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Tweezers in a case.

The Tweezers (ピンセット Pinsetto?) or Pincet Glove (ピンセットグローブ Pinsetto Gurōbu?) is an attachment-type manipulator for microscopic object interference.[1] Used in the Elementary Particle Engineering Laboratory to allow the researchers to grab particles,[1] it is a plot device that led to GROUP's discover of DRAGON in their attempts to escape the grasp of the Dark Side of Academy City.


The word "Pinsetto" is a loanword of the Dutch word "Pincet", meaning "Tweezers" in English, the Baka-Tsuki translations uses the English as equivalent instead of a direct transliteration.


Tweezers (larger form)

Twizzers kept in a larger form.

It is essentially some mechanical fingers that let you grab particles that are even smaller than atoms. It was created to use things like magnetism, light waves, and electricity to “absorb” these particles. It is normally kept in a larger form to help keep it from being stolen. When in it's optimized form it looks like a metal glove. The index finger and the middle finger each have a long glass claws coming from them and the glass claws had what looked like even thinner metal stakes in them. On the back of the hand was a small monitor that looked like a cell phone. The glass claws extract the particles and the metal stakes inside carry out various measurements.[1]


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Kakine Teitoku stole the Tweezers from a Elementary Particle Engineering Laboratory in School District 18 near Kirigaoka Girls' Academy after much effort against ITEM, in an attempt to get a hold of one of the UNDER_LINE. He used it during his battle with the Professor of MEMBER to discover him using Mimosa.[1] Kakine later made use of it to find UNDER_LINE, though was apparently unsatisfied with what he saw, deciding to kill Accelerator instead in order to force Aleister Crowley to negotiate with him.[2]

After defeating SCHOOL, Tsuchimikado Motoharu of GROUP recovered the glove from the remains of Kakine Teitoku in the aftermath of his fight with Accelerator and used it to decode data from a UNDER_LINE. Doing this they discovered the name DRAGON alongside those of GROUP, ITEM, SCHOOL, BLOCK, and MEMBER.[3]


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