I am the Great Beholding One.

I have joined this place out of frustration. I was frustrated because the vast and glorious world of Toaru Majutsu no Index was being neglected, there are only a few members of this free encyclopedia and even fewer regular members and there is still much to be added and organized. I want this site to be a blackhole, where one can stay here for an indefinite amount of time and actually enjoy it and then lament the fact that one has consumed hours of one's time on the site, sites such as TvTropes is a good example of what I envision. What I want is to completely fill it with all the information that has flowed from the mind of Kamachi Kazuma and looking at the current state of this site now, we have a lot of hard work ahead of us.

Let us help each other and build the best Toaru Majutsu no Index wiki we can.

I have been quite busy in real life, and will be even busier in the immediate future, as such there would great expanses of time that I will not be present, and there would be a time afterwards when I edit and make changes en masse.

To do listEdit

Not everything has been listed, for my works are great and numerous, and memories are transient and fleeting. We should check my contributions then.

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