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Ureapaddy Exica (ウレアパディー=エキシカ Ureapadī Ekishika?) is a character introduced in the PSP video game Toaru Majutsu to Kagaku no Ensemble. She is a prominent character in the Magic (Surface) story of the game and its light novel adaptation, Toaru Majutsu no Index: Road to Endymion.


She is of Indian origin, as such, she has swarthy skin. Despite this, she has grey or silver hair, which wraps in two tufts, like a twin-tail hairstyle. She also has blue eye and a small bindi.

Ureapaddy is often depicted in classic belly dancing attire. She wears a mostly orange theme around her costume. She has transparent detachable sleeves, which complements her harem pants. She wears a red loincloth upon her waist. Her pants are fitted with a black belt with tassels made out of cloth that holds her pants on below the loincloth. Part of this ensemble are modest displays of jewelry, such as a necklace and bangles. She wears high-heeled sandals.

The orange theme continues with her wearing a long sari that covers her head like a hood, neck, torso, and arms, over her yellow choli and long skirt. She continues to wear the same-looking pair of sandals regardless.


She is absolutely merciless when it comes to people she considers her enemies or in her way. She destroyed members from her own magic cabal with a smile, just for the sake of having her own much more destructive plan take effect.[1]

What she truly cares for however is her sister, Sozty, whom was the core of her plan in the first place, as her magic cabal would most likely to continue the path that would bring members like Sozty into horrible experiments, like the one Ureapaddy had experienced prior. However, Ureapaddy had eventually lost sight of her own goal of protecting Sozty. Ureapaddy shows stubbornness when confronted with the fact that her plan would be a contradiction to her goal, and like Sherry Cromwell, shows a desire for someone to stop her.[2]


She is a magician that is a member of an Indian magic cabal. She has witnessed something in her past that has led her to hold a certain "wish". Her "wish" is an important key to this incident, most likely the central plot in the Magic (Surface) Story of the game.[3]

What she witnessed was most likely the death of her comrades as well as her own change in the Astra Reorganization project by Gate of the Gods Come from the Heavens, where her spirit was extracted and then combined with the others and then redistributed into them, just so that someone would be able to wield the Brahma Astra. And though the project was frozen in spite of the Brahma Astra being a success, the event led to Ureapaddy's body too messed up to have any proper defenses left.[4] The experiment had a long lasting effect on Ureapaddy, feeling that she is no longer Ureapaddy Exica anymore but a mere existence brought about the combined spirits of 15 people.[5] Ureapaddy could only use the Brahma Astra incompletely, and even then if she did, she needed to ignore any damage done to herself and others if she wished to use it.[4] In the end due to the experiment failing, Ureapaddy switched to using Shiva-related Astras.[6]

This "wish" is most likely her desire to protect her sister, as well as others, from the danger of being put in another horrific experiment as her, so long as the arms race between the magic and science sides continue on. This wish later boiled to the point that he lost the point of her wish, and began intending to use the Brahma Astra to save the world by attacking both sides.[2]

To realize her plans, she may have been told by Pantagruel (the magician that helped them into the city) regarding Debris Storm and how to take control of it that would effectively allow her to use Brahma Astra, although not enough to know the true extent of his plans. Ureapaddy and Sozty later join in with their cabal to attack Academy City using Agni's Festival Fire and then attack School District 23. Ureapaddy is aware however, that the true intention of the cabal was not to punish Academy City for having differing views in body modification,[7] but to destroy Endymion, which the cabal would calculate would give Academy City tremendous power.[8] She may have also known of the existence of the space elevator beforehand.

With their plan in place, Ureapaddy with Sozty, along with the other members, split into several groups and traveled the world over to avoid suspicion before meeting up in Tokyo. With the help of Pantagruel, the successfully infiltrate the city, and has managed to build a network of magic circles in the city in order to realize their plans. They later set up a base of operations in the Beehive located in School District 7 before Stiyl Magnus catches up to them.[9]


Toaru Majutsu no Index: Road to Endymion[]

Main article: Toaru Majutsu no Index: Road to Endymion

When Stiyl Magnus attacked and burned down the center of Agni's Festival Fire, Sozty Exica willingly confronted their attacker in order for the leaders and the other members of the cabal to run away. They later regroup at a scrapyard, praising Sozty's efforts but then expresses concerns of their missions access. One of the members then asks Ureapaddy Exica, who was present with them, what they should do, to which Ureapaddy answers by smiling and attacking them.[1]

Ureapaddy after having defeated her entire cabal

She carries with her three of the former leaders of the magic cabal, and later hunt down Kipsila Endinia, who was cornered on a wind turbine. She confronts him and makes sure no witnesses are present, using a magic spell to either divert their attention from the area or disperse them from the area. Kipsila asks her on how she could have that much power after the events of the Astra Reorganization on her body. Ureapaddy points out that the most effective way to damage Academy City was not the Agni's Festival Fire as they have planned. Ureapaddy states that she can still damage Academy City if she cast aside the spell as well as the magic cabal with a new plan as their pursuers are preoccupied of what she has cast aside, allowing for her to fulfill her plans even after they learn the truth. Kipsila asks what she can produce that is more destructive than the Agni's Festival Fire, but then realizes his own answer—Brahma Astra. Ureapaddy notes on how Kipsila will not allow her to use it from the beginning if she told him her intention of using it. Kipsila notifies her of the danger of using since she should know the best for she was in the project. Ureapaddy tells him that she knows that it scares him, and tells him that the Astra she wielded is not the same as it was before. Fear strikes Kipsila's heart, and realizes that Ureapaddy use him, the cabal, and their precious plan as a decoy for Academy City as she fulfills her own plans.[1]

A Ureapaddy takes a step further, Kipsila instinctively backs up, but then notices for the first time that no one is around despite drawing attention before. And there, he knew that he was alone with Ureapaddy, who will do something that she did not want to be witnessed. Despite a magic circle for Agni's Festival Fire was set up on the wind turbine he was upon, the fear in Kipsila overwhelms him, as Ureapaddy asks if he could be a good decoy and leave now that his role is complete.[1]

Ureapaddy's car hijacking of the satellite guidance vehicle in the videogame.

Ureapaddy being confronted by her sister Sozty over her plans.

Ureapaddy later hijacks a vehicle carrying a satellite guidance vehicle filled with Hydrazine for the Venus Probe Contest, en route to School District 23, injuring the driver and destroying the escort vehicles.[10] She later takes control of the satellite guidance vehicle's altitude control computer which is directly linked to School District 23's control system, hacking it and take control of the Debris Storm located there.[11] She is later intercepted by the arrival of Kamijou Touma, Index, Stiyl Magnus, and Sozty Exica. Sozty asks if she truly did destroy the magic cabal, to which she confirms, telling her that they were nothing but a burden, and refers to them as only a decoy. Sozty asks if it also applies to her, to wish Ureapaddy answers that Sozty can think what she likes but the incident with her did force her hand. Sozty assumes that she is referring to the assassination attempt by the cabal on her life to silence her, but is then told by Ureapaddy that it was because Sozty already ruined the plan and it forced Ureapaddy to act to rework her plan of betrayal. Silence falls, but Touma breaks as he shouts in anger, and Sozty stops him from getting closer. Touma then asks what happened to the convoy that escorted the vehicle and its driver, to which Ureapaddy quickly says that she eliminated them. Sozty later asks what Ureapaddy is after since they destroyed their magic cabal, and see no reason to attack Academy City with her Brahma Astra at all. Ureapaddy says that she has no obligation to answer that and tells her that she is a disgrace and would kill her. Though hurt, Sozty continues to press her point, sickened by Ureapaddy's goals and as well as herself for justifying her cabal's goals as necessary. Ureapaddy gives a disinterested expression, and then tells her the true reason for their cabals actions on attacking Academy City, referring to her that despite being opposed to the city's methods of training the mind and body, their ultimate goal was School District 23, a place that focuses on aerospace technology, and tells that true goal of the cabal lied elsewhere. Ureapaddy hoped to have shocked Sozty with that relevation, but since she has already given up with the cabal, she is disappointed that her revelation had lost meaning.[10]

With that, Ureapaddy states that her preparations are already complete, and summons Brahma Astra. She tells them that the time has not come for it to be used in the manner that they thought of, and states that escape is her top priority. She draws her bow, and pierces the toxic Hydrazine-filled tank of the rocket. However, Index later tells Stiyl to modify his fire magic under his instructions to blow the hydrazine away and removes its toxicity. Ureapaddy later becomes nervous upon hearing this, and Stiyl quickly ignites the fuel. In the chaos, Ureapaddy escapes.[10]

The next night, Ureapaddy has taken advantage of the Debris Storm's electromagnetic interference to slip into the heavily guarded School District 23 and come upon the space elevator there, to use it as a conductor for her magic power and use the Debris Storm as the shooting stars for her Brahma Astra to work. Now, she only had to wait for the Debris Storm to activate. However, she is not alone, as Stiyl, Sozty, Index, and Touma had infiltrated the district as well, though, only the latter comes to confront her.[5]

Touma asks what her purpose is, as Brahma Astra can target both magic and science sides. Ureapaddy reveals that to stop the tragedies that have happened to people like her in the arm's race between magic and science sides, she will create a reason for it to stop. She intends to use the destruction wrought about by Brahma Atra to force people to take notice of both sides and blow away the darkness that surrounds them, which will force the two sides to succumb to their pressure. Hearing this, Touma says that she too doesn't know what really motivates her. He tells her that she cannot fight for such a great objective, even if they claim their actions are because of it, because what she is truly thinking is of some small thing that will be save if it is achieved. Ureapaddy doesn't reply, to which Touma says that even if she doesn't know what she is talking about, he will remind her, that if her supposed goal is perfectly achieved, her methods will never save what she is trying to protect.[5]

And so Ureapaddy and Touma battled, and she nearly overwhelmed him, for every time she spoke of a Indian name, an Astra activates. These were many attacks, and Touma could not negate them all with his right hand. And Touma slowly was worn out, for she told him that she uses many techniques to ensure reliability, and as such, will repeat the methods as many times as it takes. Cornering him, Ureapaddy tells Touma that she will bring the battle to an end, and if has any last words he should speak them now.[12]

However, as Ureapaddy tries to fell him with her killing blow, Touma evaded it. Here, Touma reveals a little knowledge that surprises even Ureapaddy. He tells her of the Pinaka, an Astra that can fit in the space provided for it no matter what allowing her all the Astras a wielder has, as well as the Nataraja, the Astra that allows her to use various spells by expressing them in the form of dance. Touma points out that Ureapaddy is using her long hair to hide her third arm, the Pinaka, that single point that control all of her Astras. Ureapaddy is unable to believe how an amateur like Touma is able to analyze her technique, to which Touma points out that he obviously helped. There, in the distance, Ureapaddy saw her sisters using the Agni Astra to signal Touma. Here again, Ureapaddy does not believe that she would be able to use the Astra on her own without support. But Touma points out to her that she did, for she did not give up, and found a new way to use it. Touma tells her that instead of her who sweeps everything away with overwhelming violence, Sozty supports her allies. Touma revealed their plans to her, with Stiyl drawing out Anti-Skill, while Index viewed her from afar in order to analyze her actions, and then Sozty sent the answer to him. Ureapaddy reveals a smile upon her face as she called out to her sister's name. Touma tells her that despite her noble goals on stopping the conflict between magic and science side, using Brahma Astra will affect the very person she is trying to protect. A confused Ureapaddy tries to justify that what she had done wasn't for the sake of Sozty, but Touma points out that the anger she get towards her sister was not because she stood in the way of her plan, but because the one she wanted to protect had put herself in a position where she would be blown away by the Brahma Astra. With that, Touma holds out his hand and destroys her hidden third arm, the Pinaka Astra.[2]

Now, with the collapse of the Pinaka Astra, only Brahma Astra is left. Touma asks her why she continues to persist despite knowing that she will destroy everything that she wanted to protect. But Ureapaddy states that she can no longer stop it. She then asks Touma's name, to which he answers. At that moment, the sky becomes filled with the unnatural lights of the Debris Storm, signalling Ureapaddy to use the Brahma Astra. She tells Touma that she cannot stop Brahma Astra on her own, and then drew the bowstring. She tells Touma that he is the victor, he must end it with his own hands. Touma states to bring it on, for he will smash every bith of her illusion to pieces. There, Ureapaddy changed her target towards Endymion, and the arrows came raining down, but Touma held up his right hand towards the heavens.[13]

Despite the odds, no disaster struck Academy City and its new space elevator. Exhausted, Touma lets Ureapaddy escape, with Anti-Skill and the others unable to pursue her. And thus, Ureapaddy escapes with her sister Sozty.[14]

Toaru Majutsu to Kagaku no Ensemble[]

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Touma confronting Ureapaddy.

Ureappady's role in the game's Magic (Surface) Story remains quite the same compared to Road to Endymion. However, in the game's ending scene, Touma is actually shown to have defeated Ureapaddy. However, his concerns are not allayed, as Tsuchimikado Motoharu and the magician he has been chasing, Pantagruel, appear before them. Ureappady tries to attack him, but Pantagruel simply swaps his location parameters with Sozty's, hitting her. Pantagruel heals her, but threatens to reopen her wounds if anyone tries to oppose him. Touma is no match for him as well, as he has altered his own parameters to that of being "above Saint class". It is revealed that his magical specialty is speaking with the dead, which he does by examining the remains of the person and using a ceremony to regenerate their thought patterns. He intends to revive Aleister Crowley, the magician he views as his teacher and a genius magician. Ureapaddy comments that reviving the dead is impossible, and that even "speaking with the dead" spells have failed with Aleister's remains. Pantagruel, however, says that is because the remains are fake and Aleister Crowley might not even be dead, as he had traveled the world over, and only Academy City is left unchecked.[15]

Ureapaddy tries to fire the Brahma Astra on the space elevator during the Debris Storm.

An thus, he tries to summon Aleister Crowley there whether he is alive or dead, but he didn't take the Misaka Network into account which messes up the spell. He tries again, but before he can, Urepaddy uses her Brahma Astra to create another "shooting star," which creates a duplicate of the spell using the remains of Kanou Shion's particles, that Kukimoto Hibiki released earlier after being defeated by Misaka Mikoto. that are Shion's particles. The two spells clash and are destroyed. Because of this, Pantagruel's parameters are temporarily gone, allowing Touma to punch him. He later regains partial ability of the spell, and swaps parameters with an object, allowing him to warp away.[15]

After the events of the game, Ureapaddy decides to join Necessarius along with Sozty, since she betrayed her cabal.[16]


Brahma Astra[]

Main article: Brahma Astra

Through the Astra Reorganization, Ureapaddy is able to wield the only pure Astra in the entire cabal. This allows her to actually wield a physical weapon like the ones in Hindu mythology. It is very powerful, able to destroy targets with a range of up to 50 meters in radius.[17] The arrows have the ability to pass through any obstacle, allowing it to leave unscathe anything that comes through its path until it has reached its intended target..[18] According to Ureapaddy, she can increase the output of the Brahma Astra 509,000 times, something that according to Kipsila Endinia, can destroy the world as they know it.[17]

It reqiures three shooting stars in the night sky to use its power, though this can be bypassed as explained by Idol Theory, only needing something that resembles a shooting star. Despite these requirements, it can still be fired, though it seemed to lack any of its incredible power other than being able to puncture through metal.[17]

Other Astras[]

Ureapaddy hides the Pinaka Astra in her long hair. It functions as a third arm and can control all the Astras she has. Ureapaddy uses it to mimic the Hindu gods having more than two arms, allowing her to control her Astras, making it function as her third arm. With this combined with the Nataraja Astra, it allows the user to use various spells by expressing them in the form of dance, which means that even though she is standing still, her hidden third arm continues to function and dance for her.[2]

  • Gandiva - When she says its name, she can draw a bluish-white arrow out thin air. When the Brahma Astra bow is aimed towards the sky and the arrow is loosed, a bluish-white light momentarily covers the light, at which point arrows of light rain down upon an area.[12]
  • Trishula - When she calls out its name, a golden tip that resembled lightning stabs towards its target. It's destructive power is great enough to rip apart and melt the asphalt.[12]
  • Pashupata - It is an interception Astra of the Gate of the Gods Come from the Heavens. Ureapaddy Exica uses it by saying its name, at which point the a creaking noise is heard due to the vibration of bones of the target, causing the target to feel great pain. It can be negated by Imagine Breaker by simply touching the body.[12]
  • Parashu - Wielded by Ureapaddy, it's primary characteristic is how sharp it was It takes form when she calls its name, at which point a heavy weight comes upon her hands but cannot be seen. It can slice through asphalt, to the point that she can walk through the cut it made.[12]

Other spells[]

Her confrontation with Kipsila implies that she knows magic that has similar effect to Stiyl's Empty Space or Disperse bystanders.[1]


Character Art Designs[]


  • (To Sozty from the Road to Endymion): "I would kill you. You are a disgrace."
  • (To Touma, ibid): "Don't worry student; the timing has not yet come."
  • (To Touma, ibid): "Wait. You’re not making sense. That is not my goal. She has worked to keep me from achieving my goal, she has opposed me, and she has come to fight me to the death."
  • (To Touma, ibid): "Now then... In the end, what was my goal? I still wish to protect the world. However, I also understand that doing so would require wiping out something else. But… But I can no longer stop it."
  • (To Touma, ibid): "Then, Kamijou Touma. I cannot stop Brahma Astra on my own. Make sure you understand that... And, Kamijou Touma. As the victor, you must end this with your own hand."



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