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About meEdit

Prone to complain. Uses broken command of English and Japanese to handle himself

I have been into Index since I read manga Volume 1 a long time ago. I'm fond of stories that depict a detailed universe with several characteristics and details, thus Index was a keeper for me.

I'm quite interested in adding proper " Kanji <-> Katakana <-> Romanji " details to Character names, ESP abilities and Magic, though is a little bit difficult to do so with Magic as the proper "arcane" spelling isn't necessarily always listed by the Author.

My favorite pagesEdit

Stuff to doEdit

Things that I want to do but I usually forgot to source ~ check ~ redact since I'm stupid.

  • Article about toshi densetsu / urban legends ( + urban legend list ).
  • Article about Alchemy.
  • Spark Signal
  • Manga chapters content review / description
  • .... And I don't remember right now
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