This is Dniv. I really like what TheGreatEye is doing and so I really would like to see a wiki where all of the genius universe building that Kazuma Kamachi can come to life and be known. I want to be able to understand fully what exactly is going on in Index and be able to decipher every nook and cranny of what is going on in the Toaru Universe.

I like mathematics (working on a honors math major), creative writing (am writing a short novel right now actually for fun), languages (Japanese, Hebrew, English, French, Spanish), procrastinating (don't quote me on this...), manga/anime/light novels (Toaru Majutsu no Index and FMP! are my favorites), my three favorite characters in Index are Touma Kamijou, Mikoto Misaka, and one of three who are tied for third place (Hamazura Shiage, Accelerator, Shokuhou Misaki (she's great even with only a tiny bit of character development)), my favorite character in FMP! is Sousuke Sagara (who is my favorite character in any manga/anime/light novel series).

I like Indian food, Mexican food, Israeli food, and ice cream (lol).

I have played and would like to pick up again (the cello, alto and tenor saxophone, violin, and the piano).

I like to play tennis (and therefore love of Prince of Tennis :D )  and swim for fun as well on occasion.

About the little book I am writing for fun actually... brief premise if you are interested:

It has a long premise... but one cool part of it is that a system called RISPERWAITH exists which puts inherent meaning onto reality and people can use RISPER to change reality. Their type of power that manifests reflects their beliefs and moral ideologies. The more relevant and consistent a moral ideology, the stronger a person's powers are. The goal of RISPERWAITH is to find the strongest person because they would come up with the perfect ideology which would be applied to all of reality. RISPERWAITH keeps on happening each time as a cycle that a new morality reaches a new power-high. This is a literal sense of the idea that morality is decided by those people who are more powerful.


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