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Usamimi (ウサミミ?) is an original character introduced for the mobile game Toaru Majutsu no Index Struggle Battle. As her name indicates, she is a girl who wears bunny ears on top of her head, and demands to be called Usamimi to the player. She is the tutor of the game, introducing the game mechanics to the player.


Her name means rabbit ears, referencing her head gear.


Despite her name, she can be seen as having a vicious face. She wears a pink bunny ears, which apparently moves, and a bunny badge upon her loose and unfitting white jacket, which she wears over a dress of black and yellow, with a high hemline that exposes her thighs and legs, and wears pink bunny slippers. She has purple hair with a gray streak running down the fringes of the left side of her face, and ends upon her shoulders. The color of her eyes are red and blue.

Due to her appearance, she appears to look like a child, similar to Last Order in physique. However, she is quite mature, her feminine figure being inconspicuous and chest large.[2] During special in-game events she is able to wear various costumes like a Santa Claus-themed one for Christmas, among others.


As indicated by her nature, she is apparently a very haughty person. She seems to like rabbit-themed things and wear them. She also covets Gekota and Pyonko goods, similar to Misaka Mikoto. Her every day behavior does not suit her way of talking and appearance. She is into the rabbit costume to the point where she doesn't care if she is inconvenienced by it, as evidenced by her wearing the rabbit themed Santa Claus costume. She also fond of Mont Blanc.[2]

Although she is in active pursuit of interesting things, she doesn't as easily become involved with them, like aiding feeding Index, though she actively supports the player in enhancing their abilities for the sake of battling powerful magicians and espers. However, as far as her own behavior is concerned, her help is passive and simplistic, using criticism as an aid, saying, "a helping hand is only held out to those who are incompetent."

Black Usamimi.

In the beginning of the story, she speaks like what one would expect from a scientist. She has a peculiar way of laughing.[2] In essence, she is very similar to Leivinia Birdway. However, her personality (as well as her appearance) drastically changes when she is either Black Usamimi or White Usamimi, the latter making her meek and shy.

She refers to herself as Usamimi, and her real name is unknown.


She is seemingly a scientist of Academy City, though she apparently came outside from the city. Her hometown is apparently very pleasant even in summer. Her history however is forged and seems to be in hiding, though was apparently doing research when she meets the player. In the game she provides the player with Boosters, which she has invented, for their Illusory Partial Portrait (Imagine Shadow), has high performance smokescreens, can search for people using GPS apps and network security cameras in the city, and has deep knowledge of technology of the Science side.[2]

Moreover, she seems to have no more on hacking surveillance cameras and stealing information, and readily does it if she desires. She is also apparently acquainted with the Dark Side of Academy City, knowing of Musujime Awaki, Komaba Ritoku, as well as the Sisters. Surprisingly, she also understands the "other" side, magic side, knowing of the "Empy Area", can gauge a magician's response by some means, the affiliations and combat styles of Agnese Sanctis and Stiyl Magnus, is informed of Kanzaki Kaori's peculiarity as a Saint, and can identify Sherry Cromwell, just by looking at the type of magic she uses. However, on the other hand, she is unconcerned of Index, and doubts the existence of Santa Claus, making her not all that knowledgeable of the magic side.[2]

Once again, with the science side, she is aware that Index is living with Kamijou Touma, but unaware that students live in dormitories, making it seem that she only knows odd information.[2]


Toaru Majutsu no Index Struggle Battle[]

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The player first meets her in a public park in Academy City, after a mysterious girl's voice calls out to protect him from delinquents. She is apparently the rumored "girl who wanders the back alleys, who has the power to subdue people through the use of her voice," and the player was drawn by it as well.

She is interested in the player using the Imagine Shadow, and begins assisting the player. She seems to have a plan to advance the player, seemingly through a magic library, wanting one herself.

Since she is using the Player's Imagine Shadow to acquire both magic and esper powers, she is deemed to be in violation of the treaty. For that reason, Academy City views her as a wanted woman for their own reasons and intentions, and has sent people like Tsuchimikado Motoharu and Accelerator after her. Also, the magic side has dispatched magicians like Stiyl and the Agnese Forces as well as prisoners like Oriana Thomson to Academy City in order to target her.

In the game, she approaches the Player and has the Player use Imagine Shadow to help her acquire supernatural powers of both psychic and magical nature. For that reason, she is deemed to be in violation of the treaty and has many assassins from both sides sent after her. As a countermeasure, she carries out a strategy to take both the Player and Last Order hostage. However, the Player refuses to go along with it and engages her in battle. She uses some kind of method to apply pain to the Player so that she can use the Player as her servant. After that, she makes an effort to contact the darkness of Academy City in order to oppose the assassins.[2]

Throughout the course of the game she interacts with various characters from the world of Toaru Majutsu no Index is the cause of many in-game events.


According to the Toaru Majutsu no Index Struggle Battle Official Complete Card Book, her ability is known as Distinction (色別信号ディスティンクション Shokubetsu Shinkou (Disutinkushon)?, lit. "Color-coordinated Signaling") which allows her to distinguish espers from magicians.[1]

In duels against her, her combat capability is high in the game, through the repeated use of the Railgun and other abilities during a confrontation can the help in winning against her.[2] She also seems to have the power to use her voice to overcome people who hear them, like the player.


Her rabbit head band is more than just decoration as it not only moves but can detect "quantum fluctuations". It can also be used be to project AIM diffusion fields into a force field using sound waves, and calculate the sound waves coming from a target to acquire data.[2]

She developed a small transport aircraft named Subsonic. It has an autopilot that allows the aircraft to navigate on its own.[3]


  • "So we're fighting over spoils this time. Time to fight then, I have already set the card to the deck and booster. This time, I have something special set-up."
  • "Three? ... fine, I get it. If a servant wants something that badly, the master should think about it, right?"―Usamimi accepting the player's bribe in not to revealing to Saten Ruiko the true nature of her stories about a tall man and a samurai girl wandering in the city.


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