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Uiharu Kazari (初春 飾利 Uiharu Kazari?) is a minor character debuted in Toaru Majutsu no Index before being expanded as a supporting character in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. She is a Level 1 Academy City student,[2] and along with her colleague and friend Shirai Kuroko, is a member of the student composed law enforcement organization, Judgment.[2]


Her name, "Uiharu" in Kanji (初春) literally means "Early Spring", and "Kazari" in Kanji (飾利) literally means "decorations" and "benefit". It is most likely referring to her flower headband, considering that flowers are a symbol of spring.


Uiharu Kazari is a small girl who sports short black hair and has golden-brown eyes. She has thick eyebrows but her most striking feature is her headband made out of artificial flowers. In the manga she often wears a facemask because she is easily afflicted by colds and flu.


Uiharu is usually shy and humble but always friendly. She is also shown to be equally high-spirited as her friend Saten Ruiko. She admits that she is composed most of the time because of a so-called "limit" she places on herself. Without that limit, she is very energetic and can be airheaded at times as well, as shown during Tokiwadai Dormitory's Festival.[3] Moreover, she is intrigued and interested in the Ojou-sama lifestyle, as shown with her trying to impress Kuroko with her tea making abilities, as well the above mentioned excitability of her person during the Tokiwadai Midsummer Festival.[3] Although she is incapable of normal combat like Kuroko, she still has a strong sense of justice, being a member of Judgment, and will do her utmost to do her duty.

Apparently, she is an animal lover, as she was the only one of her friends that wasn't scared of Ekatrina, Kongou Mitsuko's pet boa constrictor, and even played with it.[4]

Her vulnerability to flu is not shown in the anime version of Railgun, though this later disappeared in later chapters of the manga. The running gag on her not managing to eat her sweets ended in the Railgun anime as well.

Uiharu uses polite Japanese almost exclusively, regardless of mood or standing; she addresses everyone by their family name accompanied with the honorific -san, even Saten and Haruue, and she always uses desu and the polite forms of verbs.



Young Uiharu Kazari

Uiharu is a 1st year student attending Sakugawa Middle School in class 1-D along with her friend Saten Ruiko who often teases her by flipping her skirt (which she does to Uiharu only).[2] She is also known for wearing a headband of flowers (and in the Railgun manga, a surgical mask, as she constantly suffers from flu). She has a sweet tooth but is always called for Judgment duties before she can enjoy her sweets. She displays various advanced skills with computers, such as repelling hackers and gathering information.[2]

She joined Judgment when she was still in elementary school along with Shirai Kuroko. They were caught in a bank robbery attempt when their senpai, Konori Mii, had been injured and Uiharu was taken hostage. After being teleported out of harm's way and subduing the culprits (with the secret help of Misaka Mikoto) by Kuroko, she and Kuroko vowed to mature and become better members of Judgment.[5]

She later holds true to this, and joins Kuroko as a member of Judgment 177 Branch Office.


Toaru Majutsu no Index

Tree Diagram Remnant Arc

Main article: Tree Diagram Remnant Arc

Uiharu first appears in the 8th novel, calling Kuroko regarding a stolen luggage bag with contents that are cooling parts that are installed on computers. Here, she believes that Kuroko is suitable enough for the case they are working on as the luggage bag that was stolen was addressed to a subsidiary of Tokiwadai Middle School. Even though Kuroko knows that there is no such subsidiary in Tokiwadai, and with other strange variables that are connected with the case such as the mysterious victim of the luggage bag stealing, electricity not working properly, Kuroko tries to end the case quickly by catching the robbers as the Anti-Skill that Uiharu called will be delayed in their arrival.[6]

Throughout the novel after Kuroko's utter defeat in the hands of Musujime Awaki, Uiharu continually assists Kuroko in her mission, despite knowing that Kuroko is severely injured and that the case is beyond their jurisdiction. She gives various information regarding Awaki to Kuroko, like her strengths, weaknesses and other data like Awaki being a guide to the Windowless Building. Uiharu later gives a rough estimation of Awaki's probable coordinates based on blindspots in Academy City's security system to Kuroko.

Daihasei Festival Arc

Main article: Daihasei Festival Arc (Index)

She appears pushing Kuroko in a wheelchair due to the injuries the latter sustained from the previous arc.

Academy City Invasion Arc

Main article: Academy City Invasion Arc

She meets up with Mikoto, and later, much to her delight gets to try playing Mikoto's violin, however, she is later called back by Kuroko.

Later during the invasion, Uiharu distracts Kuroko long enough with Judgment work to allow Mikoto to try and meet up with Touma (the boy she is having a date with). They are later both stricken by Divine Punishment after feeling animosity towards Vento of the Front, the perpetrator of the invasion.

Document of Constantine Arc

Main article: Document of Constantine Arc
Toaru Majutsu no Index III E01 07m 16s

Uiharu excited at the Interceptor Show

As members of Judgment, Uiharu Kazari and Shirai Kuroko were tasked with helping security during the Interceptor Show.[7]

Battle Royale Arc

Main article: Battle Royale Arc

Uiharu Kazari plays a minor role in the arc. She first appears when Last Order, apparently sensing Accelerator nearby, quickly leaves the taxi cab appropriated by Heaven Canceller for her to take her to Family Side the apartment building where Yomikawa Aiho's apartment is located, and where she resides. The taxi driver explains on how Last Order quickly left before he can give the change of the fare Heaven Canceller paid beforehand, which had an exorbitant amount that made the taxi driver feel guilty to take. Seeing Uiharu as a member of Judgment, he transfers his conundrum to her, to which Uiharu accepts. Taking the change, she quickly catches up to Last Order. She doesn't notice her similarity with Misaka Mikoto however, and asks her name, referring to her as "Ahoge-chan" (the hair that sticks up on Last Order's head), to which Last Order says her name.[8]

Uiharu is with Last Order when she was in the venue where Oyafune Monaka made her speech on children's suffrage, still looking for Accelerator, and referring to him as a lost child, and later Sunazara Chimitsu attempted to shoot her for SCHOOL.[9]

She later attempts to hand Last Order to Anti-Skill after handing her the change, but had managed to sneak out and wandered the streets. She is with her in a train station in School District 7, lamenting her predicament. As she wonders about Last Order's strange name and powers, she asks her why the train isn't coming, to which Uiharu says that there is a freight train coming. Uiharu then asks in turn, asking her where she thinks the person she is looking for is, to which Last Order points to a direction. Seeing this, Uiharu assumes that Last Order had a power to search the person she is looking for, though it was not very precise. Last Order becomes worried that she can't find the person, to which Uiharu consoles her, though Last Order sees through how general her words of encouragement were, she still thanks her. Uiharu tries to cheer her up by saying that she will give her a present. She takes one of the flowers from her hair, surprising Last Order, and says that it is hibiscus, which means "we'll, let's give it a shot". Last Order however says that the meaning is incorrect, to which Uiharu ignores her and continued to smile as Last Order's energy returned. At the same as this, Accelerator happens to pass by in the sports car he has commandeered to take to School District 23. With Uiharu none the wiser, she wonders where the people in the car were going to in such a hurry and states Anti-Skill should work harder to catch people like them. Meanwhile, Last Order started thinking about something.[10]

Last Order later tires herself out in her search for Accelerator, prompting them to rest at an open-air cafe, where Uiharu orders a parfait for herself. Last Order says that she is sure that the person she is looking for was nearby but suddenly went off somewhere. She then however notices a free gift key chain from a fast food outlet and hurries towards there. Uiharu is perturbed by this as Last order still needs to find that person she is looking for and that she wants to finish her parfait. She however, suddenly reminds her of the change from the taxi, to which she hurries off. As Uiharu tries to eat her parfait, Kakine Teitoku approaches her, not even bothering to hide the conspicuous Tweezers he has equipped. He shows her a photo of Last Order and asks where she is. Uiharu denies ever seeing Last Order, and advises Kakine to go to the nearest Anti-Skill booth and ask them there. Kakine seems to accept her answer, however, he suddenly hits her in the head. He tells her that he knew that she was with Last Order hence why he didn't ask Uiharu if she knew the girl in the photo. Kakine dislocates Uiharu's shoulder with his foot, and begins
Uiharu in pain

Kakine torturing Uiharu for not telling him the truth.

torturing her. Kakine knows that Uiharu has noticed him and had Last Order escape. He says that he understands that she is not that capable, and though he is a scumbag he prefers not to involve normal people. He tells her that if she had cooperated with him in the first place he wouldn't have to resort to violence. He continues by saying that however he has no mercy for his enemies and that she has become one the moment she decided to protect Last Order of her own free will. He then asks her not to allow him to kill her. Uiharu continues to be tortured by Kakine, all the while bystanders don't even approach to aid her. In deep pain, Kakine asks her again, to which Uiharu mocks him, saying that Last Order is at a place he will never see. She then sticks her tongue out as a final gesture of defiance. Hearing this, Kakine decides to finish her off with his foot. However, before he can do so, Accelerator arrives and throws an ATM machine at Kakine, mocking him for attacking someone like Uiharu. Kakine's feet missed its aim, but Kakine still however achieved his goal, something he tried to do through Last Order, and that is finding Accelerator.[11] It is likely Uiharu was taken to safety afterwards. It is unknown if she was there to witness the battle between the two top Level 5 espers of Academy City.

Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index

Freshmen Arc

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She, Haruue, and Saten appeared in the background of the color illustration of the scene where the members of the new ITEM sit in the restaurant.[12]

Ichihanaran Festival Arc

Main article: Ichihanaran Festival Arc

Uiharu Kazari debuts in Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index novels during the arc. She appears doing her duty as a member of Judgment, for the Anti-Skill alone cannot handle the work load during the Ichihanaransai, especially when Fräulein Kreutune is on the loose. She first appears being dogged around by kids, asking her things such as Kuroko's famous line, which she tries to point out to them that it is not a standard for Judgment to do, and that Kuroko is often being scolded for making people think Judgment is violent. The kids then ask her to teleport, confounding her even more. One of the kids comment on how it could be scary and that one could end up in a strange place. One of them references on how teleporters will go through a tunnel, prompting the kids to ask her what makes up the tunnel and how long it is. Uiharu shrieks, and is unable to answer them.[13]

Magic God Othinus Arc

Main article: Magic God Othinus Arc

In the final recreation of the world by Othinus created specifically to break Touma's spirit, known as the Version_Omega world in-text, where several characters from the original world have been "saved" or have not experienced great tragedy, Kuroko, Uiharu, and Saten are in the festival where Touma is after his spirit has already been broken, trying to decide how he should have himself killed. Here, they are all aware of the existence of clones. Kuroko complains on how there are too many people in the festival and wonders where Mikoto had ran off to. Uiharu comments on how it would be impossible to find her in the festival with all the people who look like her. Saten then comments on how she just remembered that Meigo Arisa may be coming in secret, referring to her "perfect mode" after becoming one with Shutaura Sequenzia. Uiharu comments on how she saw the doll-like child president wandering around earlier, as such Arisa may be around.[14]

Magic God Invasion Arc

Main article: Magic God Invasion Arc

Kuroko and Uiharu are in the same subway train as Akikawa Mie during her adventures in trying to get the liquid diamond to her mother during the shadow of the High Priest's rampage in Academy City. They were in a tunnel when the train suddenly stopped due to the damage done by the High Priest in School District 5's. After being told to leave through the emergency exit, Kuroko and Uiharu do their jobs and guide the passengers. Kuroko notices Mie run out of the train but since it was dark she could not do anything about it. She then asks Uiharu if the power is still not back up.[15]

Touma makes use of Misaka Mikoto's connections with Judgment and her influence to prevent disaster from befalling when the High Priest used the dirt under the city for his magic. Kuroko and Uiharu are part of this bold plan, and as such they are near the headquarters where Mie's mother worked, directing people to safety as members of Judgment. Kuroko later asks Uiharu to arrange the routes so that there won't be any bottlenecks at bridges and intersections. Uiharu does so, manipulating traffic control centers and traffic lights routines.[16]

It is later revealed that all the actions of the people in the city where under the manipulations of Kihara Noukan, making calculations and sending out bait like the liquid diamond that Mie took to prevent human casualties during the High Priest's rampage.[17]

Kamisato Rescue Arc

Main article: Kamisato Rescue Arc

On December 9th, following the Elements and the heat wave, Uiharu and Saten were present near the Trial shelter at the beginning of the '48 Hours to Restore Order'. As the shelter's residents were turning on the shelter's 'ruler' and looking to execute him, Uiharu wanted to help as a member of Judgment but Saten dragged her away, telling her that they needed to gather a greater number of adults to deal with the many people involved.[18]

Coronzon Arc

Main article: Coronzon Arc

Shortly after the evacuation of Academy City began on December 12th, Uiharu and Saten were picked up by their families.[19]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

Level Upper Arc

Main article: Level Upper Arc

As a member of Judgment and friend of Kuroko she introduces her friend Saten Ruiko to her and Misaka Mikoto.

Although her esper abilities never come into use and despite her weak physical attributes, her skill in computers makes her a great asset for Judgment and is very reliable. This was shown during the Level-Upper arc, she realizes that her friend, Saten, had used Level-upper and had become comatose as a result, which makes Uiharu exert more effort in trying to discover the culprit, because of this she is the first one to discover Kiyama Harumi's intentions and is instrumental in helping Mikoto defeat the AIM Burst creature and revive the comatose users of the Level-Upper.[20][21] In the end she tearfully reunites with a now conscious Saten.[21]

Big Spider Arc

Main article: Big Spider Arc

She first appears listening to Kongou Mitsuko's testimony on Big Spider's attack on her. Uiharu later appears listening to Konori Mii about Big Spider and praises her senpai for having such knowledge. She is later with Saten, Mikoto and Kuroko talking about the recent attack on Mitsuko. She appears in the Judgment office and gives information about Big Spider and their leader before Mikoto and Kuroko leave. She is then seen eating together with Saten, and is told by Saten that she understands the feelings of Skill-Outs and is reassured by her that she will never again give up.[22]

In the next episode, Uiharu is seen with Kuroko, Saten and Mikoto talking about Mii and Kurozuma Wataru's relationship, she also tell them that Mii has not been in Judgment for a while now and is not answering her phone. She later joins Mikoto, Saten, and Kuroko to go to Mii's apartment, where they meet her roommate, Yanagisako Aomi who tells them about Mii's past as a member of Big Spider. She later leaves with them and then later listens to Saten's reply to Mikoto's statement about Mii's past.[23]

Poltergeist Arc

Main article: Poltergeist Arc

During the second arc, she becomes friends with Haruue Erii and is responsible for her, so much so that she quickly disregarded any suspicion towards her by Kuroko as the culprit of the Poltergeist events despite overwhelming evidence.[24][25] During the previous arc she bonded with Harumi and trust her more as such she convinces her to hand out all her research to Therestina Kihara Lifeline.She later breaks down when she discovers Therestina's intentions of using the Haruue and the rest of the Child Error students of Kiyama Harumi.[26]During the retrieval operation she aids Kiyama in navigating the highways of Academy City and pinpointed the location where children are kept. Finally during the final confrontation between their group and Therestina. She becomes incapacitated by Capacity Down but not before making Therestina talk where the machine to operate Capacity Down is located which allows Saten to find and destroy it.[27]

She is last seen with Saten, Misaka and Kuroko being late for the special event held by Haruee Erii for Kiyama Harumi.

Sisters Arc

Main article: Sisters Arc

Uiharu is briefly seen doing her summer homework, as she was busy with Judgment work all-summer. Mikoto suddenly calls her and asks her about the password she heard from Misaka 9982. Uiharu is successful in breaking the code which allows Mikoto access to the Level 6 Shift Experiment details. It is unknown if Uiharu herself read the files.[28] At a later date, Uiharu, along with Saten Ruiko, is talking to Haruue Erii on her phone. Erii says she will join them later after stopping by the hospital. They meet up with Kuroko to help her with Mikoto. Learning that Mikoto has being busy recently and isn't talking to her, Saten concludes that Mikoto has boy problems which makes Uiharu blush. Later after hearing an alarm from a vending machine, Uiharu tries to go and assist Kuroko, who turns her down thinking that it is a false alarm.

Silent Party Arc

Main article: Silent Party Arc

Before the events of the arc start in earnest, Uiharu helps Haruue Erii prepare for her move and is disheartened by this, despite only getting to know for her for a single summer. Regardless, Uiharu tries to put on a facade of strength towards everybody while helping Erii. She is with the other girls when they visit Edasaki Banri when she is finally released from the hospital. When she and Kuroko are called by Konori Mii to help relieve a traffic jam that was caused by STUDY, she jumps at the call and tells the others to go ahead and start their celebration for Erii without them. After they have done their duties, Uiharu pleads to Kuroko to teleport her to the store where she bought the taiyaki she bought for Erii when she was in the MAR research laboratory. When they arrive at the cafe where the celebration was being held, Banri has already left for she had a appointed check-up.[29]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S E18 18m 56s

The friendship born in a single summer month makes Uiharu cry as the other half moves away.

As the other girls bicker around Uiharu's idea of giving taiyaki to someone who just had cake, Erii soon remembers that the box in her hands has the same taiyaki that Uiharu gave to her back then. Erii weeps upon remembering this well-cherished memory and vows to Uiharu that she will help Banri the way Uiharu had helped her. Eventually, the reality that she would move far away from Uiharu dawns on Erii, and she hugs Uiharu tightly. Uiharu, despite her best efforts to hold back her tears, and that they only met this summer, she eventually breaks down and cry.[29]

As Saten comments on how childish Uiharu can be sometimes, Mikoto just lets Erii and Uiharu savor this moment.[29]

When Febrie is introduced, it has Saten temporarily move into Uiharu's room, keeping her company after Erii had left. There, the two of them take care of the child.[30] For the early half of the arc, Uiharu aids Saten in taking care of Febrie. When Mikoto tells them of Febrie's involvement in the dark side of Academy City, imploring for their aid to save her, Uiharu, Saten, and Kuroko jump at the call. She spends most of her time in front of the computer searching for information.[31] She is later seen aiding Kuroko in breaking out Mikoto after she is caught by STUDY through the user of her computer-related skills.[32]

Later, her tech-savvy allows her to discover that STUDY has delivered 20,000 Powered Suits to the Academy City Research Exhibition Assembly and that they were the ones who instigated several power outages to cover them up, one of which was the one where she and Kuroko were forced to relieve traffic. Despite the odds, they all decide to take on STUDY and the Silent Party without any help at all from Anti-Skill for the sake of Febrie and Janie, Febrie's sister.[32] She is given the manual on how to pilot a Ekaterina II S along with Saten by Kongou Mitsuko, and memorizes it in a single night while making rice balls with Febrie. In the crack of dawn of the appointed day, Uiharu and Saten stand guard in one of the venue entrances against a group of Powered Suits controlled by Diffusion Ghost.[32] Here, Saten wields her bat while Uiharu takes control of several security robots. They are later joined by a multitude of Judgment members. During the offensive, Uiharu takes advantage of the Powered Suits' simplistic AI and use the security robots to distract them long enough for the others to take them down. Later, Madarame Kenji and Kosako Shunichi of STUDY try to counterattack using their large mobile weapons. As they retreat Uiharu trips but is soon saved by the arrival of Yomikawa Aiho bringing the Ekaterina II S, and knocking out their mobile machines. This apparently gave the girls enough time to pilot and transform it into an even larger mecha. Saten and Uiharu's memorizing a manual in a single night proves useful as they are able to easily to take down the two mobile weapons.[33]

Saten and Uiharu are part of the little conference held after Mikoto defeats Aritomi Haruki, STUDY's leader, who has launched the AIM bomb. When they decide to use the Ekaterina II S as a missile for Mikoto's Railgun against the bomb, Uiharu complains on how they need a super computer to calculate on how they will able to launch the thing into the atmosphere. After the Sisters little secret help with the calculations, Uiharu orders the girls to follow the specifications, with Mitsuko for her Aero Hand and Maaya with her Float Dial. She later witness the launching of the large mecha into the upper atmosphere, and later sees the debris shower of the explosion that Mikoto caused by using it as ammunition for her Railgun against the AIM bomb.[33]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S E24 21m 20s

Uiharu crying over Febrie leaving this time.

As Janie and Febrie are in a Kongou Airlines runway, preparing to leave to the outside for body readjustments, Saten cries over Febrie leaving. Uiharu tries to console her but also falls into tears. And thus, the fellowship, though bound by friendship and love, part ways.[33]

Daihasei Festival Arc

Main article: Daihasei Festival Arc (Railgun)
Kuroko, Saten, and Uiharu
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T E02 05m 46s

Saten tells Uiharu about a urban legend.

appear right before Mikoto's competition in the three-legged race with her partner Kongou Mitsuko. Saten tells Uiharu of a substance known as Shadow Metal that is formed by the clashing of multiple espers, which can be sold for a large sum of money. Kuroko then appears right after, angry at Saten for spreading rumors again, to which forces her to distract and stay her anger by pointing out that Mikoto's competition is about to begin.[34] After their victory, Xochitl, in disguise, tries to operate the unique cellphone
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T E02 14m 11s

Saten gaze at Xochitl as she felt she see her somewhere.

that is the same to the one that Shirai Kuroko uses. Confounded by the technology, Saten Ruiko overhears her and goes to her aid. However, seeing Saten, surprises Xochitl to the point of shouting. Saten seems to feel that they have met somewhere before (referring to the events of Liberal Arts City), but because of Xochitl she couldn't tell. Xochitl then says she must be seeing things as she looks like someone she knows, confusing Saten. Uiharu Kazari then calls out to Saten that they should now leave. Before that however, Saten focuses her gaze on her, and tells her that she feels like that they really have met before. Xochitl insists that she is just imagining things and that she made a mistake, to which Saten agrees and then leaves.[34]
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T E02 17m 12s

Misuzu,Uiharu and Saten dicussing about the person who had been "helping Mikoto a lot".

Mikoto, Uiharu, and Saten would later meet up with Misaka Misuzu. Mikoto notes that her clothes are dirty and that changing them would be difficult for the next event, to which Saten says that Mikoto should ask someone to go in her place. This however makes Mikoto accidentally divulge on her little bet with Kamijou Touma,[35] which entices Misuzu and later has both Uiharu and Saten discuss the person who is "helping Mikoto a lot", much to her embarrassment.[36] As the day goes on, at lunch break, Saten Ruiko is still up on about with
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T E03 19m 53s

Saten still trying to find Shadow Metal.

Shadow Metal despite Kuroko's warning on not spreading the rumor, and manages to convince Uiharu Kazari to aid her in finding it. Saten then goes to Kirigaoka Girls' Academy grounds in School District 18. With no event there scheduled, Saten is able to search all she wants with Uiharu's help who is constant communication with her from Judgment 177 Branch Office. Searching for information about Shadow Metal on the Internet, Uiharu notes on how there is an unusually high amount of hits, to which Saten says that there must be "something" if there is that many hits. Continuing on, Uiharu says that she can no longer find the website Saten was looking for, which confuses Saten as she was sure she was saw it about a week ago. Saten smells a cover up and talks about on how there is an organization that targets those who get close to the Shadow Metal.[37]
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T E04 05m 21s

Saten being approached by men in hazmat suits.

Mikoto and Kuroko later arrive in the office as the former have a bit of time before her next event as Uiharu jokes to Saten that she might be targeted by the organization who wants the Shadow Metal. Immediately after, Saten is attacked by men in hazmat suits. Concerned, Mikoto asks Uiharu what is going on, to which he explains that Saten is being attacked by someone on the other line. Hearing this, Kuroko and Mikoto mobilized after Uiharu says that Saten is in Kirigaoka Girls' Academy grounds in School District 18. Uiharu is left behind for a backup as they might need to contact Anti-Skill. Arriving there, Kuroko notices them, but Mikoto, seeing Saten being held down angers Mikoto and attacks them. Mikoto and Saten later prostrate themselves in apology to them after it is revealed that they are the one who clean the grounds after an event to prevent the DNA traces of espers from being stolen by outsiders. Seeing Saten as a trespasser in the grounds, it was only natural for them to apprehend her. They are later let go by them. Kuroko says that the rumors of Shadow Metal spread because of the fact that the grounds were heavily guarded to prevent DNA maps from being stolen, and berates Saten for being carried away by a baseless rumor, as well as Mikoto for the attack.[37] Back with Uiharu, she is relieved that her friends are okay and check back to her search earlier. She notes on how it was unusual, saying that it as if someone is releasing a lot of false information in order to hide something. As Uiharu digs deeper, she is able break through Keitz's automatic dummy generating programming and arrives in Auribus oculi fideliores sunt. She is at first dismissive of the urban legends and rumors catalogued there, but later comes upon the
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T E04 07m 53s

Uiharu stumbled upon a mysterious website.

report on Shokuhou Misaki and the location of Exterior.[37] Keitz later notices someone breaking through his setup, frustrating Misaki as Keitz promised her that no one will find the website. Keitz then says that in the off chance this event happened, he had set it up to back trace the intruder. Here, they discover that it is from Judgment 177 Branch Office. Wanting to confront the intruder herself, she goes to the branch office. Shokuhou uses her powers to delete the data from the computer, though it can still be retrieved. Misaki later uses her powers to search her memories and discovers that Uiharu is friends with Mikoto, she then brainwashes Uiharu to forget what had happened to her.[38] Moreover, she later modifies her memories in order to have Uiharu change the patrol route she and Kuroko were going to the next day in order for her and Keitz to catch up to all of them.[39] Having the foresight on Mikoto interfering, Misaki's intention on manipulating Mikoto's friends memories is to keep Mikoto in a leash and constraining her actions, as it stops her from enlisting the aid of her friends and from forcing her way out of her clique.[40]

The others later arrive, and much to Kuroko and Mikoto's chagrin, Saten then immediately asks Uiharu if she had found any new information. Uiharu then says that she has done some searching herself but couldn't find anything.[37] That night, Saten introduces Uiharu to her parents

The next day, Misaki makes her move against Misaka Mikoto. Uiharu, as programmed by Misaki, takes Saten and Kuroko away from their proper patrol route. Kuroko realizes that they are in the wrong route, which surprises Uiharu truly believed she was going the right way. Then, Keitz appears behind them, pretending to be an outsider in need as a distraction. Misaki later comes out of an alley as they are distracted and uses her powers to freeze their
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T E04 20m 59s

Mikoto's friends being brainwashed.

movements, preventing Kuroko from using her powers, and later erases their memories of Mikoto.[39] As Mikoto tries to escape Misaki's clique, she notices Kuroko, Uiharu, and Saten walk along by. She is relieved and comes towards them, but much to her horror, discovers that they too have been brainwashed by Misaki.[39] Mikoto is greatly angered by this affrontary, but is unable to do anything even if she tries to convince them that she is truly their friend. Moreover, Mikoto has another event to partake in.[41] Mitsuko, fresh out of her latest event, later meets up with Kinuho and
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T E05 04m 38s

Kuroko ponders about Mikoto.

Maaya and later stumble upon Kuroko and the others. Kuroko later airs her frustration on Mikoto coming up to her, making an accusation, and then asking them if they were joking. This surprises Mitsuko, Kinuho, and Maaya, wondering if Kuroko and Mikoto had a fight. Back with Kuroko and the others, she wonders on how Saten and Uiharu knew Mitsuko. They point out to her that they met when they were visiting Kuroko in the hospital, though this confuses Kuroko as she is not close with Mitsuko. The others can only conclude that there was a mutual acquaintance but cannot remember who.[41]
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T E07 10m 57s

Uiharu remain unconcious as she is held hostage by Mitori's dummy.

The girls go their separate ways for the moment, with Uiharu going through her Judgment duties, unaware of the battles that have taken place. Misuzu meets with Uiharu, who still knows her as Misaki had only erased their memories of Mikoto. She sees Uiharu with a lost boy for his father to pick him up. Uiharu divulges on how the IDs of the visitors have GPS functionality, and as such can be tracked by Judgment headquarters if someone is lost. As they talk together, Kouzaku Mitori later finds them both and knocks them unconscious intending to use them as hostages against Misaka Mikoto.[42]
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T E08 17m 33s

Uiharu is dismayed for being manipulated by Misaki.

She and Misuzu are later saved by the efforts of Mikoto and Kuroko, and are later taken to Judgment 177 Branch Office. When she wakes up, she overhears Saten's hypotheses regarding Uiharu being controlled by Misaki since yesterday, leading to them to conclude that is the reason why Uiharu took them to the wrong patrol route. Saten then says that they should keep it a secret from Uiharu, saying that she is the type that to feel responsible when no one is to blame. Just then, Uiharu has woken up from the infirmary opens the door and asks them to tell her exactly what they are talking about, to which Kuroko agrees, much to Saten's shock. She however, says that Uiharu should first make some tea. Kuroko whispers to her that she admires that she is protecting Uiharu, she says that she isn't that weak to have that break her. After being briefed about it, Uiharu is dismayed for being manipulated. Kuroko however says that after their break they should restart their investigation, and asks Uiharu if she can look through the Bank for anyone suspicious. Uiharu asks if she is sure that she can trust her, to which Kuroko says that they do not have time to have a detailed examination as they need her skills now. She then tells her that if she is really worried, then she can do her work in front of them. Uiharu goes right to it, impressing Saten.[43]
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T E09 03m 54s

Uiharu checking about liquid metal.

As the investigate liquid metal, Saten notes that only two companies that have developed liquid metal have survived. Kuroko says that the companies have no record of loss or theft, which opens up the possibility that someone inside the company is helping the esper using liquid metal (Mitori). Just then, Uiharu has finished the search according to Kuroko's specifications and they discover that the name of their attacker is Kouzaku Mitori. Findin information about her, Uiharu says that Mitori is in the Reformatory for an attempted terrorist attack 14 months ago. Saten asks if she escaped, to which Uiharu says that if she did, then Judgment should've been notified. Uiharu asks again if Mitori truly was the culprit, to which she confirms. Regardless however, Kuroko wants to double-check and says she wants to go to the Bank's control center. Uiharu then asks what Saten would seeing as she will likely not be allowed there as she is not a member of Judgment. Saten says that she will pass and asks about Misuzu, to which Kuroko says that she has explained the situation to Konori Mii their senpai. She says that Mikoto wished for Misuzu to be told that she collapsed of heatstroke and that she will be kept in the office for protection under the guise of getting a new ID issued.[43]
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T E09 08m 36s

Kuroko and Uiharu finding more details about Mitori.

With that they all leave the office, with Kuroko and Uiharu going to the Bank's control center. When they arrive, Kuroko discovers that Mitori has been dead for at least two months due to heart failure. Kuroko wonders if she was wrong in her assumption, but then finds something odd. She discovers that her body was incinerated immediately after she was found instead of getting an autopsy. Then, the minder in the Bank comes up to them and says that Mitori may not have one. She explains that they might have something to hide and that they destroyed her body, evidence, before the true cause of her death could be found. She also says that Mitori might not even be dead. When asked, the minder says that there is a rumor about the Reformatory, and on how student suddenly disappear for some reason. When the guards report it they are waved off and ignored and it is always high level espers or excellent students who disappear. She says that Academy City makes a deal with the esper or student and releases them in secret and then fake their deaths as it is far more convenient, though she says it is just a rumor.[43]
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T E11 03m 30s

Kuroko got a call from Saten.

They are later contacted by Saten Ruiko after getting information from Xochitl regarding the situation Mikoto is in. Kuroko then teleports to School District 2 as the Level 6 Shift attempt on Misaka Mikoto takes place. Saten and Uiharu later aid Kuroko as she does battle with Kouzaku Mitori.

Kuroko teleports from building to building trying to find Mitori. She recalls Misaki's informing her, in that Mental Out isn't very effective on Mikoto, and as such the Liquid Shadow puppet cannot give Mikoto orders. This leads her to conclude that Mitori can only guide Mikoto's psyche if she is nearby. However, with such a high concentration of research facilities near where Mikoto is, Kuroko contacts Uiharu and asks her to check every camera within 800 meters of School District 2's Judgment building. She tells Uiharu to see if she can find Mitori on one of the cameras as well as a list points the cameras do not cover. Uiharu asks Kuroko if she needs backup, to which Kuroko says they do not have time.[44]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T E12 12m 23s

Saten manages to find Mitori and assit Uiharu

As Kuroko teleports into one of the buildings, Mitori has her puppet slice through a door to attack her. Kuroko then proceeds to engage the puppet in combat.[44] As she battles, she finds out where Mitori puts the camera on her Liquid Shadow puppets so she can see, which is on her neck. She attacks it with her darts, disabling Mitori's secondary senses, and forcing her to use echolocation to grasp the situation, Mitori's primary sense for her puppet. She then uses a small device to deafen her ability to echolocate. Kuroko then teleports away as the puppet is preoccupied, trying to search for Mitori. However, the facility is so vast, she requires the aid of a clue. Back in Judgment 177 Branch Office, Saten manages to find Mitori in one of the cameras. Uiharu contacts Kuroko, telling her of Mitori's moving into an alleyway three minutes ago, though she can't tell what building she's in as she hasn't been seen in the other cameras. Kuroko then rushes toward the likely location of Mitori.[45]

Kuroko asks if they're sure Mitori hasn't been seen in any other camera, to which Saten confirms. Kuroko notes that Mitori would show up in the cameras if she moved into another building. Seeing this, Kuroko manages to pinpoint the building where Mitori is likely hiding in. She orders Uiharu and Saten to turn all nearby movable cameras toward the building as she teleports in.[45]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T E12 14m 40s

Kuroko being hit by Mitori's puppet.

Back with the puppet, Mitori is able to pierce the device, but then realizes that the security cameras likely gave her location away. She then has her puppet slice and enter a sewer pipe to head to where Kuroko is going.[45] Uiharu notices this as well, and reports it to Kuroko, confirming to her that the place where Kuroko is in is where Mitori is hiding. Mitori, turns her attention to Kuroko, and uses the cameras of the Homing Cameras that is used for Daihaseisai events to target her. Mitori observers the battle directly during the puppet's confrontation with Kuroko in the building. After Kuroko uses the anti-listening device on her puppet again, Mitori uses the puppet to attack her, though could only spread her attack as she could not tell how high up Kuroko is. Despite being hit on the side and on the arm, Kuroko teleports away and applies a small a balm on her injuries. While doing so, she believes that Mitori is in the building based on the puppet's actions and that she is in the upper floors. After treating her wounds, Kuroko pursues Mitori from below, though notes that she may be overlooking something.[45]
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T E13 08m 38s

Saten proposes an idea of using Daihaseisai Festival cameras.

Meanwhile, back in Judgment 177 Branch Office, Saten and Uiharu becomes worried of Kuroko's injuries. Uiharu, as she watches the cameras, later catches the Daihaseisai Homing Cameras surrounding the building where Kuroko is in despite being no events. Uiharu researches that Anti-Skill apparently used them to see if anyone has yet to be evacuated but notes on how the powerful electromagnetic waves there are too powerful for the cameras to approach. Saten then gets the idea in having them use the cameras to aid Kuroko, leading Uiharu to eureka moment. She asks Saten how long the cameras were there, to which she says that they have been there since Kuroko entered the building. Uiharu then reports this to Kuroko, giving to her the possibility that Mitori is not inside the building but somewhere else.[45]
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T E13 11m 54s

Mitori saw a footage of Kuroko getting hit by a knife hidden inside the puppet.

With this new knowledge, Kuroko continues her pursuit of Mitori inside the building. Kuroko finds the last blindspot of the building, only to find that she isn't there. Kuroko goes over thoughts once more, and discovers that Mitori may be hiding in the sewers and that she was led into a trap by Mitori. Mitori's puppet later catches up to Kuroko a ventilation duck. As Kuroko uses another anti-listening device to seal her echolocation, Mitori turns one of the Homing Cameras she has hacked toward the blind spot. Considering the lag when Kuroko teleports and the locations where she is likely to jump to, Mitori has her puppet fire a knife hidden inside it towards Kuroko. However, unbeknowngst to her, Uiharu has hacked that particular camera to display dummy footage, allowing Kuroko to escape.[45]
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T E13 15m 02s

Uiharu is exhausted while Saten praising her for the hard work.

Uiharu later becomes exhausted after hacking the camera and is later fanned by Saten, praising her for her hard work. Kuroko later manages to find the real Mitori and defeat her, ending her manipulation of Mikoto.

After the battles come to a close and Mikoto is turned back to normal, Misaki uses her power to restore the memories of Kuroko and the others' memories of her, though modified the events somewhat for them, making the believe that they were out trying to catch terrorists targeting the festival to avoid contradictions. Apparently all to hide the existence of both Exterior and the Sisters from public knowledge, as well as passing along the information on the virus to Heaven Canceller to treat the sisters. Mikoto's not participating in the festival events on the second day was changed as well to that of her eating too much and having her stay in the bathroom all day, much to her chagrin.[46]

All the girls visit the field where the bonfire folk dance is being held and comments on how they are unable to dance. Mikoto goes away to buy them all drinks. In the meanwhile, Kamijou Touma later meets up with Saten, and thanks her for the protective charm she lent. Touma offers her to buy her some food to make it up to her, though she says that it is all right. Mikoto later comes around with the drinks, and finds Touma talking with Saten. Touma says that he borrowed a protective charm from her, confusing Mikoto though later figures out it was for the borrowing race. Mikoto's stutters and awkward way of presenting herself to Touma does not go unnoticed before the eyes of Saten and Uiharu.[46]

Capitalizing this new found knowledge, Saten approaches Touma and asks him to dance with her around the bonfire as a way to thank her for lending him her protective charm. Touma is fine with the idea, though asks if she is sure with it, to which confirms. Saten then tells Touma to go on ahead, leaving the girls alone. Mikoto is utterly shocked by what has transpired, but with a knowing look between Saten and Uiharu, they make their move. Saten fakes an ailment finally catching up to her, prompting Mikoto to ask her if she is okay. However, Kuroko suddenly figures out their ruse and tries to tell Mikoto, but Uiharu comes up behind her and covers her mouth. With this ruse finally set up, Saten says that she can't move but tells Mikoto that she can dance with Touma in her place. Mikoto becomes embarrassed by this, and makes up a bunch of excuses. Fed up with this, Saten forces Mikoto to say that she wants to dance, to which she does.[46]

The girls later see Mikoto dancing with Touma which is unceremoniously interrupted by Kuroko, teleport dropkicking Touma away, much to Uiharu and Saten's disappointment.[46]

Dream Ranker Arc

Main article: Dream Ranker Arc

While walking to school one day, Uiharu has her skirt flipped by Saten yet again. She later has a Judgment patrol with Kuroko. She tells her about a recently-popular treasure hunting smartphone application that can supposedly show pictures of incidents that will occur in the future.[47] After she explains the details of the app, Kuroko decides that they must investigate.[48]

They head to a road where an accident is predicted to occur. While waiting, Uiharu sees a Judgment recruitment ad and hopes that their branch will get a new recruit, so that she has someone to look after. They wait for ten minutes and nothing happens, causing Kuroko to get frustrated. A traffic accident suddenly occurs and Kuroko saves the would-be victim, then tells Uiharu to direct traffic until Anti-Skill arrives. While Uiharu follows this order, Kuroko locates and meets the app's creator Miyama Shaei, who was watching from afar.[48]

They head over to the Judgment office to talk, and Uiharu offers Shaei some tea. Shaei explains how his precognitive power works and asks them to keep the true potential of his power secret. He also says that he was never able to alter the incidents he predicted by himself, so Uiharu speculates that Kuroko's teleportation (which works in 11 dimensions) allows her to interfere with the incidents. Shaei then makes a prediction in front of them to prove his power. This allows them to find and save a drowning girl. The three of them work together to prevent several more incidents.[49]

Shaei eventually predicts that two concurrent events will happen in the same park the next evening and fire will be involved. They therefore enlist more Judgment members to search and set up checkpoints around the park. Uiharu gives Kuroko a device that will let her see a real-time satellite image of the park, though Kuroko disapproves of Uiharu hacking the satellite for this. Kuroko points out that the cherry trees are blooming out of season and the two of them wonder what caused this. Kuroko is then called away by Shaei.[50]

Uiharu and the other Judgment members are at the park on the evening of the predicted fire, but have yet to find anything suspicious. The fire suddenly begins, and Judgment evacuates the civilians but has trouble due to the unnatural speed with which the fire spreads. Kuroko deduces that the plant ampoules placed beneath the cherry trees have made them more flammable, and Uiharu uses this theory to predict the fire's further spread. All of the civilians are evacuated successfully, but Shaei arrives and begs them to save a stray dog. Uiharu uses the satellite footage to narrow down the possible locations, allowing Kuroko to save the dog as well.[51]

After the incident is over, Uiharu advises Shaei to stay away from Kuroko, calling her a pervert. She later explains the cause of the fire to Kuroko, including how the culprits (who were only trying to make the cherry trees bloom year-round) learned how to make the ampoules from Indian Poker. They meet Shaei again, but he reveals what Uiharu said about Kuroko, causing Kuroko to chase Uiharu and wrestle her to the ground. Uiharu tries to escape by changing the subject, talking about how everything worked out in the end, but Kuroko sees through this. They then return to work.[52]

Later, Uiharu and Saten walk along with the latter talking about her plans with Indian Poker. They pass a girl with large breasts (thanks to using the Indian Poker card "Bust Upper") and are both amazed. Saten marvels at the size, and Uiharu says it's rude to talk about this.[53]

Uiharu meets Saten after the latter is questioned over her involvement in a recent incident. She tells Saten that she has to stay in an Anti-Skill facility for the next few days for her safety. She also says that no bodies or injuries were found at the department store where the incident occurred. She finishes by saying that they should move now and that Judgment will provide everything that Saten needs.[54]

After Saten moves back to her apartment, Uiharu visits to report that everything's fine. A dejected Saten invites her in for dinner, as Frenda Seivelun (who she planned on having dinner with) never showed up.[54]

At a Judgment meeting, Uiharu tells her colleagues about recent leaks of information from the School Garden and major companies, concluding that Indian Poker is the cause.[55]

After the Indian Poker incident is resolved, Uiharu talks with Saten about urban legends, such as the story of the talking golden retriever. They walk through the city exploring the sites of urban legends. They come to a water reservoir that is said to contain a mutant giant serpent. This leads them into a conversation with two gyaru girls, one of whom claims to have seen that serpent three weeks ago. She shows them a photo she took but the serpent is out of focus so Uiharu and Saten are skeptical. Saten thanks Uiharu for letting her see various urban legend sites to cheer her up. She asks her if she'll disappear in the future, and Uiharu promises that she won't if Saten doesn't look so sad again. They then run into a flustered Mikoto. Mikoto tells them that a "friend" of hers has realised that she may have special feelings for someone (i.e. Touma), but is depressed since that someone seems to like "symbols of motherhood" (i.e. large breasts). Saten asks if Uiharu has any advice, and Uiharu says that, if this boy won't ignore anyone in need, all the friend has to do is experience a tragic situation and to stay in such a state of tragedy. As a confused Mikoto listens to Uiharu's advice, Saten desperately tries to keep Mikoto from being misled by this advice.[56]

Jailbreaker Arc

Main article: Jailbreaker Arc

Uiharu watches a news program about the opening of a private juvenile hall for espers. The hall's director, Kyougoku Ryouta, announces a jailbreak trial in which espers will compete to try and break out a fake prisoner from his hall. Saten is excited by the one billion yen prize money, but Uiharu doubts that they expect to actually pay it. Mikoto is goaded into participating by Kyougoku's boasts (that his hall could hold even Tokiwadai students) and the other three end up participating as well.[57]

While lining up outside the juvenile hall, Uiharu shows the others a map of the facility. The trial begins. Uiharu asks Saten about the oversized gloves she's wearing. Saten explains that they'll let her climb the outer wall, but Uiharu points out that this would be physically demanding and would make her a sitting duck for the hall's defences. Another group of participants is sent flying by an acoustic weapon, forcing the others to cover their ears. Kuroko then teleports the group past a pitfall, but can't use her power any more because of the hall's AIM Jammers.[58]

Uiharu and the others observe other competitors trying and failing to get past the wall. Saten plans to use her gloves to climb it, but Uiharu points out others who have the same idea (and fail). Kongou and her friends approach, planning on launching logs at the wall to breach it. This fails and logs are sent flying everywhere, so Mikoto protectively embraces Uiharu (because of her injury) while kicking Kuroko out of the way of a log. Uiharu thanks Mikoto and then smiles, though Kuroko is jealous of her for being embraced by Mikoto. Mikoto makes her own attempt to breach the wall, which fails, and then has an idea.[59] By cooperating with the other competitors, they successfully create a lasting hole in the wall. However, all the competitors rush in at once and Uiharu is separated from the rest by the crowd. She tells them to go on without her and that she'll continue on her own.[60]

While the others try to break the prisoner out, Uiharu pre-empts all of them by hacking the juvenile hall's systems. She makes the surveillance cameras show recorded footage and takes control of the guard robots to carry her into the hall, then to carry her and the prisoner out. Afterwards, the prisoner wonders if Uiharu analysed the security in advance, but Uiharu reveals that she hacked it on the spot be exploiting the habits and preferences of the human engineers who designed the security. Uiharu later takes part in a press conference where she receives a congratulatory plaque from Kyougoku.[61]

Uiharu rejoins her friends and learns that Mikoto had figured out Uiharu's actions, since the entrance to the prisoner's building was opened without any signs of force (suggesting it had been hacked). When Saten asks what Uiharu will do with the prize money, Uiharu replies that she'll donate it to Asunaro Park (which dismays Saten). Uiharu says it's fine since she didn't win with only her power, she's scared of having so much money and, if she wanted money, she could hack an online bank. The last of these reasons causes Saten and Kuroko to be wary of her.[61]

Later, Uiharu discusses the jailbreak trial with Mikoto and Saten in a restaurant. She tells them that the juvenile hall had a long-range AIM Jammer but didn't use it during the trial. Mikoto and Saten praise Uiharu's skills, though Uiharu realises that an angry Kuroko is behind her. Kuroko demands to know why Uiharu is skipping out on her patrol duty, but Uiharu claims that she is getting the energy to keep her brain at top performance. Kuroko stuffs a bun in Uiharu's mouth and drags her off to work.[62]

That night, Uiharu calls Saten to complain about Kuroko. She hears a knock on the door and ends the call to answer it. She is kidnapped by Kimi and her group, Kimi being an actual prisoner of the juvenile hall who had tricked everyone (including Uiharu) into breaking her out, who are after her hacking skills.[62]

Uiharu is rendered unconscious and taken away in a recreational vehicle (RV). Her friends track down the RV and attack it. However, they are repelled and Kimi's group continues to flee using two new vehicles. They drive along the entrance-way road that leads to School District 11.[63]

Other appearances

Side stories

Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume SS2
The Second Friday of June

Uiharu is in an open café with Yomikawa Aiho apparently enjoying herself when a system she is defending is attacked by Kuyama Kihan. With only a handheld gaming device to work with, she counters the moves of Kihan, and eventually finds out that his location is in the café, and reports him to Anti-Skill and disconnects him from the open café's wireless LAN. It is likely she knew the moment Kihan began attacking where his location is.[64]

Kihan, who noticed Uiharu earlier after he saw her yelling during his operation, tries to call out to her as she leaves the open café, but is then felled to the ground by the Anti-Skill that found him.[64] It is unknown if Uiharu noticed and chose to ignore him.

The Third Friday of September

Uiharu is in Judgment 177 Branch Office when she finds that the Bank is currently being hacked by someone at tremendous speed, bypassing her defenses and security measures. She deduces that her opponent, which is actually Misaka Mikoto, is an Electromaster esper as the manipulation of the information during the hacking is not something a hacker can do. She tries to contend against her opponent, refusing to cut access to the Bank, but discovers that she cannot read the hacker's actions. Realizing she is up against a high level Electromaster, she still doesn't cut access from the Bank, but instead makes use of the Omega Secret encryption to encrypt the Bank, its server controls, and maintenance tools, virtually rendering the data she might get useless.[65]

Mikoto is shocked by the turn of events, and seeing that it would be too dangerous for her to access the back-ups for the Bank that she believes exists because she thinks no one would be crazy enough to encrypt the Bank using that method, Mikoto decides to withdraw, though believes that whoever encrypted the Bank would be in big trouble. Mikoto's prediction is correct as though Uiharu is seemingly oblivious to what she had wrought, another person knows what she has done. Shirai Kuroko arrives and tells the bewildered Uiharu that she has gone too far and decides to lecture her.[65]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun: Uiharu SS

Main article: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun: Uiharu SS

Published in a special booklet. Uiharu stars with Yomikawa Aiho of Anti-Skill, where they try to stop a runaway tanker that is part of a terrorist plot.

Anime appearances

Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index Movie: Miracle of Endymion

Uiharu Kazari primarily plays an expositionary role in the first half of the movie, telling of the history of Endymion's construction, as well as its CEO, Ladylee Tangleroad.

She joins her friends in escorting Meigo Arisa in a photo-shoot. She and the others are then forced to wear skimpy stage outfits, though she is more enthusiastic about it than Saten. She is later teleported away by Kuroko after the mall they were in is being bombed.

Later, she is in the Judgment branch with Saten when they discover that Arisa has been abducted. In the climax, she is joined by Saten during the attempt by Anti-Skill to break ingot Endymion. After an explosion rocks the space elevator and making it liable to collapse, she tells of a drastic plan of destroying the explosive bolts of the Endymion to break it away from the Earth. Both she and Saten overhear, Tsuchimikado Motoharu's "volunteering" to help them, as well as the Misaka clones telling that they will help, though she makes no comment on the latter.

She and Saten later witness the Miracle of Endymion. Here, she tells that Endymion is no longer collapsing as it happens.

Non-in universe appearances

Ookami-san and her Seven Companions


Uiharu in Ookami-san and her Seven Companions Wiki, but called Hatsuharu.

Uiharu appears quickly for a second in Ookami-san and her Seven Companions (also produced by JC Staff Animation Studios), looking confused at the audience, as a potential bride candidate for the boy millionaire Nezumi Chuutaro.

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax

Uiharu is one of the support characters added to the game in the Ignition update.


Her ability is Thermal Hand (定温保存 (サーマルハンド) Teion Hozon (Sāmaru Hando)?, lit. "Fixed Temperature Preservation"), which allows her to conserve part of the objects temperature she touches,[25] and is registered as a Level 1 esper.[2] To do this, she must be aware of herself wrapping her hand around the object. Additionally, she cannot use her power on anything larger than a basketball.[66]

Other Abilities

She is also very talented in operating computers, as she displayed the ability to easily hack into almost all of Academy City's systems. In fact, her main job in Judgment is working on the computer and use it to support the other members, such as picking up info on trouble makers. This more than makes up for her weak esper ability and lack of physical strength.[2] Uiharu can even hack a state-of-the-art security system, designed by Academy City's highest level engineers and AIs, without needing to analyse it beforehand. She can do this by discovering the habits and preferences of the human engineers, as it is humans who teach the AI.[61]

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S E24 09m 15s

Uiharu and Saten defeats Shunichi's mobile weapon with ease.

Uiharu had created a security system that is one of the 10 strongest systems of Academy City, which earned her a great reputation (and many challenges that led to the arrests of many skilled hackers) in the hacker's community under the alias of Goalkeeper (守護神 (ゴールキーパー) Shugojin (Gōrukīpā)?, lit. "Guardian Deity"). However, for some reason, the Academy City Board of Directors did not trust in her abilities and didn't put her in charge of the public system, which created an odd situation that the Judgment’s Office where she works has had stronger defenses than the databanks that holds all of Academy City’s data.[64]

Along with Saten, she is able to memorize an entire manual on how to pilot a giant mecha in a single night and actually be able to apply it in battle. This is exemplified by Saten and Uiharu easily defeating two mobile weapons.[33]

Character Art Designs

Design Evolution

Haimura designed Uiharu with the theme that she would be a totally normal and uninteresting character without her flower headband. Haimura wanted to have the headband's flowers be in wilt or in bloom depending on Uiharu's mood, though Haimura decided against this as it would not work for the limited illustrations of the light novel.[67]

By volume 12, Uiharu becomes affected by deformed artstyle that Haimura has for the characters. At this point, Uiharu's skirt has been lengthened. The original clothes for Uiharu had her with a short skirt, even up until volume 15. It is not until later that Haimura decided to lengthen her skirt for the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga. In the manga, Haimura gave out details in her expressions, stating that she is a gentle character in a comforting role, in contrast to Mikoto who is a strong character with a heroic role.



  • She and Saten Ruiko have cameos in both openings of the Toaru Majutsu no Index anime.
  • In several omake chapters, there's a joke that her ability is controlling plants. It might be supported by the quality of the flowers on her head, which is very realistically rendered in the anime and its "growth" from her flashback as a Judgment trainee to the present. This is debunked in Episode 22 of Railgun, which displays a completely unrelated ability. The mystery of Uiharu's flower headband is solved in Volume 9 of the Light Novel, as it was described as "artificial flowers".
  • A character similar to her design appears in the 2nd chapter of Heavy Object, a manga authored by Kamachi Kazuma, the creator of the Toaru Majutsu no Index series.
  • She has interacted with Last Order, but she never noticed any resemblance between her and Misaka.


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