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General Navboxes

Location Navboxes

Character Groups Navboxes

Story Arcs Navboxes

Main Series

  • Template:Index Arc
  • Template:Deep Blood Arc
  • Template:Sisters Arc
  • Template:Angel Fall Arc
  • Template:Three Stories Arc
  • Template:Kazakiri Hyouka Arc
  • Template:Orsola Aquinas Rescue Arc
  • Template:Tree Diagram Remnant Arc
  • Template:Daihasei Festival Arc (Index)
  • Template:La Regina del Mare Adriatico Arc
  • Template:Academy City Invasion Arc
  • Template:Document of Constantine Arc
  • Template:Battle Royale Arc
  • Template:Acqua of the Back Arc
  • British Royal Family Arc
  • Template:DRAGON Arc
  • Template:World War III Arc
  • Template:Freshmen Arc
  • Template:Homecoming Arc
  • Hawaii Invasion Arc
  • Template:Baggage City Arc
  • Template:Ichihanaran Festival Arc
  • Template:Agitate Halation Arc
  • Magic God Othinus Arc
  • Template:Mental Out Arc
  • Template:St. Germain Arc
  • Template:Magic God Invasion Arc
  • Template:World Rejecter Arc
  • Template:Salome Arc
  • Template:Element Arc
  • Template:Kamisato Rescue Arc
  • Template:Aleister Crowley Arc
  • Template:Processor Suit Arc
  • Template:Coronzon Arc
  • Template:Kamijou Arc
  • Template:Christmas Eve Arc
  • Template:Christmas Day Arc
  • Template:Operation Handcuffs Arc
  • Template:Los Angeles Arc


  • Template:Level Upper Arc
  • Template:Big Spider Arc
  • Template:Poltergeist Arc
  • Template:Sisters Arc
  • Template:Silent Party Arc
  • Template:Daihasei Festival Arc
  • Template:Dream Ranker Arc
  • Template:Jailbreaker Arc
  • Template:First Year Arc


  • Template:Necromancer Arc
  • Template:Nectar Arc

Navbox Ideas

  • Esper Abilities
  • Magic
  • Tools
  • Items
  • Weapons
  • Navboxes based around specific locations? United Kingdom Navbox, Italy Navbox, etc.

To-Do List

  • Update certain naviboxes to new appearance such as the Academy City Navbox. Put in sandbox.
  • See about hiding add button for more galleries, such as character designs, openings & endings, etc.
  • Investigate applicability of Appearance templates for characters.
  • Add links to summary sections of chapters where missing.
  • Finish the Story Arcs Navboxes and implement them onto the pages.
  • Investigate potential change to New Characters subsections such as additional templates.