Hakumeiza in the afternoon.

The Twilight Theater (薄明座 Hakumeiza?) is an abandoned art theater in Eastern Tokyo[1] about three kilometers away from Academy City.[2]


It is square-shaped building which is larger than a stadium with a small parking lot in front of it. Near the building is a bus stop and a multi-story parking garage. After it was abandoned the entire building was surrounded by metal plates and iron bars about 2 meters tall. During its first three weeks of being abandoned none of the walls or glass in the building was vandalized or broken. The buildings entrance consists of five large glass doors.[3]


Toaru Majutsu no IndexEdit

Orsola Aquinas Rescue ArcEdit

Main article: Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc

On September 8, three weeks after it closed down, Stiyl Magnus and Agnese Sanctis met with Kamijou Touma here when Stiyl was sent to Japan by Laura Stuart to retrieve The Book of the Law and Orsola Aquinas.[4] Stiyl "kidnapped" Index while Touma was helping with the set up for Academy City's Daihaseisai Festival and passed on a letter to him via Tsuchimikado Maika which told him to meet there if he wanted her back.[5] The kidnapping and subsequent meeting at the theater was arranged to give a motive for Touma to leave Academy City and get involved in the Magic Side.[6][3]

Later, the Amakusa Christians attack Touma's group just outside the theater and recapture Orsola Aquinas from them.[3] Agnese and her group later uses the vicinity near the theater, for their preparations in attacking the Amakusa Christians and recapture Orsola.[7][8]


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