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Russian Shopping CenterEdit

The Russian Shopping Center (ロシアのショッピングセンター Roshia no shoppingusentā?) is the world's largest shopping center, a huge experimental city with a site area of more than 650 dome stadiums, located in Eastern Russia. It functions as a financial and economic thinking experiment site designed to study human psychological effects related to commerce, and also functions as a theme park that attracts customers from all over the world. It is a place with all sorts of stores and products.

Explication: Chapter 1 Part 2

Ch. 2 Part 8: The giant shopping mall built on the plains of Russia was basically a flat facility spreading out horizontally. However, that did not give enough living space for the over 50,000 workers. That space had been developed underground. Setali was returning to her apartment.

Trivia: world's largest mall is the Iran Mall IRL.

Cursed womanEdit

The cursed woman is a minor character of the Three Stories Arc, and the motivation of Yamisaka Ouma.


Cursed Girl Full Body

The girl's full body

(decide definitive name and find kanji)

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