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SD011 Magic Circle Images Image Collection
SD012 Idol Theory - List of Symbols and Associations Information Collection
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SD014 Close/Near-Duplicate Images Image Collection
SD015 Toaru Project Merchandise (Index III/Accelerator/Railgun T) Information Collection
SD016 Crossovers and Collaborations Information Collection
SD017 Crosses Information Collection
SD018 Character Personality, Trait and Relationships - Notes and Analysis Brainstorming
Information Collection
SD019 Rainbow Spectrum - Wiki Image Collection Image Collection
SD020 Light Novel Illustration Collection Image Collection
SD021 Alternative Cover Images Image Collection
SD022 Anime Character Design Collection Image Collection
SD023 Toaru Radio Information Collection Information Collection
SD024 Bot Operation Tasklist Tasklist
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SD028 Railgun T Shared Tasklist Tasklist, Pre-Release
SD029 Comments and Discussion for Checking and Cleaning User-related Monitoring
SD030 Residual Thoughts and Residual Information Information Collection
SD031 Souyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index - Pre-Release Work Tasklist, Pre-Release
SD032 Assorted Minor Characters Information Collection
SD033 Novel Chapter Section Status Tracking Monitoring
SD034 Manga Chapter Section Status Tracking Monitoring
SD035 Episode Section Status Tracking Monitoring
SD036 Image Information Survey - Revised Procedure Draft
SD037 Nichijou Chapter Plan Tasklist
SD038 Odds and Ends Information Collection
SD039 Referencing Guide Draft
SD040 Layout Guide Drafts Draft
SD041 Accelerator Temporary Tasklist Tasklist, Temporary
SD042 Railgun SS3 Temporary Tasklist Tasklist, Temporary
SD043 NT22(R) Temporary Tasklist Tasklist, Temporary
SD044 Biohacker Arc Notes Information Collection
SD045 Manga Volume Bonus Content Notes Information Collection
SD046 Articles needing citations Tasklist
SD047 Notarikon Information Collection
SD048 Othinus - Self-Referenced Myths Information Collection
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SD050 Railgun T Image Collection Image Collection
SD051 Weapons, Technology, Items etc - Chapters/Episodes Information Collection
SD052 Dream Ranker Arc - Image Collection Image Collection
SD053 Jailbreaker Arc - Image Collection Image Collection
SD054 Nectar Arc - Image Collection Image Collection
SD055 Astral Buddy - Image Collection Image Collection
SD056 Railgun T, Featured Article Possibilities Brainstorming
SD057 Caption Review Temporary Storage N/A
SD058 Daihaseisai - Featured Article Preparations Information Collection, Overhaul
SD059 NT Plan Thread Extracts Information Collection, Log
SD060 Trivial Counts Information Collection
SD061 Toaru Audio Drama Information Collection Information Collection
SD062 Struggle Battle Information Collection Information Collection
SD063 Anthology Information Collection Information Collection
SD064 Academy City Technology Table Information Collection
SD065 Useful Code Information Collection
SD066 Christmas Information Collection, Overhaul
SD067 Liberal Arts City Information Collection
SD068 Russian Shopping Center Information Collection
SD069 Space-related Stuff Information Collection
SD070 All Files (01/02/2020) N/A
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SD077 Liber 777 Information Collection
SD078 Official Website Episode Summaries Information Collection
SD079 School District Location Table Implementation Draft
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SD088 Episode Preview Quotes Information Collection
SD089 Twitter Link Check Logging
SD090 Unused Images (12/04/2020) Image Collection
SD091 Angels Information Collection
SD092 Sweep Aid Update (01/05/2020) Information Collection, Sweeps
SD093 Agnese SS Notes Information Collection
SD094 All Current Navbox Images (20/05/2020) Image Collection
SD095 All Current Character Infobox Images (20/05/2020) Image Collection
SD096 All Current Episode Infobox Images (20/05/2020) Image Collection
SD097 All Current Non-Character/Episode Infobox Images (20/05/2020) Image Collection
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SD100 Ogino Q&A/Twitter Notes Information Collection
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SD105 Summoning Information Collection
SD106 SS-CALT Review Information Collection
SD107 SS-CHR Review Information Collection
SD108 Ongoing Task Brainstorming (08/06/2020) Brainstorming
SD109 Span Tag Sweep Notes N/A
SD110 Operation Interim (21/06/2020) Brainstorming
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SD117 GT2 Pre-Release Work N/A
SD118 Operation Interim - Misaka Mikoto, Personality and Relationships Draft
SD119 Operation Interim - Misaka Mikoto, Abilities Draft
SD120 Operation Interim - Index, Personality and Relationships Draft
SD121 Operation Interim - Index, Abilities Draft
SD122 Operation Interim - Kamijou Touma, Personality and Relationships Draft
SD123 Operation Interim - Kamijou Touma, Abilities Draft
SD124 Operation Interim - Accelerator, Personality and Relationships Draft
SD125 Operation Interim - Accelerator, Abilities Draft
SD126 Witch N/A
SD127 Cyborg N/A
SD128 Operation Interim - Aleister Crowley, Personality and Relationships Draft
SD129 Operation Interim - Appearances (1) Draft
SD130 Operation Interim - Othinus Draft
SD131 Operation Interim - Shokuhou Misaki, Personality and Relationships Draft
SD132 Operation Interim - Selected Article Openings Draft
SD133 Operation Interim - Imagine Breaker Draft
SD134 Operation Interim - Subject Draft
SD135 Operation Interim - Subject Draft
SD136 Operation Interim - Subject Draft
SD137 Operation Interim - Subject Draft
SD138 Operation Interim - Subject Draft
SD139 Operation Interim - Subject Draft
SD140 Operation Interim - Subject Draft
SD141 Operation Interim - Subject Draft
SD142 Operation Interim - Subject Draft
SD143 Operation Interim - Subject Draft
SD144 Operation Interim - Subject Draft
SD145 Operation Interim - Subject Draft
SD146 Operation Interim - Subject Draft
SD147 Operation Interim - Subject Draft
SD148 Operation Interim - Subject Draft
SD149 Operation Interim - Subject Draft
SD150 Operation Interim - Subject Draft
SD151 Unassigned N/A
SD152 Unassigned N/A
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SD155 Unassigned N/A
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SD200 Unassigned N/A
SD000 Shared Draft Overview/Development Monitoring

Most Recent Stuff (novel, anime, etc.)Edit

  • Citation sourced for Laura Stuart's design evolution quote: Rainbow Spectrum: notes on Volume 7, translated by js06 and posted on Animesuki by user hao-sama
  • For Daihaseisai: It has been confirmed by the Railgun manga editor Ogino Kentarou that Academy City has created special form-fitting sneakers that feel comfortably around your feet and also have great breathability, allowing for optimal athletic performance while simultaneously not even requiring socks to be worn with them as well, as any issues this might cause with ordinary shoes will not occur.
  • According to Ogino Kentarou, among the people who participate in folk dance, there are actually two people from the Graviton case.
  • Fuyukawa Motoi on the dragons (as reported by Ogino Kentarou on Twitter):
  • For the 2018 Nobel prizes, Arthur Ashkin got half of the Nobel Prize of physics for inventing optical tweezers—tools that can grip bacteria and even smaller components (like atoms).
  • Better resolution of EAIN flag
  • "Crowley’s equivalency table" (NT22 ch.2 part 1) = Table of correspondences, specifically Crowley's Liber 777. See Shared Draft 77
  • Phylakissa (mention NT21 ch.1 Part 3): The feminine form of Phylax. The Phylax is the sentinel or Watcher outside the Temple, who guards the outer side of the door to keep out intruders.
  • From NT21 Epilogue: Lola Stuart first appears in documents as the Anglican Archbishop in 1909 Done
  • Dion Fortune#Quotes: “Magic is the science and art of causing change in consciousness to occur in conformity with Will.” ― Dion Fortune, from “The Essential Golden Dawn: An Introduction to High Magic” by C Cicero and ST Cicero (NT22 Prologue)
  • Simon Magus, John Dee, Cagliostro, Rasputin (NT22 ch.4 part 22)
    • Simon Magus, (Latin), English Simon the Magician, or The Sorcerer, (flourished 1st century ad), practitioner of magical arts who  (Acts 8: 18), who endeavoured to buy from the Apostles the power of conferring the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
    • John Dee (July 13 1527 – December 1608 or March 1609) was a Welsh mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, occultist, navigator, imperialist and consultant to Queen Elizabeth I. He devoted much of his life to the study of alchemy, divination and Hermetic philosophy. During his later years John Dee completely lost all courtly income when King James I—well known for his fear of witches, witchcraft, and the supernatural, including astrology—succeeded Queen Elizabeth I in 1603. John Dee was forced to sell most of his books and astrological paraphenalia to survive.
    • A figure named Alessandro Cagliostro, an Italian occultist who dabbled in alchemy who traveled around European courts and dabbled in occult arts such as alchemy.
    • Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin (22 January 1869 – 29 December 1916) was a Russian mystic and preacher.
  • Johann Valentin Andreae (NT22 Epilogue)
  • Seven-walled tomb of Christian Rosenkreuz (NT22 Between the Lines 2, ch. 4 Part 12, Epilogue) (The Essential Golden Dawn: An Introduction to High Magic)
  • Setting (Supernatural Powers/Phases section)
  • Unified Story Timeline
    • Edward I - First War of Scottish Independence (NT22 ch.1 part 4). Curtana had its function even back then.
    • James IV (NT22 ch.1 part 4)
    • Elizabeth I, John Dee, Edward Kelley - coronation of Queen Elizabeth I as queen regnant of England and Ireland, at Westminster Abbey, London, on 15 January 1559 (NT22 ch.2 part 3)
    • On St Andrews Day (30 November) 1996, the Stone of Scone was returned to Scotland (NT22 ch. 1 part 4)
  • The Ungrund

Articles in need of improvement/expansionEdit

Things I have taken upon myself to do/help doEdit


  • Back on the ground, Elizalina looked on from the hospital room, alongside Worst and Accel, witnessing Fiamma's Star of Bethlehem fly towards them with Archangel Gabriel close. (Vol. 21 ch. 7 part 3)


  • Digurv's Village Has Been Attacked By Privateers A Fair Few Times Before. They were able to use cars to flee every time until now though, leaving behind enough loot to satisfy the bandits, but since the privateers have better equipment courtesy of the Russian army and the village has no fuel but the small amount to run the generator they can't do that this time. (20 ch. 2 part 9)
  • Hamazura And Digurv Were Hiding In The Clinic. Of course they were, they didn't go out all guns blazing from the start. They were hiding in the basement of the clinic, hoping the privateers would just loot the place and move on, but they instead drove their armored vehicle through the wall, unaware the building has a basement, and collapsed through the floor. Hereafter Hamazura and Digurv scatter and decide to try and take out the anti-aircraft vehicle patrolling. (20 ch. 3 pt 1)
  • In the anime Hamazura is incredibly lucky to bounce that landmine off the vehicle and right under its tracks (III Episode 20), while in the novel Digurv stated they could be used as grenades and explode on impact. So what happened is that it just blew up once it hit the gun turret. The Blast Didn't Disable The Vehicle, nope, it was fine. It did cause the nearby building to collapse however, and the rubble that caused did block both its movements and the gun turret. (20 ch 3 pt 4)
  • The privateer infantry is Stuck in a hole. They were all in the armored vehicle that crashed into the clinic basement, so the villagers just kept them under guard with their AKs and that was that. Not much the infantry could do at that point.(20 ch 3 pt 9)
  • they got a bit of a breather before the second wave of enemies, alerted because the first wave didn't contact back, showed up. Hamazura and the villagers used this time to disarm all the privateers and lock them up. The villagers did want to execute them but relented when Hamazura, the one who took out the anti-aircraft vehicle, asked them not to. It's only after all the current enemies were dealt with that one of the villagers come rushing in, yelling about three dots being visible on the radar. Oh yeah, there were three helicopters as well.(20 ch 3 pt 9)
  • Originally Acqua didn't show up for quite a while yet and so the villagers had to figure out a way to deal with the incoming three helicopters. At first they planned to flee into the forest (as their houses to hide in are now destroyed) and spread out so they could be mistaken for animals moving in the brush. But Hamazura figures out the true reason: so that when one group inevitably gets shot a fewer amount of people die. They're splitting up to minimise casualties.(20 ch 3 pt 9)
  • Hamazura can't accept this however and decides to fight back. Luckily our privateers were nice enough to... "donate" an anti-aircraft gun, and so they set to work removing the rubble from it. They need at least three people to operate it though: one driver, one gunner, and one spotter. Hamazura is a given, Digurv volunteers, and just when they're about to look for a third person, the Russian soldier walks up to them, having defrosted himself.(20 ch 3 pt 9) We then cut to our three brave warriors in the anti-aircraft vehicle encountering the helicopters. Turns out they specialise in hit-and-run tactics, and so will perform flying passes overhead at high speeds firing at them. (20 ch 4 pt 3)
  • When the first helicopter fires a missile at them Hamazura is quick to hide behind tree cover, blocking the shot. In the opening created by this shot the trio quickly fires back, but misses the helicopter on purpose, instead hitting one behind it preparing for a second attack.
  • The other two helicopters get back into formation and chase the vehicle fleeing in the woods. Unfortunately they were visible on the rader though and so one helicopter fires his gatling gun at it, causing the target to explode. Luckily its target turns out to be an empty car instead of Hamazura and the gang. Predicting this scenario the villagers had hid vehicles in the woods to confuse the radar, and with another opening created our trio shoots down another helicopter.(20 ch 4 pt 3)
  • But their luck finally ran out. Due to the previous gatling gun fire nearly all trees were cut down and they had no cover nor distraction to protect them from the final helicopter. But just as they were about to get hit the final helicopter suddenly sprouts a sword.(20 ch 4 pt 7)

Lambskin parchmentEdit

  • due to Sellick G. Kirnov's small camera, Accelerator realizes that the designated point to turn in the parchments turns out to be a Russian military base near the border of the Elizalina Alliance, but before Accelerator and Misaka Worst could plan their next move, the ground all around them begins to shake. (vol 21 ch. 6 part 2)
  • Accelerator thinks back to the connection between Aiwass and the stolen parchments, and realizes that the flying fortress was controlling the movements of Gabriel. Accelerator sees this as the answer; that the flying fortress has the technology to break the connection between Last Order, and Aiwass. (Vol. 21 ch. 7 part 3)
  • The parchments emit a hateful aura as the Accel group notices that the two angels Gabriel and Kazakiri in the air nosedive after them (vol 21 ch. 8 part 5)
  • Accelerator asks Kazakiri if the parchments are what she was here for (vol. 21 ch.8 part 7)
  • Archangel Gabriel had failed to retrieve the parchments that Accelerator had stolen. However, due to Gabriel's high perception, the archangel was able to sense the information on the parchments as Fiamma was able to acquire the necessary information he needed for his plan. That information being the symbols of the other three God's Right Seat archangels outside Michael which he already had deep knowledge of due to being the fourth member of God's Right Seat. (Vol. 21 ch. 8 part 9)
  • Accelerator will obtain the parameters to alter Index's song, the parchments he is carrying. Accelerator explains to Misaka Worst that if he was to piece together what he learned from Academy City with the techniques that exist outside the city's knowledge on the parchments, he could find the correct parameters (vol 22 ch 9 part 3). Misaka Worst takes a look at the parchments for herself, and wonders how beings of the science side will manage to create parameters from the magic symbols on the papers. Accelerator explains was able to bypass the song's encoding by using simple math to break the pieces into readable bits of information, but is unable to solve the puzzle to reform said information because there's a missing piece. He admits that doing this with only his math calculations is not enough, and has to rely on whatever is on the parchments to create the required parameters. (Vol. 22 ch. 11 part 1)

World War IIIEdit

  • Sherry Cromwell wanting to make both the magic and science side think they were going into war in order to isolate themselves from each other (Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 06 Chapter 4 Part 5)
  • Russia was already firing missiles from all sorts of angles, but they were all being accurately shot down. Most were being intercepted outside the atmosphere, but some were being blown away by a mysterious beam 5 seconds after launching. (20 ch. 3 pt 3)
  • Elizalina bombings: “It seems the Russian army is trying to build up a base near the border,” said Lessar who must have gathered information from the nearby residents beforehand. “The basic configuration they’re using includes vehicles with a missile launcher and a howitzer on them. It looks like they’re planning on tossing explosives into the Elizalina Alliance borders from a distance of 30 or 40 kilometers. But that isn’t the true purpose behind it. If they truly wanted to bomb them, they would just have the air force use some ground-attack aircraft or bombers. That way, it wouldn’t really matter how far away they were. They could turn the entire country into a sea of flames all at once. …They’re trying to trick people with the immediate specs. There is no real need to build this base.” (Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 20Chapter 2 Part 6)/ The Russian army was going to use this war to start bombings and a serious invasion into the Elizalina Alliance which they’ve wanted for some time, right? (vol 21 ch. 6 part 2)
  • Spying in Elizalina: Sellick G. Kirnov. The Russian army was going to use this war to start bombings and a serious invasion into the Elizalina Alliance which they’ve wanted for some time, right? Normally, they would withdraw the spies before the bombings. The spies who were scheduled to withdraw were hurriedly ordered to remain behind a few hours ago. And then additional spies were sent to join them here. Mission: To photograph the insides of the Elizalina Alliance military facilities. He had a small camera to do it with So any secret documents could be taken out of the facilities and then to a designated point before the bombings. Apparently, someone on the other side of a monitor was going to give him more specific instructions.” (vol 21 ch. 6 part 2)
  • Kremlin Report (Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 20 War Report 1)
  • Opasnosti/Nu-AD 1967 (Toaru Majutsu no Index Light Novel Volume 21 ch. 7 Between the Lines 5)
  • why Academy City has been fighting this war pacifically, at least on the surface: this way they can pretend to be merely protecting the Russian populace from their own government trying to inflict harm upon them. In fact Russia using the Kremlin Report, or nearly using it, is exactly what Academy City wants: it makes for amazing PR.
  • the EU war front pressing in towards Moscow from Eastern Europe.(vol 21 ch. 7 part 7)
  • The talk shows were just going over serious news about most countries accepting Academy City even though its belligerent interactions had been one of the things that led to World War III. This was because Academy City had paid out large amounts of money to pay for reconstruction after the war. (NT1 ch. 3 Part 5)
  • The situation is unstable enough due to World War III. A lot of countries and regions are dissatisfied with the lack of financial support for the restoration work Academy City is leading. (NT3 ch. 3 Part 8)
  • the TV was left on news about the end of World War III. It was something about the weapons not needed now that the war was over being transported to Districts 2 and 23. (NT1 ch. 3 Part 7)
  • the recovery and return of the parts of churches and cathedrals from across the world that had been used to construct the Star of Bethlehem (NT2 Epilogue)
  • the giant golden rings and bones that appeared at the end of World War III were being disposed of in the ocean near Hawaii/the EU is planning to dispose of their golden rings and bones via the Atlantic Ocean, but they do not have enough sources of funds to cover it (NT3 Prologue)
  • “As the main battlefield of World War III, Russia is in the process of being restored by Academy City’s technology and America’s funds.” (NT3 Part 24)
  • “There was a rush to build as many bases as possible in order to deal with World War III. The war ended much sooner than anyone expected, but money given to a project can’t be taken back…or rather, won’t be given up. A lot of meaningless construction is still going on.” (NT3 ch. 3 Part 2)
  • the EU? They’re having economic troubles of their own and they were left ruined by that war without being able to profit. (NT3 ch. 5 Part 14)
  • My country was torn apart by World War III. And yet there were a few countries and areas that benefitted from that war. The primary examples are Academy City and the United States. On top of that, they are remaking my country as they see fit by controlling the flow of money being sent in the name of war restorations. Winter is coming. They have requisitioned the natural gas pipelines, claiming it is so they can repair them, but they are delaying that work for the sake of clearly unnecessary construction. They know full well that heating is a lifeline there in the winter, but they are having people swear their loyalty.” (NT3 ch. 5 Part 4)
  • “The technology of the cooperative institutions that made this declaration is not up to the level of Academy City, but they were loaned a great number of leading edge unmanned weapons during World War III which are still in use after the war for the sake of keeping the peace. If these weapons are not returned, it is possible a large scale military conflict will break out with Academy City made weapons on both sides.” (NT 3 Epilogue Part 4)
  • Baggage City had been forcibly taken over by the military during World War III, because it was expected to function well as a central point along the railroad network, so it would transport materiel to the front. However, before the urban buildings could be destroyed and the military facilities could be constructed, the war had quickly ended, leaving the base in a state of half-completion. Normally, the city would have been returned to its original residents at that point, but that was not to be. It was said to be due to military interests, but a lot was unknown about the process by which the military ended up selling Baggage City to the Anti-Academy City Science Guardians. (NT4 Sub.04)
  • I could probably buy up the entire EU now that it has declined from the back-to-back conflicts of British Halloween, World War Three, and the Magic God Siege in Denmark. (NT20 ch. 1 part 4)


  • Try to put cites correctly (when it should be before/after punctuation)
  • Updating references to current standards
  • For family members in character infobox, try to uniformize it all: should the words be capitalized?, should they be in italics?, etc. Find reasoning.
  • Audio Drama summaries of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Archives 1 Audio Drama, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Archives 2, and Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Archives 3.
  • PSP references changed to JeruTz Translations instead of atwiki
  • Academy City laws/regulations:
    • SS1 ch.2 part 3: Currently, there was no clear crime in Academy City called treason. But no one was going to protect the civil liberties of a traitor who threatened the peace of the city. So the punishment was carried out in secret regardless of the law. And it was done in a brutal way that took advantage of that lawlessness.
    • Law of Electric Wave, compared to cyber terrorism (Railgun ch.8)
    • The Civil Rehabilitation Law (Cold Case Part 11)
    • Cold Case Part 8: "this is a constitutional state". AC has a constitution?
  • Unnamed Anti-Skill high ranked officer (chief?): Railgun ch. 62
  • Pure World has many options of nihongos from atwiki:
    • 教に依らない科学の世界(純粋なる物理法則の世界), (Kyō ni yoranai kagaku no sekai (junsuinaru butsuri hōsoku no sekai)), litterally "Science world not dependent on religious teachings (world of pure physical law)"
    • 純粋な物理法則の世界, (Junsuina butsuri hōsoku no sekai), litterally "The World of Pure Physical Law"
    • 真なる科学の世界, (Shin'naru kagaku no sekai), litterally "The world of true science"
  • Distortion of the Laws of the World: 四大元素の歪み (distortion of the four major elements) or 世界の歪み (distortion of the world)
  • Find translation of the cyrillic that can be glimpsed on the Semi-Open AR if I can.
  • Expand Aztec Mythology article with more infos, bits on Aztec philosophy, and maybe figure inside the Aztec Calendar Stone or the Feathered Serpent as its symbol
  • Abe no Seimei's Seiman/Gobosei as symbol of Onmyoudou
  • Improve the Taoism article.
  • Check if England flag of the page "Church of England" shouldn't be changed for the Compass Rose Flag of the Anglican Communion.
  • Some updates to Christianity: add Beast of the Apocalypse for Crowley, Angels/Fallen Angels, Lucifer, Michael, Gabriel, St. Peter, Saint, etc.
  • Lots of character designs in articles have Haimura's comments on it with no link to his blog or where the translations come from. Try to source them using the original posts that translated them (js06 translated somewhere on /a/, but I can only find some of them on Animesuki, up to OT12). Done. Ask for permission to edit Laura Stuart's page to include her character design notes.

Articles I would like to see (either by me or someone else)Edit

  • The rubber string theory (禁書世界の時間論 Kinsho sekai no jikan-ron?, lit. Prohibited world time theory) (atwiki): make it into its own separate article since it has enough materials or keep it in Setting?
  • Russian Shopping Center (ロシアのショッピングセンター Roshia no shoppingusentā?)
  • Secret death game (デスゲーム Desugēmu?) run every 3 days, organized by a Game Master (ゲームマスター Geimu Masuta?): from NT12 Epilogue,
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