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Obscure and unexplained references

Scarlet Stone of Pexjarva?

Find the legend it is from. The Japanese atwiki article states it's from an Hungarian folktale but no luck finding it so far. Other speculationa include the magical properties attributed to red garnet, like guiding Noah's Ark and protecting crusaders. Inept is also looking into it

Second Frankfurt War Treaty?

Second Frankfurt War Treaty (2次フランクフルト戦争条約 2-Ji Furankufuruto sensō jōyaku?): what is anyone supposed to do with this?

Six-Location Cut

Seemingly a Japanese torture, from unknown period (same time as harakiri?), but nothing about its actual name.

Speculations, fanon, and headcanons

Academy City circumference

A radius of 40 kilometers was bigger than Academy City (Vol. 20 Ch. 1 Part 6): does that mean that AC's radius is lesser than 40km?

Nationalities (or countries I suspect are from)

New Kamachi Interview

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