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Urui Aika (閏井葵花 Urui Aika?) is a 3rd year student of Tokiwadai Middle School who appears in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. She was a member of the Mikagami Clique, one year before the main story.[1]


She has light colored bobbed curly hair and wears the Tokiwadai Middle School uniform.[2]



She wanted to form her own clique at first but decided to join the Mikagami Clique for health and beauty reasons.[1]


Toaru Kagaku no Railgun[]

First Year Arc[]

Main article: First Year Arc
Mikagami and Hasekura Cliques, Confrontation (Railgun Ch133)

Urui present at a confrontation between the two cliques.

Urui, Asakura, and another friend were present when the Mikagami Clique confronted the Hasekura Clique after the attack on Kazan'in Tsukasa. Later, when they were attacked by an unknown assailant while walking together, she used her esper ability to protect her friends, but one of the girls sustained a head injury. Not long afterwards, Urui and Asakura found Kessai Kiyoshi, one of the new Hasekura Clique members in a back alley, and attacked her, suspecting she was the perpetrator. As they cornered her, their joint attack was interrupted by Misaka Mikoto, Kessai's roommate, and then a passing-by Ruri before Mikoto could fight them.[2] They argued and attempted to justify their actions to the two in turn, but were refuted and forced to back down.[3]

At some point after the thwarted attack on Mikagami Nagisa by Yasutoba Suika, Urui was returning home late at night after a meeting with her fellow clique members (in which she advocated action against the Hasekura clique), when she spotted Misaka Mikoto on the riverbank, testing her newly developed Railgun. Alarmed and thinking back on their previous encounter, Urui tried to leave quickly and secretly, as though she hadn't seen anything, but accidentally ran into a group from the Hasekura clique. With tensions high, a clash of abilities occurred, with an intervention by an out-of-sight Mikoto to move Urui out of the way of an incoming blow through magnetism and a manhole cover.[4]

Wavering on the edge of unconsciousness, Urui was squeezed when one of the Hasekura girls used a telekinetic power to impede Mikoto's attempt to move her away, and learned who was helping her when Mikoto was forced to reveal herself after blocking another attack, with Urui wondering why she was helping her.[5]

As the battle between Mikoto and Amano Ayane ended with a broken wind turbine propeller blade falling towards the watching Hasekura girls, Urui witnessed Mikoto blowing the propeller blade away with her Railgun. Afterwards, she approached Mikoto to thank her while also informing her about the possible repercussions of interfering in the clique conflict, though as she left, she noted that maybe being a Level 5 Mikoto could ignore those issues and not in a bad way.[5]

Urui was present when Mikagami announced to her clique the temporary truce with Hasekura in light of a possible external culprit. Although she and others raised objections, Mikagami's words, and her promise to use her ability for each member if the culprit being caught, ultimately quietened them down.[6]

When the Mikagami and Sha cliques reinforced the Hasekura clique in a raid on the headquarters of Montgolfier, the culprit behind the attacks that instigated and aggravated the clique conflict, Urui was involved in the resulting battle with Montgolfier's operatives and their prototype weapons.[7]

Asakura Graduation

Urui and Asakura during their graduation.

Urui graduated Tokiwadai at the start of the school's current year, alongside Asakura and Mikagami. During the graduation ceremony, Urui and Asakura spoke with another girl.[8]


Urui Aika's Rubber Ability

Urui creating a lot of rubber balloons to protect her friends.

She is a Level 4 esper who produces natural rubber. Using rubber ropes, she can capture enemies or move at high speeds, and she can create a rubber balloon barrier that can even fend off Mikoto.[1]



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