Tactician J

aka Tact

  • I live in Academy City
  • I was born on September 7
  • My occupation is Student, Writer, Data-Seeker
  • I am Male


Hello, hello!

My handle here is Tactician J, though I'm better known as Tact (seen on more than a few sites, and the handle I use most often to contribute with).

According to the description on my file of Toaru Majutsu no Index Episode 1, I became a fan of the series on October 6, 2009. Oddly enough, I was misled that day by a certain site to believe it was similar to a manga series known as "Mx0"!

With the setting of the series ensnaring me with its mysteries, I began to seek all knowledge I could get on it; this led me not only to its manga adaptation and the Railgun spinoff series but also to my participation as a proofreader on the newest chapters of the Railgun manga and these translations of the original Index novels.

My tasks in this Wiki are to provide any and all data I've sought and to clean up any articles that have already been made (i.e., all of them). I obviously have a steep mountain before me, but hey, it's a tactician's duty to see things through!

As long as I have the urge to write stories about this setting, I don't expect my interest in this series to fade any time soon...

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