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SD01 Individual Translation Analysis Information Collection
SD02 Multiple Translator Translations (English) Information Collection
SD03 Multiple Language Translations Information Collection
SD04 Toaru IF Information Gathering and Processing Information Collection
SD05 Back Cover Illustration Items Image Collection
SD06 List of Spiritual Items Information Collection
SD07 Previously Unnamed Characters Monitoring
Information Collection
SD08 Search Terms (All Instances) Tasklist
SD09 Brainstorming - Academy City Brainstorming
SD10 Brainstorming - Magic Brainstorming
SD11 Magic Circle Images Image Collection
SD12 Idol Theory - List of Symbols and Associations Information Collection
SD13 Previously Used Infobox & Navbox Images Image Collection
SD14 Close/Near-Duplicate Images Image Collection
SD15 Toaru Project Merchandise (Index III/Accelerator/Railgun T) Information Collection
SD16 Crossovers and Collaborations Information Collection
SD17 Crosses Information Collection
SD18 Character Personality, Trait and Relationships - Notes and Analysis Brainstorming
Information Collection
SD19 Rainbow Spectrum - Wiki Image Collection Image Collection
SD20 Light Novel Illustration Collection Image Collection
SD21 Alternative Cover Images Image Collection
SD22 Anime Character Design Collection Image Collection
SD23 Toaru Radio Information Collection Information Collection
SD24 Bot Operation Tasklist Tasklist
SD25 Shared Image Tasklist and Temporary Image Collection
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Image Collection
SD26 Experimental Shared Tasklist Tasklist
SD27 Odd Jobs (Alternative Link: Template:Odd Jobs) Tasklist
SD28 Railgun T Shared Tasklist Tasklist, Pre-Release
SD29 Comments and Discussion for Checking and Cleaning User-related Monitoring
SD30 Residual Thoughts and Residual Information Information Collection
SD31 Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index - Pre-Release Work Tasklist, Pre-Release
SD32 Assorted Minor Characters Information Collection
SD33 Novel Chapter Section Status Tracking Monitoring
SD34 Manga Chapter Section Status Tracking Monitoring
SD35 Episode Section Status Tracking Monitoring
SD36 Image Information Survey - Revised Procedure Draft
SD37 Nichijou Chapter Plan Tasklist
SD38 Odds and Ends Information Collection
SD39 Referencing Guide Draft
SD40 Layout Guide Drafts Draft
SD41 Accelerator Temporary Tasklist Tasklist, Temporary
SD42 Railgun SS3 Temporary Tasklist Tasklist, Temporary
SD43 NT22(R) Temporary Tasklist Tasklist, Temporary
SD44 Biohacker Arc Notes Information Collection
SD45 Manga Volume Bonus Content Notes Information Collection
SD46 Articles needing citations Tasklist
SD47 Notarikon Information Collection
SD48 Othinus - Self-Referenced Myths Information Collection
SD49 Temporary Observation & Adjustments User-related Monitoring
SD50 Railgun T Image Collection Image Collection
SD51 Weapons, Technology, Items etc - Chapters/Episodes Information Collection
SD52 Dream Ranker Arc - Image Collection Image Collection
SD53 Jailbreaker Arc - Image Collection Image Collection
SD54 Nectar Arc - Image Collection Image Collection
SD55 Astral Buddy - Image Collection Image Collection
SD56 Railgun T, Featured Article Possibilities Brainstorming
SD57 Sweep Aid - Full Article List Information Collection, Sweeps
SD58 Daihaseisai - Featured Article Preparations Information Collection, Overhaul
SD59 NT Plan Thread Extracts Information Collection, Log
SD60 Trivial Counts Information Collection
SD61 Toaru Audio Drama Information Collection Information Collection
SD62 Struggle Battle Information Collection Information Collection
SD63 Anthology Information Collection Information Collection
SD64 Academy City Technology Table Information Collection
SD65 Useful Code Information Collection
SD66 Christmas Information Collection, Overhaul
SD67 Liberal Arts City Information Collection
SD68 Russian Shopping Center Information Collection
SD69 Space-related Stuff Information Collection
SD70 All Files (01/02/2020) N/A
SD71 Shared Draft Completion/Status Check Monitoring
SD72 Uncategorized Images (04/02/2020) N/A
SD73 Empty Synopsis Sections, Chapters/Episodes (17/02/2020) Monitoring
SD74 Achievement Badges N/A
SD75 Indian Poker Information Collection
SD76 Railgun T Image Caption Monitoring Monitoring
SD77 Liber 777 Information Collection
SD78 Official Website Episode Summaries Information Collection
SD79 School District Location Table Implementation N/A
SD80 All Files (14/03/2020) N/A
SD81 Non-Named References (20/03/2020) Monitoring
SD82 Transclusion Test N/A
SD83 Outdated Website Link Search Monitoring
SD84 Manga Chapter Front Page - Character Profile Collection Information Collection
SD85 Image Tasklist Tidy-Up Support N/A
SD86 Unassigned N/A
SD87 Unassigned N/A
SD88 Unassigned N/A
SD89 Unassigned N/A
SD90 Unassigned N/A
SD91 Unassigned N/A
SD92 Unassigned N/A
SD93 Unassigned N/A
SD94 Unassigned N/A
SD95 Unassigned N/A
SD96 Unassigned N/A
SD97 Unassigned N/A
SD98 Shared Draft Return Links & WLH Monitoring
SD99 GT1 Plans - Tasklists Tasklist
Information Collection
SD00 Shared Draft Overview/Development Monitoring


It's a fundamental of Western astrology. Coniunctio (〇度から九度 (コンユンクテイオ) Konyunkuteio?, lit. From zero degrees to 9 degrees), Oppositio (一七一度から一八九度 (オポシテイオ) Oposhiteio?, lit. From 171 degrees to 189 degrees), Quartus (八一度から九九度 (クワルトウス) Kuwarutōsu?, lit. From 81 degrees to 99 degrees), Trinus (一一一度から一二九度 (トリヌス) Torinusu?, lit. From 111 degrees to 129 degrees), Sextus (五四度から六六度 (セクストウス) Sekusutōsu?, lit. From 54 degrees to 66 degrees), Parallel (〇度から一度 (パラレル) Parareru?, lit. From 0 to 1 degree) - among other Aspects (座相法則 (アスペクト) Asupekuto?). The theory goes that the positional relationship between constellations and planets has a different role based on their angles.[1]


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