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For her grandson, see Unabara Mitsuki.

Unabara (海原 Unabara?) is the current chairwoman of Tokiwadai Middle School and the grandmother of Unabara Mitsuki.[1][2][3][4]


Unabara is described as looking like a young woman.[4] Her real age is unknown, but she is considered an old lady and has a grandson.[1][2][4] She has curled dark long hair that reaches below her shoulder. She wears a light-colored suit, a light-colored polo neck and a necklace.[4]


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Unabara opens her school to anyone regardless of their past and believes in an absolute meritocracy.[2] According to Shokuhou, she is a Tokiwadai supremacist who puts improving her schools's status above all else, doing and discarding anything to that end.[4]

Although she works behind the scenes,[4] she claimed to Shokuhou to want to 'take the heavens' by force with the strongest possible Tokiwadai rather than sneaking off with them, apparently believing that only the truly strong could take them, mentioning that lies are always found out and cannot defeat the truth. She also professed belief that the trick to winning was in diversification.[4]


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Unabara is a member of Academy City Board of Directors and the current chairwoman of Tokiwadai Middle School. Despite being an old lady and having a grandson, she is so afraid of aging and has even competed with Yakumi Hisako, a board member influential in the medical field, over methods of staying young.[2]

At some point in the past, she financially funded Shundou Toshizou and his lab, Ideal, as a business partner. After the tragic failed experiment using child espers, she backed out from funding, which was thanks to Shokuhou Misaki making a deal with her.[2] Shortly after Shokuhou's admission, one year prior to the main story, she had a meeting with her via hologram.[4]

During events surrounding Tokiwadai's Student Council Election late in the main story's first year, Shirai Kuroko mentioned that Unabara hadn't appeared before the students since she enrolled.[4]


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Toaru Majutsu no Index[]

Three Stories Arc[]

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Tokiwadai director's existence was briefly mentioned during explanation of Unabara Mitsuki's background that Mitsuki is a grandson of director.[1]

Astral Buddy[]

Astral Buddy Arc[]

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Toaru Kagaku no Mental Out[]

Tokiwadai Election Arc[]

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According to Shokuhou, Unabara definitely has a rare talent for running a school, as shown by Tokiwadai's social standing.[4]

As shown, despite being chronologically much older, Director Unabara has invested heavily in Academy City’s high end technologies and acquiring methods to remain youthful and physically young, resulting in her appearing much younger than she actually is, similar to Yakumi Hisako.[2]





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