions for the test, Tsushima was paired with Itsuwa as they split up and set off through the labyrinth. They soon ran into one of the traps in the form of a Corpse Wax gear and fought to defend themselves while trying to figure out the spell's principles. As the Amakusas realized that the transmissions between them and the supervisor Freadia Strikers were being intercepted and replaced, Tsushima fought to prevent the corpse wax's attacks from hitting Itsuwa while she was incapacitated due to the infection magic. After Itsuwa managed to stop the corpse wax, she and Tsushima went back to the station where the rest of the Amakusas had gathered and discussed what they should do, seeing as the Anglicans would likely be after them due to the actions of the imposters.[12]

As the Amakusas trying to find a temporary place to hide and plan their next course of actions, Tsushima was annoyed by Isahaya's tastes and what he had filled some of the hiding places with, and had to restrain Itsuwa from going off to burn some of the outfits that the others had stored in an apartment, intending to have her wear them later. Finally choosing a Chinatown food warehouse, they reviewed the Anglican facilities in London and deduced that the imposters were after the grimoires in the city library. On Itsuwa's suggestion, the Amakusas commandeered a tanker truck to get their way through without being bombed by the Anglicans, with Tsushima navigating. After arriving at the city library and seeing Freadia falling down the stairs, Tsushima dragged Itsuwa out of the way of an attack by Flack Anchors and was shot in her right palm. They then attempted to figure out the principles behind the attack in order to defeat Flack and his men.[13]

After Flack had been dealt with, Itsuwa proceeded to heal Tsushima's injured hand with Magic. As she was being healed, Tsushima asked how they were supposed to get after the group who had stolen the Necronomicon without a hint. After Itsuwa asked Tatemiya about their escape routes, Tsushima told her not to be too impressed, mentioning some other, more stupid ideas he had in mind. Later, Tsushima and the other Amakusa came to Itsuwa's rescue through the sewers near the Sword Sanctuary, and she stabbed several needles into Itsuwa's back to remove the collar placed there by Freadia.[14]

As the Amakusa emerged from the sewers via a drainage ditch, after asking Itsuwa if her wound was OK, Tsushima took part in the discussion concerning Arlands Darkstreet's R'lyeh project and a likely official cover, while pushing Ushibuka up. When Itsuwa considered looking information on the internet, Tsushima thought she intended to do so by phone, which would lead the Anglicans to them. However they obtained the information they needed through a connection via a nearby car's navigation device. Having learnt about the project in the Strait of Dover, Tsushima and the others swam across the Thames and sneaked onto a cargo ship, with Tsushima signaling to the others that everything was clear. As she was wringing the water out of her clothes, she informed Itsuwa that the others were trying to get a reaction out of her with their comments. An unnecessary comment by Kouyagi then prompted her to throw him overboard, after which she continued their discussion about R'lyeh as if nothing happened.[15]

Once they reached the Dover coast, the Amakusas set out using the wooden ships they carried as charms, with Tsushima riding with Itsuwa. While they were talking, Tsushima sensed that the enemy would soon try something and shortly afterwards pillars of water stabbed up from the sea. When one of the fire ships was knocked towards them, Tsushima used a spell to brake using the waves to avoid a collision. Reminded of torpedoes by the explosions, they realized that they were due to explosives on the seabed to simulate the earthquakes that heralded R'lyeh and that Arlands was entirely focused on R'lyeh, not paying any attention to them. After arriving at the salvage terminal, Itsuwa's realization that the float was being arranged to be like R'lyeh prompted Tsushima to look around and notice that the lighting was being used to simulate non-Euclidean geometry. After Itsuwa collapsed due to Cthulhu's mental presence, Tsushima ran over to her side and pulled out some accessories in order to try and reduce the pressure on her mind. She and the other Amakusas then interfered with the artificially created conditions in order force the ceremony to end prematurely.[15]

When it emerged that the cabal's true goal was at Stonehenge, the Amakusas made their way there in some stolen vehicles, with Tsushima sorted through documents from the float with Itsuwa in the backseat, growing irritated with the complexity of the material and throwing a panel against the headrest. Starting on some chicken drumsticks, she discussed the Blank Paper spell with the others, noting how it would be a problem if it ever got out, seeing as it would destroy the hierarchy of power to keeps the magic side stable.[16]

After arriving at Stonehenge, Tsushima and the others made their way towards the stone circle while hiding, but when the cabal sent up a signal flare they stood up and ran towards Stonehenge. Tsushima, Tatemiya and Itsuwa targeted Vase, the leader of the cabal's forces, however they noticed he was about to use a trapezohedron to invoke Nyarlathotep. Tsushima attempted to switch to a defensive stance, but she was too late and was knocked out by the lightning.[16]

Following Freadia's sudden attack on the forces fighting around Stonehenge, Tsushima, the Amakusas and the cabal members were captured by the Anglicans and transported by convoy. However the covey was attacked by Emilie Fordia, a magician hired by the Pound Economy to assassinate Freadia. Seeing that her target was not present after her initial attack, Emilie dragged Tsushima, the Amakusas, Anglicans and cabal members out of the wreckage to use as hostages.[16]

When Emilie decided to start killing the hostages, she chose Tsushima as the first victim, dragging her out and emphasizing that nothing would conveniently prevent the execution except Freadia giving herself up. She subjected Tsushima to her sword, making her scream and fail around from the pain, before lopping off one of her legs, causing her to lose consciousness. However after Freadia's gambit with the trapezohedron brought Emilie down, Tatemiya took her scabbard, with the corresponding healing stone, and healed Tsushima's wounds.[17]

Tsushima headed back to London with the others, following the destruction of the Pound Economy's magical foundation, and after arriving, went with Itsuwa to investigate the scene of the public phone call made by Cynthia Exment to Queen Elizard. The two noted how the Anglicans had likely already done so and how they were likely still cautious of them. After arriving and confirming their thoughts, they noted the cameras in the area which would defeat the normal purpose of using a public phone to hide one's identity, as though she was declaring her victory.[18]

Heading off after Cynthia, they discussed what the queen would do, with Tsushima noting that they would likely use the British Museum and the ley-line connections, otherwise it would take forever to repair the damage. They encountered Cynthia as she lay cornered and defeated by the Anglicans, though that soon changed after she intercepted the data transmission from the British Museum, allowing her to replicate the museum's spiritual item arsenal. When Cynthia attacked Itsuwa, Tsushima attempted to slice the attack to cover for her. She failed but protected Itsuwa from the brunt of the attack with her body. After informing Tatemiya of Tsushima's injuries and learning of Cynthia's objective, Itsuwa left to stop her.[18] Tsushima was still recovering when the Amakusas received their free passes from Freadia.[19]


Main article: Amakusa-Style Remix of Church#Abilities

Like the rest of the Amakusa Christians, Tsushima is trained in their style of combat and magic, inherited from generations of secrecy, and is effective in working with the others as a team. Like the other Amakusas, Tsushima uses a Western weapon. Her weapon is described as a rapier. However, an illustration in the 16th light novel volume of Toaru Majutsu no Index, shows her with a regular-looking Western sword with the standard cross-guard instead of the complex protective hilt that characterizes a rapier.

She also has a number of silver accessories, cheap products which could be bought in any sightseeing area, with certain hidden magical meanings which can be used.[20]

Known Spells

  • By stabbing her rapier into the deck of a small ship and muttering a short incantation, Tsushima is able to momentarily heighten the waves crashing into the ship, using the waves as makeshift brakes. This spells makes use of certain Christian traditions relating to water and ships, such as the Son of God instantly calming a stormy sea or how an honest man was able to walk on a lake but an evil man drowned when attempting to follow.[21]

Character Art Designs



  • (To Agnese Forces nun, from Index Chapter 56): "Well, what you saw was a bit embarrassing."
  • (To the Amakusa Christian men, from Index volume 16): "…Stop talking about such useless things; keep your eyes on the one being guarded."
  • (Regarding Itsuwa, from Index volume 18): "Wait. Is this pure-looking girl’s lust coming to the surface now?"


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