Uphill Island (アップヒル島 Appuhiru-jima?) is a small island located in Micronesia.[1]


Uphill Island covers about 17 km and is roughly 2km across from north to south.[1]

Due to the discrimination that they have received from the residents of the surrounding islands, residents of Uphill Island are very wary of outsiders, and a teaching that those on the island are good while outsiders are bad has been spreading.[1]


Uphill Island was originally just a small rock about 3m across, but due to a submarine volcanic eruption about 50 years prior to the current year of the story timeline, the earth's crust swelled, causing the island to grow rapidly.[1]

Due to the irregular way the island emerged, it gave residents of the surrounding islands a negative impression, leading to the residents of Uphill Island being subject to discrimination.[1]


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